View Full Version : What will you do first in Samurai Warriors 3?

16-05-10, 11:05 AM
Hi guys,

SW3 is close to release here in Europe for the Nintendo Wii, May 28th.

I'm sure many fans here plan to be playing it on it's release. So for those who do or know when they're able to buy it, what do you plan on accomplishing when you do? Do you have anything in your mind planned in a particular order? Please say here. :)

I'll be trying my hardest to get it on it's release and I plan on going through Yukimura Sanada's story as soon as I do. Then I may fancy trying out one of the new characters like Kiyomasa.

If you're stuck on knowing who's selectable or the modes check this:

16-05-10, 12:20 PM
Was gonna say "play as Mitsuhide" but he not there :(. I guess I choose between Ginchiyo and Kenshin as I like swords and I despise a certain Honnoji stage.

16-05-10, 09:24 PM
realise the disc doesn't work on my ps3

17-05-10, 11:36 AM
I will do Nobunaga's story, use the Koku earned to unlock Hideyoshi and do his. I will then probably look in the other modes of the game. On that link, I learned of Historical Mode, and the idea of Making-your-own-story for your CAWs intrigues me.

26-05-10, 08:56 PM
I will first start using Oichi in Free Mode and then complete her story mode. Then I'm going to unlock Okuni! <3 Play in Free Mode a little bit with her and then use one of the new characters. Most likely Hanbei.

Mousou hat
06-06-10, 01:35 AM
still no word if this comes to the ps3?

what the hell is this for middlefinger to the fanbase koei? i dont believe this...

07-06-10, 02:00 PM
No, it is Wii Exclusive. This way, KOEI has a finger in every pie, DW on PS3/XBOX360 and SW on Wii.

Mousou hat
14-06-10, 06:29 PM
Well screw this then, this is an outrage, i no longer consider myself a koei fan.
If this is how koei treats its fanbase then i hope koei will go bankrupt.

Ive been a loyal fan for a long time but this is literally being a asshole koei, no more respect from me.

15-06-10, 03:10 AM
Yeah, its not like anyone has a wii right? Of course not. You are not the fanbase.

I am amazed that Segigarhara some how became more annoying, that is a impressive feat.

15-06-10, 02:33 PM
Sadly for those without a Nintendo Wii, yeah it's just a Wii exclusive sorry.

But they can make an advantage of controlling this franchise. By getting new fans, fans of Nintendo who took no interest beforehand and those who've never heard of it.

However, I hear people are having trouble finding it in stores and are taking the ordering online route instead. And yet this was released very close to Nintendo's mascot Mario in Super Mario Galaxy 2 which is probably why they've lacked effort in promoting it (the site looks good now, but they only gave us a trailer on it's actual release date which is far too late.) So next time might be different.

15-06-10, 04:02 PM
The question is though do you think the Samurai Warriors series is going to stay exclusive to Nintendo? I don't, I just can't see Koei doing that. They could still release Samurai Warriors 3 Special with enough new content to make it a new game from the Wii version. However with nothing even floating around about it I doubt very much we'll see Samurai Warriors 3 on any other system other than the Wii.

How well has SW3 sold around the globe? Did it do well in Japan? I'm guessing it didn't do that well in the UK considering the distribution was a little.....ahem!

16-06-10, 02:49 AM
Bar Murasame Castle, I would be amazed if it stayed on the Wii.

Mousou hat
21-06-10, 11:43 PM
not everyone has a wii?????? not everyone has a wii!!!!!!!!!

Do i need to buy a wii?!?!

Samurai warriors is a PLAYSTATION FRANCHISE, the whole series has been on playstation what gives koei the idea to suddenly make it a nintendo franchise? all the people who collected the franchise now NEED TO BUY A WII???

Answer me koei, what are you thinking?
I want an official to answer me if they think that we the (once) original fans are retarded or perhaps do you think we are all swimming in money? that we can buy all consoles that we want? Do you know how much the playstation 3 costed me?! 900 euro's thats 1800 dollars, and why? because i thought the dw AND sw series would continue on the ps3 because all the series always continued on the playstation, are you crazy?!

26-06-10, 11:09 AM

Kenji Matsubara has noted and has recognized the low number of sales. It could be why they seem to now be giving us a SW3 on the new 3DS. With Samurai Warriors 3D, we've seen images of existing cutscenes and gameplay using those models. So at least it'll perhaps no longer be on one console, although it's still Nintendo.

Everything has a positive effect and this could help draw in more customers. And also with what seems the PS3 and Xbox 360 no longer with Samurai Warriors, Nintendo can really concentrate on targeting new audiences and with the future titles.

Mousou hat
10-07-10, 12:11 PM
Thats hijacking and it is also insulting to ps3 and xbox users who have always been true to the series, are you not ashamed of koei littledragonZ?
Is anyone here not ashamed of koei? Why is this ignored this is outrageous.

edit: OK so dont worry anymore!!!!! my ps3 is now broken aswell, i am now very tired of this all, i hope you are happy koei, not that you caused it but whatever.
I always was a good additute here and this is how i am payed by koei and sony.

I hope the whole gaming industry collapses.