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12-02-10, 12:27 PM
Look at this (http://nisamerica.com/nart/press/Anime%20PressRelease100212.pdf)

NIS America is going to start localising anime for America, including a Persona anime. Would you get these animes if they came to Europe?

12-02-10, 08:37 PM
I can't just say "yes". If it's a bad anime, I won't buy it just because it's Persona related. But if it's good, I would maybe buy it. Still I'm often desapointed by animes adaptated from video games, I hope it's not the case here.
I already saw the manga of P3 Trinity Soul but never read it. Is there someone who did ? And if yes, is it good ?

As for the other animes, I don't really know them and I'm sure I won't buy if it's not released as a boxset, because when you have to buy 5 DVD with 4 episodes each for "only" 20€, well, it's kind of expensive... even if the anime is very good. I read the synopsis for these 3, and none of them really caught my attention. Toradora may be something fun to watch, but it's not the kind of anime I buy. The other ones don't appear very interesting to me, but of course i may be wrong.

So in the end, I don't think I'll buy any of these, except maybe Persona, but it has to be really good ! I watch a lot of animes but I buy few, only those that I reallyyyy want, in this case I can put some money on the table.
I'll finish by saying that i'd prefer to get games and goodies from NISa rather than anime, because Europe (as well as Australia and others) doesn't has a choice of NIS games as wide as US :/ Or as I said it should be very good animes (i mean veryyy good) but i don't know if NISa can afford this.

12-02-10, 09:57 PM
Well it doesn't really matter to me if they come to europe or not since almost all anime here in sweden i buy is imported from america, but well i doubt I'll get any of those series.

ToraDora was just to goddamn boring when i started to watch it when it first aired, so i don't want to touch it again. When it comes to P:TS, i won't get it since i am currently watching it and i find it to be pretty bad and I'm really disappointed since i thought it would be more like P3 & P4 story wise.

Pandora Hearts is somewhat interesting i guess, but well not enough for me to spend money on when it got such a bad ending.

Wagaya na Oinari-sama, or "Our Home’s Fox Deity" as NISA calls it is what I'm most interested in getting right now. I haven't seen much of it though so my opinion might change, but from what I've seen it's at least a pretty funny series, though with the low amount of money i have, i probably won't get it. I hate that they've translated the name of the series though since i prefer when the series keep their original name.

13-02-10, 01:55 AM
i wouldn't mainly cause the pricing of anime in UK at least is absolutely absurd 20 pounds for 3 episodes

i could buy several movies for that price

Emerald Emblem
02-03-11, 11:37 AM
Bah! I say to you guys, Toradora was brilliant, I really enjoyed it. I still think a complete box set is necessary though.

10-03-11, 03:01 PM
Bah! I say to you guys, Toradora was brilliant, I really enjoyed it. I still think a complete box set is necessary though.

Toradora was alright but Persona was a bit better in my opinion