View Full Version : Samurai Warriors Strikeforce?

01-06-09, 08:18 PM
I recently bought the game Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce and came up with the idea of a samurai warriors version.
I'd love to see Kotaro's fury transformation :D

02-06-09, 01:03 PM
Sorry if the title make people think this was a confirmed idea by Koei if it's not.

One-Eyed Legacy
16-06-09, 01:19 AM
Sorry if the title make people think this was a confirmed idea by Koei if it's not.

I would hope that people would understand the importance of the ? at the end. I actually agree with you, a Samurai Warriors version would be great.

However, I feel that possibly if Koei were to make this, it would be released after SW:3 when the series will most likely have more publicity.

Leady FF ^^
16-06-09, 02:21 PM
Id like to see the Fury mode of Ginchiro ^^ Imagine some sort of fembot version of Cao Ren's one lolz.

God-Like Phoenix
16-06-09, 02:33 PM
Some of the furies that I would think would be quite intersting would be Nagamasa, Keiji, Nobunaga, as well as Magoichi, Mitsunari and Kojiro (^.^)

Keiji would be just hilarious, as he already looks a bit fury-like :D Nobunaga because he is the demon king, and that would be somewhat awsome to see...and the other four as they are some of my favourites that would be quite awsome to see...oh, almost forgot Sakon :D

16-06-09, 03:43 PM
Interesting topic this is being as I was talking about this with LoW a few weeks ago lol. I would love to see a SW: Strikeforce as well. Maybe it will help boost the popularity of the series a bit more I would think. I can already imagine what Nobunaga and Shingen would look like in fury form.

Leady FF ^^
16-06-09, 10:47 PM
Keiji would be just hilarious, as he already looks a bit fury-like

For some reason I see him with water-element and surf-board lol.

I'd like to see a Diao Chan transformation for Noh, just covered by a big snake!

04-09-09, 12:43 AM
i would love to see kotaro, keiji, yukimura and musashi. I feel like they would have the coolest transformations.


17-02-10, 01:22 PM
wat about the best character in SW3 peoples :O u frgt him shameful peoples:....jj

but its Kanbei Kuroda!! hed look like a vampire i rekon
as 4 Tadakatsu a T-Rex !!

but yeah i'd love to see Nobunaga

18-02-10, 01:37 AM
I thikn thats a terrible idea

i'd rather an amalgamation game

i.e. when they do strikeforce 3 which they will blatently do
bring in the orochi warriors cast

20-02-10, 09:08 PM
That would be okay though copying dynasty warriors isnt cool.

27-02-10, 07:14 AM
well hopefully the characters aren't too similar

i thought there was a distinctive difference in how they all played in orochi warriors

you could feel immediately who was from SW and who was from DW

naturally i was more comfortable with the DW chracters but tahts cause i prefer those games lol

Captain Ashton
02-04-10, 11:15 AM
SW Strikeforce would be interesting, but to be honest I much prefer the original Samurai/Dynasty Warriors gameplay style. I was somewhat dissapointed to hear that the next release in the DW series is DW:Strikeforce 2 and not DW6:XL or DW7. Strikeforce has moved so far away form what I loved in DW3,4 and in SW.