View Full Version : DWSF DLC: What are your opinions on it?

16-11-09, 09:04 AM

OK so I'm guessing nearly everybody has been using the DLC. I was just wondering what everybody thought of it. Negative and positive points of it?


Koei have been very consistant with the DLC
Adds more longevity to the game
It's all free (always a bonus)
There's been quite alot of it
Some useful drops


They're all much of muchness
Really not that challenging

Please note that this is my opinion and I'm sure it doesn't reflect anybody elses opinion.

Out of curiosity Leady & Insp. Chin how much more DLC is there gonna be for DWSF?


Leady FF ^^
16-11-09, 11:57 AM
I think there is only 1 or 2 more packs to come.

For me, I have found the DLC very samey. I would have liked the difficulty to be ramped up alot more that it has been.

16-11-09, 11:48 PM
I really can't disagree with anything that's been said so far.

silvertongue hit all the main points for me. I've been enjoying the DLC as a nice change of pace from playing every single story mode mission & request for every character.

The DLC, even though some of the maps are recycled, changes things up just enough so that it doesn't seem so repetitive. If the DLC mission is identical to the original, at least the rewards tend to be better :D

17-11-09, 11:07 AM
I do like the arena battles and the pheonix, tiger, dragon battles if a little annoying when you fight them for the first time.

I agree with Leady on the difficulty, it could've been ramped right up to the top to make things alot more challenging.

I agree with Mr. Honda too that the rewards tend to be better.

I just wish that they'd released a patch so that you could unlock all the movies on one save file.

Maybe next time!


17-11-09, 02:08 PM
Why not?


Easier to get money
Useful drops - No more damn tower missions/Yuan Shao


Return to Wherever X - Change a few characters around. So?
Weaker missions than the story - I do not mean the 1 star missions, I mean missions that have similar versions in game and are better for drops/money.

I want to avoid talking about "challenge" as I played the game by myself which seems to not be the intention of the game. It made me get far stronger and remove the idea of challenge but I imagine multiple people could have grand fights with the Wei Phoenix or something.

I agree with Leady on the difficulty, it could've been ramped right up to the top to make things alot more challenging.

Hmm.. No thanks if it spikes too much, I could of brought a game I could not finish. I do not like that idea too much.

19-11-09, 10:21 AM
Question about the various DLC packs: do they also include new weapons/orbs/whatever or do they only consist of additional missions?

19-11-09, 10:31 AM
Missions mainly.