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Zhuge Ke
18-04-10, 11:22 AM
Name: Chao Wen
Age: Died at 26
Born: 12 August 202
Died: 29 November 228
Allegiance: Tiandang Forces --> Shu --> Wu

He was a warrior who served in the campaign at Hanzhong and Jing. He was born in Wuwei, as the illegimate child of the King of Shang, Tui Kang. Tui Kang later denied the child was his due to not wanting to become a young father, and so did Lady Ji, the mother. Lady Ji, who was a consort of Tui Kang, married Chao Gan and left for Hanzhong. He grew up with his mother and 'father', Mt. Tiandang where he had a house on a slope. They lived happily until Hanzhong was invaded by Cao Cao and Liu Bei from different sides. Eventually, the battle got fierce and by 217, it began to lead towards the mountains. Zhang He of Wei led an attack on Mt. Tiandang and by 218, he had captured it. Huang Zhong sent Chen Shi there and led an offensive.

1. Battle of Chengyuan Slope
Tiandang Forces vs Shu Forces vs Wei Forces

V. Defeat Huang Zhong and Zhang He
D. Hun Shao is defeated

The battle was fierce, but Zhang He slew Hun Shao and Chao Gan, Chao Wen's father. In frustration, Chao Wen's mother poisoned herself and attempted the same on her son, but Xiahou Shang slew her in time before crossing to attack Huang Zhong. Chao Wen took his father's spear and raced to fight the invaders, abandoning the fearful villagers to destroy the enemy troops.

2. Battle of Mt. Tiandang
Tiandang Forces vs Shu Forces vs Wei Forces

V. Defeat all enemy officers
D. Any officer is defeated

However, within time, Huang Zhong pushed Xiahou Shang's forces back. Xiahou De moved to assist and captured Chen Shi in return. Huang Zhong hired Chao Wen to move as a messenger to exchange Xiahou Shang for Chen Shi. After the exchange, the officers attempted to return. Chao Wen, alone, pursued Xiahou Shang and shot him in his leg with an arrow. He then surrounded Xiahou De and killed him. Winning the battle under Shu, Chao Wen decided to follow them on consecutive battles against Xiahou Yuan. To get there, they had to pursue Zhang He to Mt. Dingjun.

3. Genjing Slope
Shu Forces vs Wei Forces

V. Defeat Zhang He
D. Liu Bei is defeated

Liu Bei called the pursuit, and followed Zhang He. Zhang He escaped the rain of arrows with Xiahou Shang. Chao Wen was surrounded, but he fought his way out and called Huang Zhong into follow him. Huang Zhong found himself on Mt. Dingjun, the last step into making Hanzhong vulnerable. The battle was called and Xiahou Yuan himself bought his whole army to fight. Liu Bei waited in the rear and the battle was enhanced.

4. Mt. Dingjun
Shu Forces vs Wei Forces

V. Defeat Xiahou Yuan, Zhang He and Xu Zhu
D. Cao Cao arrives before Xiahou Yuan and Xu Zhu are routed

There were two ways to end this battle wisely. Surrender to Cao Cao for eternity or eliminate Xiahou Yuan and Xu Zhu to break the forces up before Cao Cao arrives. And the answer was always the second choice. Chao Wen raised the morale of the vanguard privates. He caused the privates, which he was part of, to lead a semi-attack (just them). Chao Wen moved in and eliminated Xu Zhu's entire army with major losses. Zhang He moved back towards Xuchang through a second slope. Chao Wen obliged to not follow them but Zhuge Liang ordered Wei Yan, Yan Yan and Ma Dai to attack.

The three were ambushed by Li Dian, causing Chao Wen to move to eliminate them. Zhuge Liang insisted ordering Chao Wen to halt his army. Chao Wen disagreed with the older advisor, claiming that with a huge gap between Wei Yan's men and his own, they would be surrounded and crushed to bits. After threats of execution and exile, Chao Wen reluctantly obeyed, and the masses of the three's units were destroyed, escaping barely with their lives. Zhuge Liang ordered Chao Wen to take Xiahou Yuan out on head.

Chao Wen again refused, claiming ambushes were about to be set up and they'll be destroyed. Zhuge Liang refrased his threats so once again, Chao Wen agreed. Zhang He ambushed Chao Wen. Zhuge Liang ordered Zhang He to be cleared out and defeated. Chao Wen obliged to stay on the defensive to wear Zhang He out, but Zhuge Liang insisted and Chao Wen was wiped out. Zhuge Liang then ordered Chao Wen to slay Zhang He but Chao Wen thought otherwise on Xiahou Yuan's quick-temper and ultimately refused. Chao Wen ordered a defensive anyways and he successfully wore them out. Chao Wen ordered an attack on Xiahou Yuan, ignoring Zhang He, but Zhuge Liang laughed at how he'd die. Chao Wen defeated Xiahou Yuan, re-took Mt. Dingjun and then cleared out Zhang He.

In shame, Zhuge Liang ordered Chao Wen to be executed on a false suspicion of treason. He was sentenced to death, but Chao Wen escaped. Huang Zhong slew Xiahou Yuan, allowing Zhang He to flee. Liu Bei sent Chao Wen to join a fight against Wei and Wu in Jing in order to get away from Zhuge Liang. Chao Wen's arrival at Jing was magnificent but Guan Ping ordered Chao Wen to battle his worth. So the battle began.

5. Yongen Slope
Shu Forces vs Wei Forces

V. Defeat Niu Jin
D. Guan Yu is defeated

Guan Yu made a big deal of destroying Niu Jin and Yue Jin's forces to clear a northern path towards Fan Castle. Yue Jin retreated after Niu Jin surrendered, entering Fan Castle and closing the gates. Guan Yu camped on Yongen Slope and celebrated with wine. While they were fighting, Xu Huang and Xiahou Dun made it their deal to ambush the group. Xiahou Dun began to attack the barrier guards so the river didn't flood.

6. Yongen Barrier
Shu Forces vs Wei Forces

V. Defeat Xiahou Dun
D. Guan Ping is defeated

Guan Yu moved to take Duhuang Slope. While he went, Chao Wen moved to Yongen Barrier to defeat Xiahou Dun and allow the battle to be won. Guan Ping became jealous of his strength and attempted to assassinate him. However, Mai Castle was ambushed by Lu Meng. Guan Yu moved to take care of it with his son, sending Chao Wen to Duhuang Slope.

7. Duhuang Slope
Shu Forces vs Wei Forces/Wu Forces

V. Defeat Xu Huang, Zhou Tai, Lu Xun and Jiang Qin
D. Chao Wen is defeated or Duhuang camp is taken

Chao Wen moved to cut across Xu Huang. He defeated Xu Huang, moving towards Zhou Tai and Jiang Qin. After cutting them off by smashing the bridge. They eventually retreated. Lu Xun ambushed and burned Duhuang camp. In anger, Chao Wen defeated 500 of Lu Xun's men, causing the general to withdraw.

8. Fan River
Shu Forces vs Wei Forces

V. Defeat Pang De, Yu Jin and Man Chong
D. Ten or more fleets are destroyed

The Fan River flooded until it was in level with Fan Castle walls. Chao Wen bought thirty ships and sailed to the walls and attacked Yu Jin. Pang De and Yu Jin fought the soldiers bravely until the arrival of Guan Yu. Yu Jin surrendered, but Pang De refused, and Guan Yu beheaded him. Yu Jin was taken on the ships. Man Chong fled into the castle and swam to Cao Ren to aware him of the attack. Keeping a brave face, Cao Ren dared Guan Yu in.

9. Fan Castle
Shu Forces vs Wei Forces

V. Defeat Cao Ren
D. Guan Yu is defeated

Cao Ren defeated Guan Yu and Fan Castle was successfully defended. Mai Castle was the final struggle now. Liao Hua and Zhou Cang moved to assist there as Guan Yu sent Chao Wen in. Chao Wen, armed with a spear and a shield, raced towards Mai Castle to rescue the villagers.

10. Huayong Slope
Shu Forces vs Wei Forces/Wu Forces

V. Defeat 500 soldiers
D. Any enemy officer enters Mai Castle or any enemy officer is defeated

During the battle, Chao Wen figured it would be best to eliminate Guan Yu by betraying him and defeating all reinforcements. Mi Fang and Fu Shiren admired his ideas and moved to Fan Castle to convince the people to betray him. Chao Wen successfully went to slay 200 soldiers at Huayong Slope to prevent Lu Meng's soldiers in slaughtering the people before they surrender. But he went alone.

Slaying the soldiers, Jiang Qin pulled back, out of vanguard troops. Zhou Tai sent in a second wave of 200 men, which Chao Wen singlehandedly defeated. During the fight, however, Chao Wen's spear split into two. In anger, Zhou Tai fell back too. Ma Zhong, a less known general, sent in 15 officers with 85 soldiers with them. All the officers pulled back immediately. Chao Wen beat the 85 soldiers to death and then charged into Ma Zhong. All 15 officers sent in one elite guard each, who Chao Wen killed with his fists. Zhou Tai, Jiang Qin and Ma Zhong along with the 15 armed officers, pursued Chao Wen. As soon as the gates had closed, Mi Fang and Fu Shiren were ready to surrender.

11. Mai Castle
Wu Forces/Wei Forces vs Shu Forces

V. Defeat all enemy generals 3 times each
D. Any allied general is defeated

Both of them fled the castle and hid in bushes. Guan Yu sent his forces into Mai Castle from the north. Meng Da and Liu Feng fled the battle quickly. Angered by Chao Wen's defection, Guan Ping raced down to slay him but Mi Fang blocked off the bottom route. Fu Shiren claimed to be helping him escape through a northern route but pon reaching it, blocked it off and trapped Guan Ping.

Xing Cai arrived with her own backup force and routed Lu Xun from behind, but Zhou Tai eliminated her before she could reach Guan Ping. Believing he was safe, Guan Yu allowed himself into a false sense of security. Immediately, Chao Wen appeared with Ma Zhong and Jiang Qin and they captured Guan Yu. Mi Fang and Fu Shiren captured Guan Ping but Xing Cai fled.

Sun Quan of Wu hired Chao Wei into Wu alongside Mi Fang and Fu Shiren who were all given high ranks. Zhu Zhi of Wu adopted Chao Wen, who soon became known as Zhu Wen. Two years in luxury had gone, and by 221, Liu Bei had built up an army to invade Yiling.

12. Yiling
Wu Forces vs Shu Forces

V. Defeat Zhao Yun, Sha Moke and Ma Chao
D. Sun Quan, Lu Xun, Gan Ning, Ling Tong and Zhu Ran are defeated

Sun Quan assigned Lu Xun to take the role of the battle. Gan Ning was to lead an offensive on Zhao Yun and Zhu Wen to lead an offensive on Ma Chao. Zhu Zhi, afraid of Zhu Wen surrendering, followed behind him and encouraged him so he never got any ideas. Zhu Zhi's son, Zhu Ran, under Lu Xun's order, burned down Yiling. Ma Chao fled with Zhao Yun. Gan Ning and Sha Moke clashed at Yiling. Sha Moke slew Gan Ning. Zhou Tai pursued Sha Moke and killed him, giving Zhu Wen time to escape the battle and return to Jianye.

13. Cangting
Wu Forces vs Wei Forces/Hun Forces/Shao Forces vs Shu Forces/Nanman Forces/Qiang Forces

V. Defeat all Wei, Hun, Shao, Shu, Nanman and Qiang officers
D. Any allied general is defeated

Sun Quan lead a campaign to Cangting. Zhu Wen killed Xing Cai and Liu Feng retreated, only to be immediately executed by Liu Chan under Liu Bei's orders. Liu Chan was then shot dead by his own arbalest, after Zhu Wen knocked him into a trap. Angered, their ally, Meng Huo appeared with elephants and tigers and brought horror to Wu's forces. Zhu Wen defeated King Mulu and King Duosi, and then captured Ahui Nan and Dong Tuna.

Chao Wen burned the camp of Lu Shao and Lu Lingqi, causing them to defect to Shu's side. Zhuge Liang revealed Liu Bei had died and created an alliance with Cao Pi, who revealed Cao Cao's death. Zhu Wen camped on Cangting for a month, before charging at the Huns. Surprised, all the Huns were slain. Zhuge Liang conspired to Jiang Wei to betray Cao Pi to kill him.

Zhu Wen moved straight to Zhuge Liang's camp and beheaded the Qiang leader, causing the Qiangs to go into dismal. Lu Shao, discovering of the alliance between Wei and Shu, surrenders to Wu. Zhu Wen kills Zhuge Liang but Mi Fang and Fu Shiren are executed first. Surrounded by Hun, Wei, Shu and Nanman remainders, Zhu Wen and his allies make a last ditch attempt to escape the mountain-cave terrain with his allies. Gratified to what Sun Quan gave him, Zhu Wen races in to the heart of the circle alone, leaving a large path for Sun Quan and Wu to flee. Zhu Wen orders them to flee, claiming, if they don't he'll commit suicide anyways, so Sun Quan reluctantly flees.

Zhu Wen, for three days straight, battles his way towards an alkaline cave. (As some of you may be aware, caves have a lot of water at the end of them and most caves have alkaline metal in them. Alkaline metal and water can cause explosions and the alkaline metal in Cangting Cave will destroy the land around it). He lures all of the troops towards the water ditch at the end of the cave, and then climbs the wall and moves towards the exit. He then shoots his spear through a bow and arrow, through Cao Pi and Jiang Wei's hearts, splashing the water and causing the soldiers to enter the water to find their generals. Having a panic-driven fight in the deep water, the soldiers spray water (and the ones closer to Zhu Wen spray arrows), causing the water to flood. The water washes out the soldiers and causes the water and the alkaline metal to contact and after a few seconds, explodes. Sun Quan looks behind to see Zhu Wen at the cliff edge, and an explosion behind him. Zhu Wen falls to his knees and then to his left side. Zhu Wen dies.

Zhu/Chao Wen never lived to learn that Tui Kang was his real father, but Tui Kang, who succeeded Chao Wen, recieved the news from Zhu Zhi who learned a few weeks after Chao Wen's death from Tui Haoneng, Chao Wen's younger half-brother via Tui Kang, that Tui Kang was aware that Chao Wen was his biological son and attempted to contact him in Hanzhong between 217 and 225 but gave up when Lady Ji never sent any replies. Tui Kang also only realised Chao Gan, Chao Wen and Lady Ji were deceased and that Zhu Zhi was now Chao Wen's father.