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God-Like Phoenix
12-06-09, 07:23 AM
Ok...only just realised that there wasnt a thread for this one man army (^.^) I didnt really get to use him in SW2XL as I wasnt able to actually get the game, but I have been able to use him in WO2, and he is just really an awsome character overall.

His appearance has always been one that I have liked, as well as his personailty and voice, and his moveset is just one of my favourites out of the entire WO2 cast, especially for use in survival mode :)

Also, I wasnt really all to sure what to expect from his 3rd costume, but I found it really awsome, looks so much better without all the make up :D but uhh, yeah...anyone else got an opinion in this character?

12-06-09, 09:24 AM
He acts like.. nobody I know in real life :eek:. I dont like his personality but somethings he says are rather true.

He is much better for me in SW:XL2. Anyone with this musou getting a ice elemental weapon is great.

12-06-09, 10:40 AM
He's enjoyable no doubt. And has his uses. But I prefer Musashi overall. The only thing I would give to Kojiro for being better is probably his musou attack with an attached ice element.

13-06-09, 03:20 PM
I like him a lot both in his SW2E version and the "standard" one.
His personality is way over the top, but then again he summons giant swords from another dimension, so it's no biggie.

Also loved his SW2XL ending (YouTube'd it since I don't have the game) :D

God-Like Phoenix
14-06-09, 10:33 PM
Ok, now after using Kojiro, wiping the floor with pretty much anything that came my way, makes me really want to get my hands on a copy of SW2XL...just so that I can do the same on that game, as well as follow his actual story for a bit (^.^)