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The Dragon
16-11-09, 06:33 PM
In my opinion Dynasty Warriors 2 is one of my favorite games out of the hole warriors series simply because this was the first ever warriors games I got and I have had so many good memories playing this game. I am going to state some of the reasons why I think this game is so good.

Yes I know this game is missing alot of features like upgradable weapons, character items, more moves and so on which this was improved on in DW3 as DW2 also had less characters and only 8 battlefields. But this was KOEI's first time round.

Why I think DW2 is so good is that every battlefield is big and well thourght out u could have your own unit and moral guage. And which seemed to be phased out more slowly and slowly up until DW5 when this was terrible your men could not do nothink to bearly help you as on DW2 on some missions you could just leave the controler just sitting their and your men would do all the work for you. So its not just you running around helping everybody and u allways have to win the battle for your side. However I can see why they do this to make the game more challaging for you. But what DW2 manages to do is to make it fun because you know that your side is just as strong as your oponents if not stronger. And I also like this game because the costumes of the men it has a great feel and atmosphere about it and puts you right into the gameplay.

So I would like to see your views and opinions on this game. :)

16-11-09, 07:43 PM
I must admit i loved the battles, they had the epic feel that recent ones have lost. Now its all about the 1 vs 1000, which takes away from the feel. DW2 made it feel like a battle.

The Dragon
16-11-09, 08:48 PM
I know what you mean the battles were great!!

17-11-09, 02:32 PM
Some of the stages in DW2 here have far more interesting battlefields than even DW5 like the Yellow Turban Rebellion. Compare that to DW3 YTR Mostly flat where you fought, DW4 flat, DW5 is better but I still like the DW2 version best.

Gameplay is boring for these days but its not like people knew about 6 hit charge combos and such. For the time its great and a great stress release.

A personal favorite was that moral system mentioned before. Its not like you do not get told in later games just that message spam tells you 1/2 hour later. Another thing I liked was the personal bodyguards, It is true that later specialised guards are more competent but tell me that getting juggled by every soldier in a mile radius.