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16-04-10, 02:36 PM
Hi ! To make a story short, I've played Dynasty Warriors 6 at my friend's house and I fell in love with that game ! I own a ps2 and saw that almost all Dynasty Warriors games were release for my console.. I don't mind buying them all actually, but what I wanted to know is if every Dynasty game had the same stages (i.e Yellow Turban Rebellion. etc)? If so, buying every Dynasty game would be foolish of me, if it's only to play the same scenario over and over again.. and I already know which character is in which Dynasty games.. so I really just want to know about the stage (scenario). Thanks in advance guys !!

16-04-10, 03:36 PM
Honestly I wouldn't buy every one, because the stages in the games are similar, although the maps get changed around alot which is good. My favourites so far are 3 and 5, I like 6 but It went a bit wrong in my opinion, 2 is good but if you are used to easier controls like DW6 has, then It's not great, DW3 has slightly better controls but still a bit weird compared to later versions. 4 is where It gets a bit better, no Auto-Lock, even more characters and fun. 5 is the funnest in my opinion, like 4 but better, plus It has different stages to 3 and 4, like Bai Di Castle, which DW6 also doesnt have.
Hoep this helped:D:D:D

16-04-10, 04:17 PM
Everyone has a different opinion. DW3 is my favourite.

What you will see in each game though is recoccuring stages like Hu Lao Gate, Chi Bi, Wu Zhang Plains, and more. Technically not the same because of improving software graphics, different music in each one, and different cutscenes (though not so different due to the re-telling of a story.) If you see what I mean?

If you want a mass stage list go for DW4 purchased with DW4: Xtreme Legends. You'll be playing for a very long time. And although there's so many levels in that game, note that many share maps, it's just different scenarios.

I take it then you've not tried Samurai Warriors? It's very similar except that it's a seperate timeline and based in Japan with historical figures like Nobunaga Oda.

16-04-10, 07:02 PM
My favourite on the PS2 is probably Dynasty Warriors 5 because every character has their own story mode plus there's tonnes of them to choose from. The Xtreme legends pack for that also added some really cool stuff in, like a mode where you created a character, starting out as just a footsoldier and then working your way up through the ranks by doing different missions for people. I'd also recommend the Warriors Orochi games (especially 2) because they have all the characters from Dynasty Warriors 5 and Samurai Warriors 2 along with allot of others. They're all good though :)

17-04-10, 12:58 PM
Ahah thanks guys ! It looks like there all good ! I shall buy them all then ! Will begin with 3 and 5 :)

22-04-10, 04:31 PM
Ahah thanks guys ! It looks like there all good ! I shall buy them all then ! Will begin with 3 and 5 :)
Good choices to start with :D