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  5. First KOEI game you bought?
  6. Your favorite mount?
  7. Lu Bu's theme or Tadakatsu Honda's theme?
  8. What do you like about KOEI?
  9. KOEI Japan Press Release Gallery
  10. WHAT would YOU DO or BE if you went back in time during the Three Kingdoms Era?
  11. Recommend Koei games for a newbie
  12. That KOEI-Tecmo Merge...Why wasn't it Discussed Here?
  13. Favourite strategist?
  14. Interested in buying a KOEI game? Look here for views and help!
  15. How do you choose your favorite characters?
  16. Your Tecmo Koei Collection
  17. Your first KOEI game?
  18. The most painful Warrior moves
  19. Favorites/Least Favorites
  20. Most annoying thing to happen...
  21. DW/SW Empires Series Ideas
  22. What happens to the 360 versions of KOEI's games.
  23. Formation Explanation / Information
  24. Three Kingdoms Reference?
  25. Ideas for Koei games !
  26. Do you think Koei should make a ...
  27. Lu Bu or Tadakatsu or Keiji
  28. KOEI New Games?
  29. Hardest "Warriors" game
  30. Less Warriors, More Obscure
  31. Funniest things your non-regular koei friends do/say when playing
  32. KOEI and Tecmo Working on a Game Together
  33. joystick and esc button problem with pc version ?
  34. KOEI plans a new Studio in Vietnam
  35. TECMO KOEI interested in Sony Motion Controllers
  36. Buff characters or skinny charactrers
  37. Koei should make a pirate age RPG
  38. Dynasty Warriors or Samurai Warriors?
  39. Big new game from Koei Tecmo
  40. KOEI Fans vs Reviewers
  41. Your Favourite Weapon
  42. programming languages used by koei?
  43. What are you hoping to see next from Koei?
  44. Your top 5 favorite Koei levels ever?!
  45. Do You think Koei should make CDs of the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors music?
  46. Koei Fan Games HQ
  47. Warriors Orochi fans, sign my petition to bring Musou Orochi Z to NA and Eu!
  48. Dynasty Warriors Premium Theme Petition?
  49. what do u think about releases dates
  50. why is there no important playable characters???
  51. Dynasty Warriors online in EU?
  52. What do you think of the bleach game? (Bleach soul ignition/ressurection)
  53. Sima Yi stole my horse!
  54. Champion jockey 2011
  56. Where do you want koei to go next?
  57. Koei Completionist
  58. Will Koei ever release some of its games to mobile phones or tablets?
  59. One Piece: Pirate Warriors
  60. POLL: Which KOEI games you want in HD Collection?
  61. koei on steam ?
  62. POLL: Which WARRIORS crossover games you want?
  63. Dear Koei,
  64. More PC games!!!
  65. Re-release old games on GOG.com
  66. games for psn UK
  67. windows 7 PC and PUK Nobunaga 13
  68. Nobunaga no Yabou: Tendou PC in english
  69. Nobunaga no Yaou: Sozou
  70. Nobunaga 14 Souzou : prices and steam
  71. Koei needs to get the Lord of the Rings License
  72. I want to get into the Warriors series
  73. The Xbox Elite controlle
  74. p all the connectors ensuring the chassi
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  95. Backwards compatibility
  96. Need some advice
  97. RoTK = WoTE (War of Three Emperors, or simply Napoleon)
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