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  10. Thug and Heart DLC
  11. This podcast is terrible
  12. Is this our inspector chin? (controls for hokuto musou for those going to the expo)
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  16. Please fix EU/US Kenshiro to save the game
  17. Remember Remember the fifth of November!!
  18. Blue Jean included ?
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  23. Interview with Tecmo Koei Vice President Tak Yamamoto!
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  25. Has the release date changed?
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  27. For an early peak at Fist of the North Starģ: Kenís Rage,attend London Expo! 29-31/10
  28. Website ???
  29. Any news on EU pre-order bonus?
  30. New " International Edition" heading to Japan?
  31. Fist of the North Star: Kens Rage - ACHIEVEMENTS
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  33. New stage to play?
  34. If you play the demo do rei's stage first
  35. Is more DLC on the way?
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  38. Game's amazing
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  41. ken's rage, cassandra chapter bug
  42. So am i the only one playing this?
  43. Manga Costume issue
  44. I was going to buy the DLC costumes but...
  45. Great game and great music!
  46. PLEASE KOEI, release the 2 remaining DLC packs on Xbox Live now instead
  47. Missing Thug DLC on spanish XBOX Market
  48. Who is Jagi's dub VA
  49. Reset Character
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  58. We need a Ken's rage 3 that plays more like Ken's rage 1
  59. Awesome phoenix
  60. Backwards compatibility
  61. Shin Hokuto Musou PC/ PS now
  62. Kapae Hulu sea viewpoint View the sea of mist, two lands of Betong.
  63. เกมบน PC เล่นได้แม้มีเครื่องสเปคต่ำFor The King