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Insp. Chin
02-06-09, 12:46 PM
May/June, 2009

Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll
Fantasy Action RPG
Development Status: 30%

Producer: Akihiro Suzuki
Director: Tomohiko Sho
Character Design: Jun Suemi

(Translated from Japan Famitsu, TRINITY: Souls of Zill O'll is known as TRINITY: Zill O'll Zero in Japan. It's scheduled to released Winter 2009 in Japan and 2010 in overseas.)

This winter, a battle which will change all ARPGs is about to come about. Its name is Trinity: SoZ. ω-Force, makers of the Warriors series, take on the RPG genre!

This ARPG title is being developed by the team behind Warriors series, ω-Force, and it is based on the world of “Zill O’ll”, a title which was originally released in 1999. Players will control a party of three unique characters and, by fighting enemies with weapons and magic, will go on a massive quest. As a first step, we will give you a taste of this amazing world, as well as the fighting action, through an interview with the dev team.

What is Zill O’ll?
An RPG released on PlayStation in 1999 in which you accepted requests from people in guilds situated in towns and villages as you traveled around the world. Its main characteristic was its free progress in which the story would change depending on your actions and who you decided to have as your party member. The game was also remade for the PSP.

A specialist in sword and magic attacks. He is half-human, half-elf, and because of that is not well accepted by people. He is something along the lines of the party leader.

A fierce warrior of the Voldan tribe. He fights with his bare hands, has tremendous strength, and can pick up pillars and swing them around with ease. Despite his strong, rough looks, he is very intelligent.

She uses her acrobatic and fast movement to fight her way through the enemy flanks. She is one of the very few last surviving members of a vampire tribe which has been persecuted and oppressed by humans.

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A beautifully sublime world

The setting for the story is in the world of Biascion, where many tribes co-exist together in harmony. The different myths and histories, as well as magic and cultures, can all be now visually expressed in a “picturesque” style through the power of the PS3. The unique atmosphere and the beauty of the world will be expressed alongside the war and chaos caused by King Balor, which was a theme in the original game. The mystery of this world will all be finally revealed in T:SoZ!

Image: Desert
An impressive looking desert area. Will it have anything to do with the evil kingdom of Rhadlas which was sealed under the desert in the original game, or will there be a completely new world there?

Image: Army Post

Image: Temple
A battle taking place in a temple which has become a nest for demons. Is the world being eroded by the evil power of darkness?

Image: Dingal Empire
This empire will make an appearance in this title as well. Its ruler is King Balor, who managed to unite the empire when it was in a state of chaos. Will the main characters fight against this empire which is the biggest place in the world of Biascion?

Image: Coliseum

Free Scenario
The free scenario progress which was known for its ability to blend the massive story and a level of freedom will be continued in T:SoZ. Apart from the main story, there will be many sub quests in the game as well. Each player will be able to freely choose as to which story they want to progress through, having the ability to take many different paths throughout the game.
Will the enemies change according to the different sub quests? Will the main story be affected by sub quests?

Top-class staff which will make the game world:

Along with Jun Suemi who will once again be the illustrator, other top-class members of their respective industries will join forces with ω-Force in bringing the game world to life.

Character Design: Jun Suemi→illustrator famous for his designs of monsters in “Wizardry”.

Script/Dramatism: Shunsuke Sato→was in charge of direction/script in the JP movie “Sunadokei (Hourglass)”. He was also involved in the production of the Samurai Warriors CG movies.

BGM: Yoshihiro ike
Composer for music in JP TV dramas such as “Aibou (Partner)” and “Joou no Kyoushitsu (Queen’s Classroom)”.

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Use weapons and magic in the Sword & Magic Party Action

Three different characters will compose a party and will fight with different kinds of weapons and magic. Even though, you can only control a single character at a time, you can change your characters freely during battle. With this method you can utilize several tactics with the 3 characters such as having one character be used as bait while you go around and take down the enemies which are attacking that character, and other attacks where you can also blast one enemy in the air and string attacks together, etc. You can enjoy really exciting battles as you string together really exciting attacks and blast away hordes of enemies.

Changing characters freely
You can swap between your characters anywhere at anytime. This will be a very smooth process, allowing players to execute long combos. All characters will combine their strengths and execute attacks, giving true meaning to sword & magic party action.

Change your characters freely in order to get the best out of every situation.

As Aleus is cognizant in sword and magic arts, he acts as a party leader.

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Aleus’ and Selene’s combo attack!

Aleus casts a lightning spell and throws it onto Selene where she catches and uses it with her dagger. There will be many techniques such as this.

Landscape changes with your actions in the interactive field.

Taking down pillars with your attacks, burning things with fire spells, etc, are some of the things players can do in order to affect enemies in their environment. These elements can be used directly in battles and in exploration. Freezing a pond and walking across it, picking up a fallen pillar and using it as a weapon, etc, are some of these interactive elements which the players can use on the landscape in order to open new paths, etc.

Image: The party is fighting against a group of monsters in an underground lake. An ice spell is cast and the monsters become stuck in the ice. All that is left now is to take them all out!

Image: Use the landscape to your advantage and take out all your enemies!

Image: You can cut down icicles frozen on cave ceiling, making them damage enemies when they fall. Objects such as these in dungeons can become weapons, depending on which way you use them.


We ask the dev team about Trinity’s appeal.

Akihiro Suzuki
Producer→directed and produced the DW series and more.

Tomohiko Sho
Director→lead game designer and director of the Warriors series.

We ask these two main ω-Force developers about the reborn Zill O’ll.

Famitsu: This time around, you are keeping the Zill O’ll name, yet changing the series into an ARPG. How did this come about?

Akihiro: We wanted to use the action game know-how of ω-Force and try out something new. We felt like creating an exciting RPG, something unique that has not yet been seen. That is how this project started.

Famitsu: Did you plan to use the world of Zill O’ll for this from the very start?

Akihiro: Zill O’ll was one of the candidates…actually, we passed on it from the start to be honest (laughs). After considering everything, we understood that Japanese users desire high-quality fantasy elements in their RPGs. On the basis of this, we realized that Zill O’ll is a within this top league of RPGs, with its exquisite world, etc, so we decided to go with it in the end.

Famitsu: Will the story and time-frame be linked to the previous game?

Tomohiko: The story will be set around 5 years before the time of the first title. Concretely speaking, there was an anecdote which spoke of a hero named Nemea and his heroic feats as he defeated the evil King Balor. We are focusing on this very story in the game.

Famitsu: In the first RPG Zill O’ll there was a certain legend. Will the players be able to experience this?

Tomohiko: Yes, they will. That was the really fun part of the story, so we are letting players experience it.

Famitsu: So, there will be characters from the first game…

Tomohiko: Well, I think that I just about spoiled it for everyone now when I mentioned Nemea (laughs). Actually, other Zill O’ll characters will also make an appearance in the game.

Akihiro: As the story is set 5 years before the first title, we will have Jun Suemi match the designs for this time period.

Famitsu: We saw the game visuals and we must say that there is a really unique picturesque touch to them. What was the reason for going with this graphic style?

Tomohiko: We wanted to create a new style of visuals not yet seen anywhere else, and because it will be on the PS3 we can achieve the graphic standard for which we are aiming. When we found out that Suemi-san is doing the illustrations again, we thought as to what it would be like to have his drawings in motion, so we decided to try it out. The result was that this style really matched well with the medieval fantasy world.

Famitsu: As these are really unique visuals, are you having any difficulties with making them?

Tomohiko: We are really struggling to be honest (laughs).

Akihiro: We are aiming to express the feeling of a real painting, so we are really focusing on that aspect right now. It is probable that the visuals that you see now will become even more picturesque.

Famitsu: Finally, a message to our readers.

Tomohiko: We are aiming to make a brand new form of an exciting RPG, something that is different to any party-based game to date, so look out for it. We will make the game and the story fun for Zill O’ll fans and those who have never played the game before.

Akihiro: As we have blended the best bits of action and RPG in this game, we want to give RPG fans a chance to approach and enjoy action games. Please look out for T:SoZ.

ω-Force, the team behind the Warriors games is bringing you an ARPG with a never-before seen level of excitement. Gorgeous world! Immense levels of freedom in the free scenario! Look out for this one!

02-06-09, 02:00 PM
Yoshihiro Ike

OMG! The Crimson Sea composer doing Zill O'll Trinity music?! Now, I'm pretty interested.

Though that doesn't mean I'm pretty optimistic about the game. If Zill O'll Trinity became another typical JRPG (or Square Enix's RPG) with androgynous characters with bad hairdo and their angsty personalities, along with the story that is far inferior to Panzer Dragoon Saga's storyline, then I'm out.

I just hope it's not the former and is slightly in line with PDS's characters and storyline.

EDIT: Sorry about the double post, but when I read the translation...

Has anyone noticed that the gameplay is somehow eerily similar to Shenmue; just a bit when it comes to do story progessing and doing some sidequests?

Insp. Chin
02-06-09, 02:12 PM
You'll see the gameplay within 3 hours. Will keep you updated. It's more like 3 people working together to make a powerful team.

Aleus is obviously red; Selene is blue and Dagusa is yellow I mean judging from their design you will know their elements :P

02-06-09, 07:05 PM
So, the gameplay's like Secret of Mana with some bits of Shenmue thrown into it, right?

I'll just wait my judgement when the gameplay video arrives...

*Prays that the voice acting will have some similar tones with the Panzer Dragoon series or ICO or Shadow of the Colossus or something...*

Leady FF ^^
06-06-09, 11:02 PM
along with the story that is far inferior to Panzer Dragoon Saga's storyline, then I'm out.

I dont think many games will be able to come close to the quality of the first 3 Panzer Dragoon games.

29-09-09, 10:13 PM
Current interesting Developer Interview on IGN :

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29-01-10, 04:13 PM
You guys posted something on your twitter 2 hours ago about Trinity but the link wont show what it is :/