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Masamune date
02-08-09, 11:33 PM
Anybody Nows Character Died In DW6

i Just know
Gan Ning Death But it was Sad (place he Died Dont know )

Lu meng Died in Fan Castle

Sun ce Died in Conquest of wu

Guan Yu Fan Catle Also

Pang Tong Slain in Cheng Du

Anybody Now's any chara Died or Slain in Dyanasty Warriors 6

God-Like Phoenix
02-08-09, 11:42 PM
Is this just for the deaths in the game...or is it about the character's deaths historically?

13-08-09, 01:02 AM
I have to assume, from the title of the thread, that you mean in-game (historically you're a bit off). In-game characters die at varying points depending on which character you play. Usually most of them die during the last two missions, which are normally the final defeat of the other two kingdoms. Hope that helps.

Dynasty Heroes
13-08-09, 10:22 PM
Lu bu dies at Xia pi

Zhuge Liang dies at Zhang wu plains

Huang gai dies at Chi Bi but he doesn't die in game

Cao Cao
17-08-09, 12:43 PM
Lu bu dies at Xia pi

Zhuge Liang dies at Zhang wu plains

Huang gai dies at Chi Bi but he doesn't die in game

Zhuge Liang doesn't die in the game...

And Huang Gai didn't die in Chi Bi aswell,not in the game,and not historically.

I know these:
Cao Cao is killed in Ma Chao's and Sima Yi's story mode and dies in Cao Pi's story mode (which makes Pi the ruler of Wei).
Xiahou Yuan or Huang Zhong dies at Mt. Ding Jun (depends on force)
Guan Yu is killed at Fan Castle.
Gan Ning dies in Ling Tong's story mode.
Lu Meng dies shortly after Fan Castle (Lu Xun's and Gan Ning's story mode).
Sun Ce is killed at Xu Chang (Lu Xun's,SSX's and Taishi Ci's story mode).
Yuan Shao is killed at Guan Du or in He Bei (Cao Pi's story mode).
Zhang Jiao is killed at the Yellow Turban Rebellion.
Dong Zhuo is killed at Hu Lao Gate (except Xiahou Dun's story mode).
Lu Bu and Diao Chan are killed at Xia Pi.

And of course,the rulers are killed when facing them the last time (like Liu Bei is killed at Yi Ling when you play as Wu).

16-04-10, 04:41 PM
Zhuge Liang doesn't die in the game...

If you play DW5 Zhuge Liang actually does die during the battle, where Jiang Wei takes over as commander, this might be why he doesn't in DW6, since Jiang Wei did not appear in DW6. Also, historically, Zhuge Liang was commander of Shu at Wu Zhang Plains, since Liu Bei had died at Yi Ling.

Zhuge Ke
18-04-10, 09:58 PM
Cao Cao dies in Sima Yi, Cao Pi and Ma Chao's modes.
Guan Yu dies in Fan Castle.
Xiahou Yuan/Huang Zhong dies in Mt. Dingjun.
Lu Meng dies in Lu Xun/Gan Ning's modes.
Gan Ning dies in Ling Tong's mode.
Sun Ce dies in Lu Xun/Sun Shang Xiang/Taishi Ci's modes.
Pang Tong dies in Chengdu.
Lu Bu dies in Xiapi.
Diao Chan dies in Xiapi.
Dong Zhuo dies in Hulao Gates in every one's except Lu Bu and Xiahou Dun's mode. He dies again in a second version of Hulao Gates.
Zhang Jiao dies in Yellow Turban Rebellion except in Lu Bu's mode where he dies again in a second version of Hulao Gates.
Yuan Shao dies in Guan Du except in Cao Pi's mode where he dies in Guandu.
Liu Bei/Cao Cao/Sun Quan/Yuan Shao/Dong Zhuo/Zhang Jiao dies in the second version of Hulao Gates.

That is all I know of yet.

Oh yeah:

Jiang Wei, Pang De, Xing Cai, Da Qiao, Zhu Rong, Meng Huo and Zuo Ci die at birth in DW6. Meng Huo breathes his way into his forties for DW6E.