View Full Version : XboX 360 Games on Demand Service ^^

Leady FF ^^
17-05-10, 06:13 PM
Hola Koei Fans of the EU ^^

I am wondering if you use the XboX Live Game on Demand service and what you think of it? Any feedback very much appreciated !

thanks for any thoughts guys. I really trust your opinions.

18-05-10, 05:56 AM
I will not use it while they charge $100 for old games in Australia. There are good games there but not that good.

Leady FF ^^
18-05-10, 08:42 AM
Thanks - pricing seems to be most peoples concern with this service.

18-05-10, 04:41 PM
I've agree about the pricing. I saw Prince Of Persia on there for 19.99 when I bought it about 6 months ago for 7. Also judging from the filesizes of these games in the time it would probably take to download it would be quicker just go out to the shop and pick it up.

I wouldn't mind if they were 10 because the extra couple of quid means I don't have to get up and put the disc in to play (I'm lazy :p) but 20 is a bit steep.

20-12-10, 10:21 AM
I Dunno,...
But i Suppose
DW gundam 1 and 2
DW strike force
DW or SW Empire games