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Zhuge Ke
19-04-10, 08:02 PM
Over the past few weeks of Easter, I have thought that KOEI needs a new touch so I came up with a sub-DW game.

Rebellion is a bit like 6 Empires except with more options.

There are a few modes...

Choose to save, watch videos, load, watch endings and beginnings.

Create a character with 100 spaces and more clothes than DW6E.

Musou Mode:
There are three seperate types of Musou Modes.

1. Self Musou Mode

Control a certain character to complete their own historical life stages (for example, Ma Chao or Yu Jin's modes).

2. Kingdom Musou Mode

Control all the characters in a certain team to complete all their battles, in a non-historical order manner (like DW4)

3. Create Musou Mode

Create a character from Edit Mode and give them between four stages and all the stages, but they play them out automatically.

Rebellion Mode:
You can choose out of several sub-modes in Rebellion Mode. There is the about twenty realistic based scenarios.

1. Land of a Hero in Chaos (You can choose year between 180-234)

You must create a kingdom - maximum of three spaces at beginning - however, China is split into 50 sections with unique maps. You must conquer the country. People of the country have been split up and they are trying to reunite. You are able to choose the enemy forces and what lands they own.

2. Yellow Turban Rebellion (183)

There are 20 free spaces in China as all commanders are working their way north to quell the chaos under the forces of Han. Can you work your way through and defeat the rebels. Beware: The chances of officers becoming neutral in this mode is 80%.

Forces: Han - He Jin (Owns 15), Yellow Turbans - Zhang Jiao (Owns 14) and Nanman - Meng Huo (Owns 1).

3. The Alliance against Dong Zhuo (189)

There are 15 free spaces in China. All commanders are focusing on the Han. There have been more rebellions and the Ten Eunuchs are taking control. In the times of chaos can you stand and wipe out the tyrants like a hero or will you use the chaos to twist The Emperor into eliminating his officers for power? The chances of officers becoming neutral is 65%.

Forces: Han - He Jin (Owns 20), Wu - Liu Yong (Owns 5), Luo Yang - Eunuchs (Owns 6) and Nanman - Meng Huo (Owns 4)

5. The Rise of Power (196)

There are two spare spaces in China. The times of Dong Zhuo, the tyrant and the ten eunuchs are gone. He Jin is dead, and these times are left for the younger ones to take over. Can you fight fiercely against the enemy to control China in a land of happiness and joy? Or is death and slaughter your only will? The chances of officers become neutral is 40%.

Forces: Wei -Cao Cao (Owns 5), Ji - Yuan Shao (Owns 5), Liao Dong - Gongsun Zan (Owns 3), Liang - Ma Teng (Owns 4), East Wu - Liu Yong (Owns 4), West Wu - Wang Lang (Owns 4), North Wu - Sun Jian (Owns 4), Xia Pi - Lu Bu (Owns 3), Chang An - Li Jue (Owns 5), Xu - Tao Qian (Owns 2), Cheng Du - Liu Zhang (Owns 3), Han Zhong - Zhang Lu (Owns 1) and Nanman - Meng Huo (Owns 5).

22-04-10, 04:27 PM
Sounds like the sort of game I'd buy. :)
One of the bad things for me about DW6E was that they got rid of "Divided Land" Scenario(for those of you who don't know; choosing your own Leaders/Officers for each Land etc.)
And yeh, they need more Create a character spaces, I hate having to choose between to good Characters I've made.

27-04-10, 03:40 PM
Cool idea, it'd be good to have a more open ended Empires. I miss being able to place your officers in different cities rather than just having them anywhere you want at any time.

Zhuge Ke
20-04-11, 05:51 PM
There should be an option to create your own battle. It would be too diffiult to make the maps but it should be something like:

Size of Map
Options: Very Small, Small, Medium, Large, Very Large
Amount of Bases
Options: 00-50
Amount of Forces
Options: 02, 03
Amount of Commanders per force (when one dies, another one comes - Jian Ye DW4)
Options: 01-12
Amount of Mountains
Options: 01-12

Then they'd come up with a random battle that the computer makes up according to what you put up there. You can self-assign officers and positions on field. You can choose to post these battles online with a suitable title for others to fight in.

Hard, improbable but good idea?

22-04-11, 09:51 AM
I think that would be a great game, I like the idea of making maps and the create a character does need to be expanded. I think its good :)