View Full Version : Possible improvements to the renbu system?

03-09-09, 04:34 PM
(This is my first post, so please be gentle with me!:o)

I've read a few posts, in a few places, saying how people aren't happy with the current Renbu system, like me, so I figured I'd put my thoughts on it here, and hope it draws some attention! (Hopefully from Koei!:o)

The renbu system does have it's good points, mainly the feeling that you can go through a hole map with one combo, though this does mean manically pressing one button! It's either the light combo, or the heavy combo, with the occasional Musou attack! Very dull! Personally, I'd like the light combo to remain as fluid as it is, but with the ability to put a single heavy attack in, to break guarding opponents! The heavy combo could either be continued, or return to the light combo, without having to start it from the begining!

I'd also like to be able to change the direction of the attack, even if it's only 2 way! (4 or 8 would be grand, but much more difficult for Koei to do!)This would not only improve gameplay dramatically, it would also look fantastic! It could be done quite easily, by using the evade button! It would also stop the main problem with being attacked! You could have a full health bar, go up against a few officers, and one gets behind you, then they take it in turns to erradicate your entire life! Nothing you can do, but sit there and die! If you can turn, and block an attack from the back at any time, problem solved! Imagine the scene of Snow and Broken sword, from Hero, where they invaded the castle! Two against thousands! Block one direction, attack another, then block another! It would play great, and look fantastic!

If you agree, or disagree, or even have any other ideas, please say!