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17-03-10, 04:46 PM
The information of downloadable content for Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce (for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360) has been added to the official site. To visit the official site, please go to: dynastywarriorsstrikeforce.co.uk (http://dynastywarriorsstrikeforce.co.uk/top.html)

Quest Pack #1

Battle of Tong Gate
The feared Cao Cao army has invaded Xi Liang. Assist Ma Chao, who stands facing his family's enemy, and stop the advance of Cao Cao's army.

Defense of Nan Zhong
The allied armies of Wei, Wu and Shu have converged on Nan Zhong. Evade the schemes of their strategists, Zhuge Liang, Zhou Yu and Sima Yi, and, together with the king of Nan Zhong, Meng Huo, face the allied forces!

Martial Contest 1
A contest to determine the strongest warrior in the Three Kingdoms. Your opponents in the first round will be the young men of valor, Zhao Yun, Guan Ping and Lu Xun.

Quest Pack #2

Battle of Ru Xu Kou
Wu's Sun Quan stands at the strategic point, Ru Xu Kou. Avoid the Wu army 's ambush and bring victory to Wei.

Linked Chains Plan
The tyrannical Dong Zhuo and the raging Lu Bu. Through royal personage, Diao Chan's Linked Chains Plan, seize the opportunity to drive them apart and destroy them.

Martial Contest 2
A contest to determine the strongest warrior in the Three Kingdoms. Defeat the three men of valor, Ling Tong, Cao Pi and Zhang He.

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yer there not bad sum good game play