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22-06-09, 08:14 PM
Everybody here knows that the Dynasty Warriors Series is amazing and fun, but there are still things that need to be improved. Right here you should comment and list some ideas and we'll see if Koei will act on these ideas in the future. for me i would choose online.


God-Like Phoenix
22-06-09, 10:25 PM
Of those 4 choices, the only one that I think should not be implimented at all is the gore one...Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors and Warriors Orochi, arent known for the blood and guts that you can spill all over the battlefield, and if that were to be put into the games, im sure it would drive away could a bit of the fan base, replacing it with perhaps not much people just for that gore.

Every warriors game that I have seen has been rated M, and all the blood would do is push it up to perhaps MA15+(dont know how the rating works in other countries), and that gore, just for gore's sake, would detract from the sound integrity that Koei has made already for its games, so just leave other games like Mortal Kombat, God of War and those horror related games to that job.

All the other ideas seem pretty fair enough though, an online play could be incorperated, but could run into a few problems along the way. The better graphics would just be a given knowing the way the technology is advancing, and as for the script...yeah, I guess it could probably get a bit of a working over, you just dont know (^.^)

23-06-09, 02:48 AM
I feel as The dynasty warriors series has already lost some of its fan base because Dynasty Warriors 3-5 have been the same thing except a couple new characters, different clothing, and a couple new looking weapons. People who haven't played Dynasty Warriors would want to try the game if they added something even more different that could attract other people to play these good games. Koei may even lose more of the fan base if they don't change some significantly. Also, come on... people are getting hit with swords and spears and there is no blood? There doesn't have to be a lot but at least show something.


23-06-09, 07:46 AM
I would prefer online play to blood and gore, by adding the blood etc ur may lose a large percentage of the fan base who dont really want to see chinese guts all over the battlefield. It would just boost the age rating and really wouldnt add to the experience all that much. Online if done right could be like creating a whole new game, just look at strikeforce one of the best multiplayer games on psp.

23-06-09, 01:02 PM
Well i chose the first one since you can play online exept it will be all writen in japanese. (btw they might make a ENG version of the game)

23-06-09, 01:28 PM
Just because you add gore doesn't mean it has to be the goriest game on the market. You can have gore just not have and extreme amount. online is still the main factor they need to add though.

23-06-09, 01:36 PM
Just because you add gore doesn't mean it has to be the goriest game on the market. You can have gore just not have and extreme amount

so how much gore excatly are we talking ???

23-06-09, 01:38 PM
I don't know it doesn't have to be like blood squirting around everywhere but it can be like you see some blood on the ground and a body part getting chopped off. These types of things could get new people to play the dynasty warriors games.


God-Like Phoenix
23-06-09, 02:15 PM
I think that the only decent level that Koei might even concider taking it to would be just some small blood patched on the ground, because you need to take into concideration all the audiences that would be playing these kinds of games.

Sure there would be those hardcore gamers who would be calling out for more blood, and even though they might be the main audience, even making the random body part floating around could repel, and even disgust some audiences, and besides, Koei games arent known for the blood, or the gore, or anything related to that, theyre mainly known for the historical storylines and the hack-n-slash genre that they use in most of their major series.

Even though from the surface it wouldnt seem like such a major issue, increasing the level of gore in the games would I think change the dynamic of the series as a whole.

23-06-09, 04:04 PM
gore will jst take the arcade feel of the games which has made the game so popular, just dont bother with it Koei focus on other issues such as online and good gameplay mechanisms

23-06-09, 04:14 PM
Online is a big one for me, I wouldn't want a less cheesy script though because I think it adds to the feel of the game. Not to keen on the idea of adding gore into it either because it wouldn't be dynasty warriors anymore.

23-06-09, 08:49 PM
i'm just saying that some amounts of gore could attract audiences besides the people already playing the series.


23-06-09, 09:02 PM
And over here in America it is rated Teen and more maturity would bring a lot more fans to the dynasty warriors series, but maybe you guys are right because it isn't just America playing the games.


Hi everybody
23-06-09, 10:49 PM
I think they might be able to add a "gore on/off" in the option screen. That way more people would play it. But i still chose online play. I also think Koei should make it so you and another player can be on the opposite side in war.

25-06-09, 12:24 AM
If your going to add blood, do it sparingly... don't cover the screen in blood so we can see it slide down! cause that aint wat DW is about! I thing if your going to make a change to the DW franchise do it in the game play i.e. online play. If you add this you would have billions of people playing it!

I would love Koei to add more characters to the mix and bring back some other character from orginal series like Zhu Rong. I would also like to see Fu Xi and Nu Wa who i know arn't part of the Three Kingdoms but they did appear in Dynasty Warriors 3 and then disappeared? I was also hoping that you could add some more characters like the son/daughter of Meng Huo and Zhu Rong or the son/daughter of Liu Bei and Sun Shang Xang (this one could add in some really strange story line about whether he/she fights for Shu or Wu)

Your probably thinking shut up but i was hoping that you could also chage some levels or add in surprise attack battles in between each key battle(ya know wat i mean) like soul calibur does when your doing story mode and up pops a surprise fight with a really diffcult shadow to beat?

thanks for reading this hopefully you'll take some of my ideas into consideration?

26-06-09, 01:52 PM
i totaly agree with you.Dw does not need to ad gore.An online game already exist as for the graphics i like them...but KOEI should create some new characters as gouhle says...like Cao Rui,sha moke,Liu Chan and others....
But the coolest would be a new mode in which you create a character who is a mere soldier
and he grw up to a major,a goard,aLiutenantand finaly a general.(like Dynasty Wariors 5 Xtreame legends did with the destiny mode)

27-06-09, 12:23 AM
I know that many people don't want gore, but people like me in the united states do want gore and do want to see graphics because koei needs to step up in america compared to other xbox 360 and PS3 games.


29-06-09, 03:26 PM
One thing that was not included is costume and move set choice. I personally think the choice to pick your favourite costume and move set from the previous games for ALL characters would be a big bonus really..

Guan Ping from DW 5 is my favourite followed by Ma Chou from DW 6 Empires....(both use HUGE swords)

30-06-09, 10:11 PM
one thing that i have thought over for another DW7 idea was also having a versus mode. Not a duel mode even though that is still good, but having a mode where you can play against each other in the war instead of always having to fight on the same side. When you die against the person you are playing, you have to wait to respawn while playing one of the normal soldiers until the time is up and your character finally respawns.


02-07-09, 04:49 PM
What i've been thinking is that i think i know some ideas that would get Dynasty Warriors to be on top again.

What i was thinking was that there are only two things that Koei needs to add into Dynasty Warriors 7 to make it great. All they need to add is some better combos for characters(they can make a better renbu system or something, bring back the old fighting system or even find a way to combine the two), and add online play.

In the online play, they can add things like the duel mode(like in DW4), co-op play which can be like the usual gameplay just with people online, and then add a versus mode where people can fight in battles against each other. The good thing about this is that people could join parties online and have multiple people online fighting against each other(5 on 5, 8 on 8). These ideas would definately make Dynasty Warriors have a rating of at least 8 again in the United States.

Also, for the people who posted in my last post about the whole gore thing, i've decided that Koei doesn't need to add gore at all and all they need to add is what i mentioned above to make the game amazingly great again. (not saying the game isn't really good right now, just ways to make it on top).

What do you guys think about these ideas?


02-07-09, 05:07 PM
There is already a thread for DW7 Ideas, which was created by you.
*Merged both threads*

If you want, i'll rename the thread to DW Ideas, so it applies to DW7 and whichever titles could come.

Hi everybody
03-07-09, 12:56 PM
I think those are great ideas but you can't forget about movesets. Each character should have there own moveset. In DW6, it was kind of annoying how almost every character is a copy of another (and why does everyone use spears?)

03-07-09, 01:00 PM
Yeah, you're definately right on that one. Wei Yan used to be awesome with his double-sided spear, now he has the same moveset as Dong Zhuo. Why would they do that?


03-07-09, 03:08 PM
what I'd like is, to have the basic DW7 costumes, then you unlock the dw6 costume then 5 then 4 then 3 and 2. I'd also like to have every character have their own weapon and moveset, no duplicates, more additional characters. The renbu system is great and everything, I love spending ages doing what seems like an unlimited combo but i miss the old SST system so perhaps we could have an option to change between. some more cutscenes maybe one after each level.

03-07-09, 03:43 PM
Thats a really good idea because sometimes people like the old costumes more. Plus, i want DW7 to be like DW4 where they added almost every aspect of this history into the game. I know its going to be a lot harder for Koei and it would take a lot longer then every other game because now they have to make it for Xbox 360 and PS3, but i think that most DW fans could wait for sucha long time for such a fantastic game if Koei decided to make it the way a lot fans want it.

Do you agree BEHEMOTH?


04-07-09, 01:44 PM
I could wait fo sho

The Great Sun Ce
05-07-09, 02:55 AM
Thats a really good idea because sometimes people like the old costumes more. Plus, i want DW7 to be like DW4 where they added almost every aspect of this history into the game. I know its going to be a lot harder for Koei and it would take a lot longer then every other game because now they have to make it for Xbox 360 and PS3, but i think that most DW fans could wait for sucha long time for such a fantastic game if Koei decided to make it the way a lot fans want it.

Do you agree BEHEMOTH?

i prefered most of the old costumes especially xiahou duns DW2 costume

Hi everybody
05-07-09, 01:12 PM
Did anyone say that more characters need a musou mode? (I know it's been mentioned in a lot of other threads. It just can't be left out.) I agree that you should be able to use older costumes.

05-07-09, 05:37 PM
i'd say the third optuion because if ur like me, u max characters more then you are doing anything else. tht's were graphics and level construction matters.i.e.simple, small levels are too simple and make me screw up on harder difficulties. least if i need to think and adjust to events, defeats, reinforcements and what not, i'm actually imp my gaming skill and picking up on the quality of the game. blood and gore may make me violent so thanks but no thanks :D online is dependant on your connection. if i EVER cut out, i get pissed so i'd rather not go through th stress. better scripts are necessary bcoz as of yet, stories are short and not in depth to th extent that old hardcorers as myself are skipping scenes and chit chat because i can very much mime the scene and chit chat while i'm gaming (know of by heart). would b nice to emerse myself in th 3 kingsdoms a bit more

Fu Xi
05-07-09, 06:21 PM
Dynasty Warriors/ Samurai Warriors Definitely needs online support these days to keep up with the market.

Could add an online coop or Vs or even online empires (might be harder to do).

Could easily add it with DLC with a small charge.

Plus Koei could make money by doing it and also make fans happy. Win win situation.

06-07-09, 02:15 PM
but thn that makes ps3 no better thn xbox. gotta stay free to be ahead of xbox in the online sector of gaming

PS3 FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

13-07-09, 04:21 PM
I was thinking when reading wat mph1794 was saying, that wit the online play and taking the idea of massive battles where ppl could come and go, you could have it so that you randomly join a battle on any side and go to war wit eachother! tat wood b awesome! truly awesome! But wit more thn 2 plyr... maybe 20 plyrs face eachother?

Or do a monthly battle where PS3 goes against XBOX... i wood just die! lol! so fun :)

13-07-09, 05:14 PM
I voted for the graphics, I also want to play as new characters. I don't think I would do the online gaming but I can see the appeal. I would be surprised if they didn't do something online.

A Vs mode would nice one where player 1 can beat player 2 up like in DW4. And maybe you get new items or something for completing the challenges.

14-07-09, 01:36 AM
i agree with gouhle and little_zhurong on these ideas. They are all good and Koei should maybe use all the ideas i put on the poll and more that everyone mentioned. But for me, i think online should be the thing they add first.


06-08-09, 07:24 PM
Wasn't versus mode in dynasty 3? Coz i can remember being on a ship as Zhou Yu with some men on my side against my friend who went zhang he but he always won cause that was my first dynasty game. And i think blood would be a good touch to the game and im from wales, and that when you swing a giat sword at someone a SMALL amount of blood should be seen instead of a bright yellow light thing like off power rangers :). And that thing said before about a small charge on DLC i dont think that would be great because your just spending more money that could be spent somewhere else and for free it would make the fans more happy. And I think they should add the slow-motion effects from samurai warriors when you defeat an officer.

06-08-09, 08:13 PM
versus mode was in dynasty warriors 3, maybe a little blood wouldnt be too bad but it doesnt suit the series in my opinion, if maybe koei can get the gameplay spot on then maybe they would be able to make touches such as adding a little blood but for now there are slightly larger gameplayfeatures that would improve the game.

07-08-09, 12:40 AM
its hard to please everyone which is why Koei changed the game like they did. Hopefully they will be able to please most of us with the next game.


12-08-09, 11:53 PM
Top of my list has to be Online Play. Although I don't mean in the main DW series itself.

DW: Empires would benefit so much from online play. Imagine starting at opposite sides to the map and vying for control of China with one or two other players! I think for it to really work well the map would have to be expanded (that is to say territories made smaller, this would allow more players on the map and able to go about attacker the computer or what-have-you). It mightn't be easy to pull off, given time limits and what-not (some players finishing their battle quicker than others, for instance), but I'm sure something could be worked out. It'd be great.

Otherwise, certainly the script needs work. But, at the same time, I think the awful lines can add a certain... quality of fun to the game :p. Although some of the voice actors are too awful. The best one in the entire game is probably the narrator bloke. (Although kudos to them all for clear pronunciations of Chinese names, rather than murdering them by Anglicising).

21-08-09, 10:00 AM
Hmmmm.....Adding LAN co-op in the game might be a great addition :D

21-08-09, 08:21 PM
pitty u cant pick 2, the online is a yes 100% now for the blood, like some of u said havin body parts cut off would be gd, i personly would like to see the weapons and character armour get covered in it than have a huge pile of butchered guys makin a mess

22-08-09, 11:25 AM
If the game is bloody,then less ppl can enjoy this coz of parental control......

22-08-09, 02:35 PM
After they add online, blood and the japanese voice over should be added into the game. Online, is the most important thing to add though. Because after they beat the musou modes and challenge modes and versus modes etc. people will still play the game if it has online. That is what makes people still want to play the game, the fact that it could be a very popular game online. But Koei also has to make sure that they have more than one mode in online play. In my opinion, there should at least be four online modes if they want to make Dynasty Warriors online play very popular.


22-08-09, 04:39 PM
u really thought this through lol

23-08-09, 04:51 PM
I think making any of the Warriors games gory would definately detract from the game! People may argue that slicin' people up should have some reality to it, however I doubt there were many warriors at the time that slayed a few thousand of the opposition in a single battle, now was there? That factor of the game has not been required thus far, and isn't really required now! It wouldn't make the slightest bit of difference to the game play, and lets be honest, that's what everyone really wants! The best gameplay possible! The on-line mode would be fun, though according to the Koeiwarriors site, Koei are already working on a purely on-line version of the game! The graphics are very good as they are, though a little more animation wouldn't go amiss! The ability to walk would be nice. Things like actually blocking multiple attacks differently, and more importantly some combinations attacks! Previous games where heading that way, though the last set of dynasty game have eradicated this completely! Not the best move!

29-08-09, 07:00 PM
Ragdollism so they dont fall over dead the same way everytime you kill someone. And less knocking people flying! please :)

Mousou hat
29-08-09, 07:19 PM
Where is the option "old combo actionsystem."
I dont care about graphics or movies, i care about gameplay.

29-08-09, 08:26 PM
If they were to use a combo system instead of a renbu system then they need to chnage the combos from the old ones. kae like square x2, triangle x3. etc rather than push square so many times then square for a combo. just to add more differences for each attack.

All that said i quite like the renbu system just needs a little work.

Mousou hat
29-08-09, 10:24 PM
If they were to use a combo system instead of a renbu system then they need to chnage the combos from the old ones. kae like square x2, triangle x3. etc rather than push square so many times then square for a combo. just to add more differences for each attack.

All that said i quite like the renbu system just needs a little work.
Thats the SW system, the DW system was just fine.
It allowed for cool air control, unlike now mashing square or triangle like a mentally impaired.

30-08-09, 04:51 PM
Ive always played DW with 2player mode.. so for me the biggest factor i would like to see now we are in the next gen is online play.

02-09-09, 11:45 AM
blood and guts is not exactly my favourite type... playing online with others... mayb... but outfits... definately.. i wanna change Lu Xun's clothes!!!!!

04-09-09, 08:40 AM
Maybe Koei could make two versions of Dynasty Warriors 7, so that it's more historical based and stuff =P, it would also benefit them because they would be able to add more stages and stuff =3. I also think that Koei should add like 5 new characters per faction =D.

04-09-09, 03:54 PM
I've already posted my wishes for the attack system, so I won't go into that one again! I do think that the maps in DW6 are good, but the ability to Climb (or should I say, jump repeatedly) has come at too high a cost for me! The maps in both DW4 and DW5 were much more playable! No complaints about the swimming though! I'd also like to see less of the completely blacked out areas! I find myself running against a tree, that didn't appear to be there! It does spoil my enjoyment of the game! I do only have a standard def TV, so HD TV might not have the same issue! It'd also be good to change the speed you move at! You could heal if you walk! Just a thought! And if true speed is to continue, please only let it start from the moment you can perform a running attack! It's irritating when you're looking for an officer in a base, and true speed kicks in, and sends you miles past him!
I really do like to see the true history of the 3 kingdom era, and that could be put into a new mode! (Maybe called "True Musou"!) Where you play the main battles of each of the three factions, in time order, only using the officers involved! Sun Jian was not about during the battle of Chi Bi, and that's does spoil the reality a little.
I'd also like to see a vast improvement to the create system! Look at games like Soul Caliber, they're not really known for this, but their create system is far in advance of even the one in DW6E! It all seems very limiting! Too be able to armour up one side of the body, and have something different on the opposite side would add a massive amount to the mode! The body could be split into several areas, such as: Head, shoulder and upper arm(LH/RH), hand (LH/RH), upper torso, lower torso, leg (LH/RH) and fianally feet. Just to be able to select your colour from a palette, rather than 7 (Or even 6 now) would be a very good start!
The bodyguard thing is sorely missed, and should be brought back, even if there's only 1-4 of them! It'd be even better to play as the created bodyguard, to level them up! In free mode, of course, or in the DW7XL add on game! The current officer missions in DW6E would be perfect for this!
I have always enjoyed finding the level ups from defeated officers and chests, and would prefer this to be the only thing that alters your officers abilities! You could level up your fame rate instead, to effect the way enemies treat you on the battle field! i.e. the more fame you have, the more fear you provoke in them! Lu Bu would, of course, would be top! Then bring back the "announce yourself" to cause the fear effect!
Finally, with the next empires add on, can I please select my own map colour?

Sorry for the ramble!

05-09-09, 10:45 AM
For the empire mode be like DW5 where you can choose where you start and where everyone else starts so you could have e.g 2 factions against eachother or 5.

06-09-09, 12:22 AM
I'd love to see the chance to make a character, but instead of using one of the movesets of the main characters, create your own moveset. I'd also like to see throws come back in like in Dynasty Warriors 4.
I would also love to see more options for CAW. And the chance to take pics of your created warriors to use as wallpapers and choose if they have any relationships with characters in the game.

06-09-09, 12:14 PM
I'd love to see the chance to make a character, but instead of using one of the movesets of the main characters, create your own moveset. I'd also like to see throws come back in like in Dynasty Warriors 4.
I would also love to see more options for CAW. And the chance to take pics of your created warriors to use as wallpapers and choose if they have any relationships with characters in the game.
The relationship status, for your CAW is a great, and simple idea! Being able to do this, would create loyalties from the outset!

God-Like Phoenix
06-09-09, 12:41 PM
@Dustine: so much like a system that works in DWG2, that you have a certain relationship with each of the other pilots, depending on what happens on the feild of battle, as well as by the factions pre-determined through the actual anime (^.^)

I actually think that that could be a pretty good idea, although it would be kinda more complicated to try and get into good relationships with officers from opposing forces, due to the fact that they might not like you if you would have to be attacking them all the time :p but I can see where you're coming from :D

06-09-09, 03:02 PM
What I actually meant was if related to anyone, like being Lu Bu's cousin

06-09-09, 07:27 PM
What I actually meant was if related to anyone, like being Lu Bu's cousin

I think that would only be a good idea in an Empires game. Mainly because it would mess up the story of the Three Kingdoms if you were able to create a character and make him a significant part of history in their main games. That is pretty much what the purpose of the empires games are. To make your own history.

For Example:to be like another brother or sister of the Sun family would be cool, but only in an empires game where you make your own history as i have said.

But just add another game mode, no cloned movesets, maybe about 3 new characters and online for their mainstream games.


08-09-09, 03:24 AM
@Dustine: so much like a system that works in DWG2, that you have a certain relationship with each of the other pilots, depending on what happens on the feild of battle, as well as by the factions pre-determined through the actual anime (^.^)

I actually think that that could be a pretty good idea, although it would be kinda more complicated to try and get into good relationships with officers from opposing forces, due to the fact that they might not like you if you would have to be attacking them all the time :p but I can see where you're coming from :D

I only tried DWGD once, and I wasn't keen, so I'm afraid I haven't experienced that! Maybe I ought to give it another go though, it isn't going to hurt!:)

I think if you could set a family, prior to begining the game, that would carry through! It might be good to fall out during the game! A family feud, kind of thing!
Anything that is effected by your behaviour on the battle field, can only be a good thing! If you constantly lead your forces into suicide missions, recruits would be quite thin on the ground! Defending an injured officer, going to their aid, or just leaving them to be defeated! Could be cause to use some of the grey matter! :D

Alonzo Orion
12-09-09, 05:57 PM
I believe KOEI has avoided creating a Dynasty Warriors game with online features now for too long and the vote backs my point that the majority want to see this!

13-09-09, 09:30 AM
I'd love to se online but in reality its going to be hard to pull off well. For now all i can see is the traditional vs mode games from previous DW games but with online. As for online battles i cant see it happening anytime soon it would be just too hard to do.

Captain Ashton
14-09-09, 09:55 PM
Online play would be excellent if done properly. Apart from that I would like to see a few more serious storylines. Lets be honest, alot of characters didn't have a happy ending historically. I loved Samurai Warriors 1 alot more than 2 because of the more dramatic storylines it had.

19-09-09, 05:47 PM
oh Online gaming is really an awesome idea since i can take you guys down in one blow :P

16-02-10, 09:11 PM
Out of those, online play, adds a nice bit of longevity.

I could go on forever about additions but here goes, little thing first that there is no chance of happening, but whatever, Musou Mode, Free Mode, Xtreme Mode, Empire Mode, all in one game please? Take twice as long to develop it for all I care, it would be ace!

But yea, My quarral with Dynasty Warriors 6 is mainly a lack of things to do after youve cleared the Musou Modes and got lucky with some horses.

I know people said this alot when it launched, but ill say it again, Items and Weapons.

Just because there is a skill tree doesnt mean we cant have items to go along with it, skill boosters or not, just nice things that can be collected on the harder difficulties. ( Item I could do with is something that stops renbu depleting when doing nothing :P )

And the addition of 4th or even 5th weapons, Unique models and difficult to obtain, some claim it woulnt work with the new weapon system, why not? Unique over the top models, with much higher base attack, perhaps even customisable, choosing your own abilities, element or even type.
Or to go even further, in future games they could add full on customisation of all weapons like Warriors Orochi, some kind of store between stages to upgrade your weapons to your own needs.

They could spice up the stories within Musou modes by adding Kessen 2 like commentary between stages or adding different layouts to the stages depending on the officer used, kind of like the differences between DW3 and DW3XL Hu Lao Gate, For examples on Dong Zhuos forces they had been pushed all the way back and it was a feat to win then.

And my dream addition since I first played the game....Map Editor, whic then could be uploaded online, this would add unlimited replayability for me, and doesnt seem overly complicated, just adding simplified commands and time unit movement, like 5 minutes into stage such and such marches to there, or Enemy unit advances over this area, such and suches ambush springs.

Thats all I got for now.


Another idea for some free mode unlockables, It would be just ace if we could play updated versions of the stages from previous DW Games, Would love to play the DW3 Wu Zhang with all new spangly features.

17-03-10, 08:28 AM
Who would like as a mode to create your own battle like design it. Choose your force, officers, ambushes, reonforcements, ploys and bosses. AND BUILD A BATTLEFIELD.:rolleyes:

18-03-10, 04:22 AM
What i meant with the build the battlefield, you can choose to put and add ,bases ,slopes, stairs,castle,water,watchposts. Who would love to have that in DW7

19-03-10, 12:49 PM
Topics merged.

You mean a map creator. Well I wouldn't say it's the most important of things, but it would likely be more suitable for the Empires series.

22-03-10, 07:08 PM
They could have a normal online gameplay and an empire kind of mode for online as well and should be able to play with your friends

01-05-10, 07:59 PM
Online would be awesome, but yeh, they would have to pull it off well, or It would go horribly wrong.
Maybe something like the vs part of DW3, but online.:)

02-05-10, 05:01 PM
A few small ideas:

An RPG mode - You can create your character or choose to play as a pre-made character. From there you begin in a selected region and can walk around listening to any news and gossip, taking on jobs in order to earn money.
After a while and when you've become noticed for your hard work, a liaison from any of the kingdoms visits you and asks if you wish to enlist, if you accept you can develop your skills even more, work alongside officers and gradually work your way up to being in command of your own part of the army.
If you refuse, you can take the time to do more jobs and improving your clothing and weapon until asked again at a later point.

A day and night cycle, as well as a 24/7 cycle, instead of a month cycle, would be nice to see. It could open up the story even more, offer up chances to develop your character even more, find items that could be of use and more.

If working for a kingdom, you could, over time and when you're strong enough, challenge your lord and take over if successful, or continue to serve.
If unhappy with your lord, you could defect, causing damage to your lord's forces in the process. But doing so could mean that it will be time before your new lord will trust you, so you have to gain their trust.

Also a dialogue system could be useful.

Character creation - Improvements in character models, voices, clothes and weapons would be an asset. A more detailed character creation mode would be good to see, something that can allow for all kinds of appearances, character sizes and adjusts to match weapon types.
For example you could have a female character who's pretty short, so she wouldn't be able to use really big weapons, but she could be a lot more proficent with lighter, smaller weapons.

Voice acting - Talented voice acting needed, so badly. More lines than the usual things and maybe even allow the player character to have comments they can use when an enemy officer says something like: "Your defeat will wipe the stain from my honour" and your character could reply with "That's a new one to me, you with honour, and I've been smacking you around so much that it's amazing you have any"

More DLC - More than just music and clothing, though those were really good, but things like additional scenarios, even obscure ones, and more for a created character.

Weapon and clothing creation - In an RPG mode, as well as story modes, a pre-made and created character could find things that could be used to create new weapons, or enhance their main weapon.
As well as improving clothing, for example making the clothing stronger and more durable, improving friction so that the character can move more freely and even faster as well as being able to create different kinds of clothing.

Free mode - This mode was useful in the previous DW games because it could allow the player to test their characters and see where any improvements could be made.
It would be nice to see that feature return in an Empires version.

Improved strategy and tactics screen - A tactics and strategy screen akin to Romance Of The Three Kingdoms would be nice to see, where you could sort out tactics for use in combat.
For example if you want to cause damage to the enemy supplies, then you could place a hidden platoon with a commanding officer near to an enemy base, then during combat you could issue the order and they could attack the base, appearing behind the opposing forces and causing as much damage as possible.

Family aspects - The marriage system in Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires is nice, but it felt lacking. An improved system for that could have your character becoming a parent, and raising their child to either be a warrior or a scholar or anything.
If the child wishes to once old enough, they might fight alongside their parents, or be part of making the kingdom stronger in areas like food, money and more.

Oath system - The oath system could be implemated to one where the officer you make an oath with protects you, and you protect them.
Skills could enhance when working together and strengthens team work, for example an order could be issued to an officer you have an oath with, they go in and follow the order, without fail.
But if you or they are defeated, then that enhancement is gone until the next battle.

And that's all the ideas I've got.

04-05-10, 04:39 PM
Here is what I think would improve the series:

1. Gore. I don't think in adding gore that Koei would lose many fans. I've played DW from the start and always though gore would be acceptable. To be able to duel an officer and take their head when you win woud be epic. To disable soilders by taking their limbs etc is just fun too. Think shadow of rome.

2. It's been said loads but I'd like to see some the characters reverted to their previous weapons. Some changes in DW6 were for the better in my opinion (Liu Bei for example). But it just seemed that everyone was given a pike or spear, which was boring. Musuo modes shoud also be available for all characters.

3. Like the guy above me I'd like to see a sort of RPG mode. Here's my idea for a new format in the DW games. You coud have the option of creating your character (Id like to see a much more in depth edit mode) and in creating your char you would start out as a peon, with little health and moves etc. Then you can build yourself up to be as powerful as you want. (By playing a musou mode offline or training online etc) Then you could have huge battles online, made up of lots of AI peons and officers, with human officers/peons thrown in too. It would be epic to have online gameplay where higher level officers help new guys on the battlefield, have places to chill out and train, etc. I think that if DW branched out into creating a sort of virtual universe that was a bit more free this would be a lot cooler. I love DW but I just feel that I've had enough of the arcade hack and slash action. I know it could be more.

09-05-10, 11:03 PM
A few more, I know lots of people diddnt like the lack of Musou Modes in 6, but why have lots when they are all the same in the first place? So lets solve this then!

And also, It doesnt have to be historically accurate, It may be Koei, But that still doesnt matter as far as im concerned, I just want a fun game.

Branching Musou Modes story arcs, kinda like Samurai Warriors mut with more oomph, With abit more story progress interaction, maybe even in the form of mini cut scenes with dialogue options kinda like in Mass Effect, you could maybe limit what can be said by your rank/charcter, things like this could determine whether or not Cao Cao maybe attacks Yuan Shao when he does or perhaps goes off somewhere else first, with perhaps added dialogue and cut scenes to correspond.

Just this one addition of choice can greatly break up the monotony that many people who have a distaste for warriors games complain about, doing the same few variations of musou modes can be abit tedious afterall.

12-05-10, 09:11 PM
I think what the serie lacks today is the "epic action".
For those who have played Viking : battle for Asgard, they'll know what i mean.
When you're in a wide area, the two massive armies are facing each other. And then, the two armies charge and run through the enemies : that IS epic action. And this game had a worse gameplay than dynasty warriors.
So, imagine : he fei's castle, siege. You jump with your horse on the castle's wall and see in front of you, not some soldiers dispatched here and there, but a really massive army that is waiting for you. And then you run and slash through them. That IS epic action. That IS what dynasty warriors needs.
Imagine Hu Lao Gate. Alone with Lu Bu against the entire alliance. Not some siege weapons and at least 150 soldiers to kill. An immense army trying to kill you. Stop with the 1000 kills per battle and a little more if you are lucky. Let us make 10000 kills or even more, but let's have a true battle, not skirmishes ! That would be great !

And allies should not be just for the presence, they should have huge armies, not just 20 soldiers to make feel like they have some men. And make them run into the enemies and make some incredible battle.

Stop with the "normal" fights with commanders and officers. They should be epic too. With voice actors that truly live their characters and don't hesitate to yell during the fight ! Make some quick action scene during officers fight with incredible moves. Or a special move during boss fights that freezes time and let you see a cool move to destroy your enemy.

Yes, that is definitely what dynasty warriors needs. EPIC battles, concepts and animations. A dynasty warriors where Zhao Yun will be riding his horse to save A Dou and will go not though some 200 enemies, but between thousands of enemies.

P.S : Sorry for my english and for the mistakes, i'm a french guy. ^^