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08-02-10, 02:03 AM
Signing up and starting a thread just to ask when the DLC for Dark Hero Days will be available, as I want Pleinair and have nothing better to do (read: I have better things to do but am too lazy to do them).

Also (on a completely unrelated aside) Koei isn't even mentioned anywhere on the box or manual except for a bit in the warranty at the back. It was only when I noticed that I seemed to be missing Lady Samurais that I realized it was even a region 2 game. Very strange :confused:

Leady FF ^^
08-02-10, 07:48 AM
It's because it is published by Nippon Ichi America in Europe rather than Koei now.

09-02-10, 03:09 AM
Oh, so Koei's just involved in distribution rather than publishing for it? That makes sense (though having the NISA logo on a region 2 game's box is still confusing but whatever).

I shall proceed to RAGE in another direction. And by RAGE, I mean go to sleep.

Leady FF ^^
09-02-10, 08:48 AM
Yes, we just distribute for them in the UK and a few other territories in Europe.

10-02-10, 10:39 AM
Since a topic has been made, how is the game? Mainly interested in seeing peoples opinon of "Axel" mode.

11-02-10, 08:31 PM
The game finally came out over here? Did I miss out on any preorder stuff like another artbook or prinny laharl plushie? I'll probably buy it again if the dlc is confirmed to come out over here too!

Since a topic has been made, how is the game? Mainly interested in seeing peoples opinon of "Axel" mode.

well, I thought it was funnier than the main game...but should've been longer. Great for collecting r39 equipments easily though, unless they changed it since...

12-02-10, 11:12 AM
Yes, on the 5th according to some ads. I asked as I still got a week to wait for the game release.

15-02-10, 07:35 PM
Since a topic has been made, how is the game? Mainly interested in seeing peoples opinon of "Axel" mode.

the game's a big leap from the original PS2 version imo.

Axel mode's not so bad gave me a few laughs in the scenario. But its the bonuses absent from the original that makes the game awesome.

Disgaea 3 characters, Magichange feature and that fight with Pringer X Go! makes Baal look like an infant.

16-02-10, 08:31 PM
Jive, since you have the game can you please tell us what else is new ? You give the main bonuses, but are they other little things ? Details like the compendium of Disgaea 1 for example.
Cause I spent more than 200h on Disgaea 1 but never be really interessed in D2, I played only 30-40h. But zavvi.com sells it for 18€ so it could be the occasion to do it more "seriously"

16-02-10, 09:05 PM
alright.. a brief summary of the little details then. (might have spoilers?)

-A BGM shop (allows you to purchase in game BGM to listen to or set them as the default music in the item world)

-A Record Shop (allows you to view your progress in the game; percentage of items collected, hidden boss enemies defeated , total number of enemies killed.. etc. )

-A Color Shop (allows you to change a generic characters color scheme)

-*slightly* easier item levelling (the item world now has randomly spawning level spheres, similar to the ones in Disgaea 3, granting you +5 levels to the item if held. They also removed the "worst luck" option from the fortune teller making it easier to get good or great luck from him)

-A few other item world bonuses revolving around the new Magichange feature.

-New Generic characters (Angel, Surt (from Disgaea1), Female Samurai (assuming you have D1 save) and.. I think that's it?

And I guess the last would be DLC characters.. if you like spending extra. XD

EDIT: oh yeah new abilities for every weapon and a stronger set of "Peta" magic spells.

17-02-10, 07:59 PM
Now I begin to really want it (though it will never be as good as Disgaea 1 for me). The only thing that REALLY desapoint me is

Female Samurai (assuming you have D1 save)
She's the character I use, I beat every ennemy easily (even if Baal lv.9999 required some braveheart support lol) BUT I don't have a PSP game T_T I have a 100h game on PS2, the same on DS but nothing on PSP T_T

but still interested in the game^^"

25-04-10, 09:30 PM
Erm, since no one has answered the question masamunemaniac asked, (and I myself am interested), I'll ask again: will there be downloadable content from PSN UK for D2DHD? Cheers

Leady FF ^^
26-04-10, 09:29 AM
I think on NISA can answer that questions (since TKE is only concerned with the boxed products). Why dont you try asking on their facebook?

26-04-10, 10:30 AM
There is one 'Nippon Ichi' account and one 'Nippon Ichi Software' account on Facebook, and with 1 and 3 people like them respectively. Their front page only have wikipedia information about the company, and there's no 'related posts' on them. So I guess maybe those pages are not official?

26-04-10, 12:30 PM
Snowhole, here (http://www.facebook.com/pages/NIS-America-Inc-Europe/256055541894)

26-04-10, 10:55 PM
Snowhole, here (http://www.facebook.com/pages/NIS-America-Inc-Europe/256055541894)

Cheers! :)

05-05-10, 12:24 PM
Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days
Almaz (1.59/1.99)
Sapphire (free)
Plenair (free)
Ash (1.59/1.99)
Marone (1.59/1.99)
Pram (1.59/1.99)
Hanako (1.59/1.99)


Leady FF ^^
06-05-10, 11:42 AM
Lol, I was going to post that up as well !