View Full Version : Your favorite Dynasty Warriors opening?

11-12-09, 01:31 PM
Which is your top choice?

Dynasty Warriors 5

For me, Zhao Yun looking awesome, slaying in style has the cool factor. And I believe this was favorited quite a lot by fans of Koei, as well.

I'm finding myself watching these game openings more and more often over the last few years, especially the fact DW6's, Strikeforce's and Gundam 2's are worth watching multiple times. And it's not just from Koei, other company game's I've bought have had stylish openings which I've been viewing lately. In fact I don't ever remember watching them like I do now.

11-12-09, 09:30 PM
For me it has to be the same as LDZ.

Definitely Dynasty Warriors 5, Zhao Yun pulling some very stylish moves!

I think I'll have to check the others out as I can't remember much of the others believe it or not.