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20-08-09, 03:22 PM
Final boss, someone must of bought it right?

Mir does too much damage (around 5k-7k) and heals 6k every turn. I can deal with 1 thing but not both. Any suggestions?

25-08-09, 11:08 AM
I played it and finished it but I can't remember, lol! I'm sorry I can't be of any help.

Have you tried gamefaqs?


25-08-09, 11:20 AM
A game this old, gets spolied all over the place on Gamefaqs from experience so no.

25-08-09, 03:47 PM
I got this from gamefaqs, walkthrough by PeTeRL90 for you so you don't spoil anything that happens. Anyway the spoiler has what you need to do to defeat Mir:

| Mir |

-Mir is pretty tough. Hopefully you made those Restore Bombs, because you're
going to need them for this part of the fight. The Majority of Mir's attacks
hit the entire front line and they hit for good damage. Mir will also use
attacks that will cause Curse on your party, as well as reduce your Speed.
You may think Mir keeps recovering herself to full, but she actually has 3
parts that you need to take down. Each of Mir's attacks will heal her up for
around 7,000 or so damage. If you're using Aurica or Shurelia, start using
Ar tonelico and charge it up all the way to Burst Level 4. One of those with
a proper Install should be able to take out a body part when it reaches past
the 15,000% mark. Use Tower Connection if you're using Misha. If you have
enough healing supplies, you can probably handle healing yourself with your
front line characters. Just try to get the Harmonic Gauge to at least Level 3
so you can use the better of your physical attacks. Just keep healing and

After Mir goes down, watch the following scene.

| Mir |

-Mir, while not as dangerous as her previous form, is still really dangerous
because of one thing: she can hit your entire party, including your Reyvateil.
You read that right. She can directly attack your Reyvateil this time around.
Like the previous battle, if you're using Aurica or Shurelia, have them build
up an Ar tonelico, and if you're using Misha, have her use Tower Connection.
Mir only has two attacks this time: one that hits a single front line member,
and the other one hits your entire party. If your Reyvateil falls, revive her
immediately and keep attacking. Mir has a lot HP, so make sure to keep
yourself at full health at all times while your Reyvateil focuses on increasing
their Song Magic.

Hope that does the trick for you!


26-08-09, 12:39 PM
Thank you, I will try that soon.