View Full Version : Trinity Universe - First Impressions from Eurogamer ^^

Leady FF ^^
19-05-10, 11:55 AM


Seems pretty interesting, I like the idea of being able to anchor the dungeons ^^

19-05-10, 01:24 PM
I'm so looking forward to this coming out but I just wish it was coming out at the same time of Demon's Souls.

19-05-10, 07:57 PM
I can't believe I almost forgot about this game, sounds promising from that preview

22-05-10, 07:44 AM
But why on PS3 ? :(

22-05-10, 08:42 PM
It had to be coming at the end of June, didn't it? Unfortunately, Demon's Souls takes priority, but who knows, maybe I'll scrape up some extra money before then for Trinity Universe.

05-06-10, 11:22 AM
Just wondering, is it still on schedule for June 25th? 'Cause i know NISA usually end up delaying the games for europe sadly.

Also if it's still on schedule, do you guys think that you'll be able to get the game out to the stores early? (I kinda want to know since June 25 sadly is midsummer here, and no stores are open that day and as such, I'm hoping that the game will be early so that they'll release it a day early like they usually do).

Leady FF ^^
07-06-10, 08:18 AM
Hi, it's still on course for June 25th. I don't think we will be able to get it to stores early as NISA stocks always arives Just in Time to get out for the day of the release.

We should have info. on the mini-art book pre-order offer shortly. Stay tuned ^^

08-06-10, 06:49 AM
Nice to hear that it's on schedule, but sad that NISA are lazy. :( Also, a mini-artbook pre-order bonus? Nice, though i guess it's sadly only for people in the UK?

Leady FF ^^
08-06-10, 08:43 AM
I am sure we can send you one if you PM you address closer to the release. (as long as you promise to buy the game!).

08-06-10, 04:40 PM
Really!? Awesome! I'll even send you a picture of the game when i get it if you want!

Leady FF ^^
09-06-10, 08:07 AM
thanks ^^, I'll let you know when we recieve the artbooks.