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16-08-09, 10:45 PM
ok, i noticed in DW 5 Empires when you reached a centain level you got troops following you,
i think the max was 4 groups each had 5 majors in them,
and on DW empires 6 to have troops with you, you gotta order a officers to protect you but i like having my officers attcking the enemy officers in a large fight and i don't really need officers to protect me as the enemy is not that strong, but i liked having trrops follow me around like the other officers.

here is some things i think would be better on a Empires update or next game;

1. Body Guards, troops that follow you (higher your level the more and stronger the troops that follow you)

2. to be able to respawn in a battle like other officers

3.when in empire mode and your a officer in someone's empire, i think that allied officers invade enemy territory without you so the kingdom is not relying on you as i noticed on DW 6 Empires when i am in a ruler's kingdom they gain no land unless i lead the attack.

so basicly your officer should have the beifits of all other officers with lieutenants and troops following you, able to re join a battle if your not leader of the attack.

so what do you guys think?

16-08-09, 11:41 PM
I'd like to see troops follow the player aswell just like the other NPC officers. In DW4/5E you had a bunch of troops like you said.

Would be nice to have your own lot of troops to help out like Flag Carriers and Lieutenants...and have a 'Troop' bar for the active player. Since on some levels I go out on my own, would be nice for some troop backup ;)

20-08-09, 10:06 PM
i agree having troops following u would be cool also i have notice dat in dw6 empires it say u have like 11000 men and ur allies have like 12000 troops but i dont c dat much all i see is like 100 to 200 also u should be able to customise ur army the way they look and the name of ur army and should be more epic on the map there should be fighting every where not just in certian points and when u kill and officer hes/hers troops run away i only c that in empires i dont like dat

21-08-09, 09:17 AM
I like the idea of being able to withdraw, but I think it should be a QTE style thing, when you health is 1 hit away from disappearing you should have to press a button (Very fast) to be able to escape before they skill you, the further in the campaign you go, the faster you have to be (And the more times you withdraw per battle the faster you have to be)

Constantly retreating and coming back to the battle would mean you could never lose.

I think the inclusion of body guards is a good idea, provided they made the enemy soldiers actually attack you ( at the moment they just stand there and swing a sword every 10 or so seconds) they should attack constantly but do small damage. Lets face it, no matter who you are, if you are crowded you would be swamped unless you were REALLY good...which these guys were :p. It would also be good if you actually attacked with the body-guards, like in Bladestorm...I liked the whole "team" mechanic of that.

I would like to see a little more chaos in the "Land of chaos" at the moment it is like a parade with the occasional hit landing on you, then you meet a general and all of a sudden you are losing health left right and centre...it is a little unbalanced.

Bodyguards would only work if the non-generals AI was vastly improved, kind of to the level seen in bladestorm.

23-08-09, 06:58 PM
I agree with uk500 on the point of customising your own army to appear the way you want them too! It is odd, not having anyone fighting alongside of you, considering in one of the two options, you're supposed to be the ruler of the land! There are several other things that could make the whole game better, that wouldn't take too much to do! For example, using your officers weapons, as well as the usual suspects! Having to bring your created character upto officer level, as in the XL games! You could fight as a simple soldier, or an officer, or the ruler! Take out the levelling up, and put that back to finding chests, or the normal musou methods, and instead of gaining levels, you could gain fame, which could effect the way enemy troops behave around you! You could use the mercenary objectives to bring your character up to officer level! These are very simple things to do, but would create so much more gameplay!

That's my opinion anyway! Though I may be alone in that! lol.

26-08-09, 02:06 AM
i remember in some of the older ones u could make up bodyguards....they should bring that back....and when u start as ruler u should be able to pick troop color like if i use a CAW and i want red troops because my CAW is from Wu....and maybe being able to pick the map color u want like if i wanted pink for a map color or maybe red