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Leady FF ^^
05-05-10, 11:03 AM
Hi, I was wondering if any of the UK/EU PS3 users here have signed-up to Future Publishing's 'First Play' service and what they thought of it?

Any feedback or info. much appreciated (even if you have never heard of it or don't intend to use it).


05-05-10, 01:31 PM
"First Play" is just for UK. I do not qualify for that but it would be far easier for me to buy it when something is actually interesting on it.

Leady FF ^^
05-05-10, 02:51 PM
OK thanks. You don't find it interesting?

05-05-10, 03:26 PM
The idea is interesting but what is on it is not interesting for me.

Leady FF ^^
05-05-10, 03:42 PM
OK, ty, I understand ^^

07-05-10, 12:40 AM
I tried the first episode and i think the show is alright. Its not exactly mind-blowing with the features it has to offer but the show is weekly so im not expecting every episode to be that interesting.

I just cant help feeling that the show is just cuttings of news that is avaliable everywhere, rather then a PSN show with exclusive intereviews and media to offer.. like that of Qore.

09-05-10, 12:21 AM
generally i don't bother with shows most of the info is normally out of date as i seem to find lots of info floating round on the net

epecially as this is a paid subscription, i was turned off

Leady FF ^^
10-05-10, 08:40 AM
Thanks for the feedbacks guys.

10-05-10, 12:24 PM
i heard you also got free games

with subscription but i dunno if they were good games or not, ut i guess if i had a picture of what they gave i would consider it more

10-05-10, 03:14 PM
free "mini" games

Leady FF ^^
11-05-10, 09:34 AM
They offered some free minis? Well thats cool I guess.

06-10-10, 04:12 AM
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