View Full Version : What are you hoping to see next from Koei?

God-Like Phoenix
04-12-09, 05:39 AM
Ok....now with the Samurai Warriors craze, as well as with a few other new titles on the way, im just wondering what Koei could be doing next. For me personally, I am really hoping that a Bladestorm 2 could be in the works, the first game was brilliant, even through a few problems, and could be a really great sequel if it was to improve from the first.

There are quite a few paths that Koei can go from here, im just wondering what people would really like to see next from them. Bladestorm is my opinion, what's yours?

Mousou hat
04-12-09, 07:18 AM
ill settle with your opinion, but first i want koei to announce sw3 for the ps3 regardless of previous statements.

Leady FF ^^
04-12-09, 08:21 AM
Fist of the North Star & Trinity obviously ^^

(personally I can't wait for Japanese version of the DWSF2 ^^).

06-12-09, 01:19 PM
Bladestorm 2 would great as would a PS3/Xbox360 version of Samurai Warriors 3.


09-12-09, 04:10 PM
More RPGs like TRINITY, hopefully. The Fist Of The North Star game looks pretty cool, too.

09-12-09, 06:44 PM
Good topic.

Seeing as how we were surprised by the awesome fanservice idea of Warriors Orochi... anything could happen!

I'm waiting for Dynasty Warriors 7, as XL wouldn't interest me as much as wanting them to spend time on the next big game of that series. But hopefully though, no rollbacks attached. Just progress the series more positively into the future.

As for Koei's side of things they've always done well with the music and character designs, they just need to not take good stuff away in order to recycle and just keep building on that. Hence the above comment, no rollbacks.

10-12-09, 09:52 AM
Have to agree that a Bladestorm sequel would rock big time. But my big pick would be Kessen IV. A series that has sadly fallen by the wayside even though it was well made on every level. Each game in the series had new elements or gameplay styles and now a next gen version would fill a gap in the console strategy market.

10-12-09, 06:39 PM
I really want a new Dynasty Tactics on the 360. Those games were amazing and were what got me into Koei games.

11-12-09, 08:12 AM
Have to agree that a Bladestorm sequel would rock big time. But my big pick would be Kessen IV. A series that has sadly fallen by the wayside even though it was well made on every level. Each game in the series had new elements or gameplay styles and now a next gen version would fill a gap in the console strategy market.

Oooo, I forgot about Kessen, how could I've forgotten about Kessen. Yes Kessen IV! Also I think a Kessen based on the Warriors Orochi series would be great!!


13-12-09, 12:17 PM
I would like something new, and as said by Gilgamesh, more RPG. Of course there will be Trinty and Tecmo's Undead Knights, but we had so much DW/SW, we need more new games :P

17-12-09, 11:23 AM
More sequels less Dynasty Warriors 6 ports/rehashes. On the topic of RPG's Tactical RPG is becoming NISA RPG. I do not hate the idea but a different " flavour" say Atlus with SMT games would be nice.

18-12-09, 08:21 AM
Trinity Souls of Zillo
and from tecmo Quantum Theory

18-02-10, 10:21 PM
Wouldnt mind seeing if Ni-Oh is actually going to turn into anything...

Also, I would welcome a resurrection of Crimson Sea and Mystic Heroes, they were very fun to play!

14-07-10, 02:25 PM
I would love to see Koei try their hand at games much like the Harvest Moon series, but to actually not gut it like Natsume do with leaving out half the game, releasing it full of glitches and more, like not releasing it beyond Japan at all, or not releasing it beyond Japan and the US and so on.

It could have gender choice, and perhaps character creation with that as well so that the player can make their own invidual looking main character, be it male or female.
The story could be something more interesting as well, and maybe having different eras to play it in. And having improved features from the HM series.

24-07-10, 04:43 PM
I would like to see a beat them all like SW/DW but which would be focus on the famous chinese novel "Water Margin" . The book is about the story of 108 outlaws. They are all warriors whos have each special characterisc. Even if they choose the 36 chiefs, it would be a dream for me.

24-07-10, 04:52 PM
The closest game to that is a JRPG series called Suikoden, by Konami. A good series.

It would be interesting to see Koei try something like that, could be fun to have a created female character I've made attempting to bring a large army together to fight back against an oppressive empire while gathering leaders and more.

Like maybe a central hub being your HQ/castle/fort where you can walk around, interact with others, gather information, improve skills and such, then switching to a more tactical battlefield much like the Romance Of The Three Kingdoms games have and once you've done a good amount of damage, you switch to a more DW/SW view of the battlefield with the character you're playing as and causing as much damage as possible to the opposing army while issuing out commands to other generals.

18-01-11, 04:38 PM
Anything Koei does I usually like. So anything they do next is most welcome. However here's some suggestions.

People seem to want Bladestorm 2, I haven't played Bladestorm yet (just got my PS3) but I intend to so I would still welcome a sequel.

Somebody mentioned DW Tactics on XBox. A tactics game for the next gen would be really nice. My vote though would be for a WO Tactics. since WO2 is my fav Koei game.

WO 3 would also be something I really like. Particularly if they manage to include elements from DW Empires and work aspects of WO around it.

Somebody mentioned a game based on a chinese novel which sounds interesting.

As for me being Maltese I've always had the Knights at heart and the great seige of Malta could provide an excellent setting for a new game featuring DW and SW mechanics.

Now for something completely different how about a third person shooter with simple gameplay (having co-op campaign) where the focus would be to blast everything in sight instead on stealth and similarly realistic games.

Finally I would like to express my thanks to Koei for everything they have done so far and will continue to do. They are the only company who's games I always enjoy playing the most.

19-01-11, 04:16 PM
I would like to see WO3, a new warriors game with the same system like dw/sw/wo.

04-02-12, 11:04 PM
a new Nobunaga game with PC version...