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20-05-10, 12:11 PM
I really want the graphics from strikeforce to go onto 7, i don't no why but the graphics seem to be much better in strikeforce, there clothing has more animation eg: zhen ji's cape moves!

also the moveset thing will be dealt with, there are characters i can't stand to play with, pang tong use to be my favourite weapon until now! diao chan needs a new weapon because the whip suits zhen ji more!
I'd also like the weapon system to be like dynasty warriors 6 empires, instead of unlocking max ranku or whatever its called, you get money for winning battles or doing smaller missions and therefore get to upgrade your weapon like that!

also, horses! I'd like to see some more heavy horses, maybe shires, cleyinsdale! also the same upgrade with horses as the weapon system i just suggested!

i do believe there will be a few extra characters in dynasty warriors 7, jiang wei, da qiao!!

i just hope it's better then number 6!

22-05-10, 06:58 AM
Well graphics for me is already very great so I don't have any complains with the graphics. Yes moveset could be improved.

Gadner Bhan
24-05-10, 08:15 PM
I think the weapon system of DW6 Empires should be repeated. The inclusion of specials in customization gave the gameplay a very good touch as an alternative for just mash endlessly the attack button. (well, obviously is not a super difference, but I think it's something good for a change).

Definitely, the removed characters must be back (and now that some of them has been included in Strikeforce 2, I guess it's highly probably they will, yeaaahh!!). Other thing, please, please, no more cloned movestes. Give each character his/her own movest. Personally I would let Diao Chan with the whip for weapon, and give Zhen Ji her flute back. But that's only my personal taste.

I feel graphics got a high improvement in DW6 in comparison with previous versions of the series. They are quite good now, but KOEI definitely still could; and should polish them up.

Many people often complain of the fact that the gameplay has never been nothing more than just brainlessly tap 1 or 2 buttons, so I think DW7 could try to make things that complement this a little bit. I mean, it's a hack'n slash game after all, so I don't expect to have complex command inputs, make hadokens or throw fragmentation grenades, but details like the tech counters, shoulder buttons specials and double jumps like in Warriors Orochi could be good for that purpose. They already included evade movements and grab attacks, I think that should continue.

Outside of that there's always infinite posibilities for ideas that depends on how much the game designers would like to experiment. Just to point a few of the maybe ridiculous things I have thought at a certain moment I guess they could add horse riding duels, specials attacks that you could perform when accompanied by your troops against an enemy leader or officers crowds (not a musou type attack, just something like your troops and you jumping and charge attacking together to make a wide range area of damage, or forward dash attacking together to ram enemies or something like that), ambush enemy squads from trees, defeating enemies by throw them off of the edges of cliffs. Now that the characters can also do a charge attack when runing, maybe they could also do a special attack that uses a certain amount of musou gauge when doing the same and using the musou attack button, maybe also when they jump and use the musou attack button...

Well, these are just simple examples of little things they could come up with to try to give some diversity in the overall gameplay. What matters is the fact that the game retains the things that players like most, and makes an effort to incorporate some others aspects that can lead to keep the series improving, and not just reusing the same elements over and over with minimal adjusts.

26-05-10, 09:35 PM
Whew, where should I start? I just found this forum so you’re in for a longgggg post from someone that has been playing DW for a longgg time :p.
Anyway, I must say DW5 was my favorite out of all of em, they did a LOT of things right with only a few things that bugged me. I loved the individuality of all the characters, everyone seemed to have their unique style of play that, if you didn’t just spend the entire level hammering the attack button, you could really appreciate. I loved the plentiful amount of characters…and just the LOOKS of the characters, with the 6 models to choose from, made me enthusiastic about leveling up. The weapon system was great, and I really liked the long battles for gaining the “ultimate weapon” for each character. (though sometimes I wish they had borrowed the concept from DW4 for leveling up weapons, to prevent reaping good weapons from the 2 player mode with Lu Bu + some weak character). Challenge mode was still decent, though DW3 had things right when they incorporated the Versus game mode, I’d love to try out DW5 combat against human players, not dumb ole AI. I also like the customizable characters that DW4 offered, though they should have made the options unique, instead of just copies of existing character attack models. (The sword model was just Sun Jian in disguise I believe) I like how the commanders showed up as more prominent dots on the mini-map. And I liked how you could turn the cut scenes OFF in DW5, because, let’s face it, they’re usually corny and interrupt you mid-combat anyway. The level design was simplistic but detailed, which made getting around easy. Horses helped, but were not that necessary to winning (speed scroll lv 20, booya). OH YEAH and that’s another thing, the item system was truly awesome in DW5, you could tailor your items to each characters specific downfalls. Oh, he has a short ranged weapon, why not use a wind scroll? He gets hit before he can pull off that nice charge attack, use the Charge bracer! Musou not very effective? Skip out on giving him the dragon amulet and boost some other stat! It was extremely successful at balancing the characters if you were smart about it.

This customizable game play is utterly lost in DW6… through leveling up, you are only given what your character’s skill tree allows him to have, and what your weapon abilities are. And as far as I know, not many of these weapon abilities actually make up for a character’s short-comings. OH WAIT, that’s because in DW6, everyone seems to be ridiculously epic and they don’t really need item/weapon enhancements to make them strong! Seriously, there is no thought to combat anymore with the renbu system. You end up just hitting either triangle or square over and over again, with no alteration or strategy. Your character is just a whirlwind of destruction, and sure, some of the attacks look cool, but they’ve leeched out what little strategy in combat that the DW series had, and replaced it with flashy attacks idiotic looking weapons. Where did the subtle, yet dangerous feel to the DW5 weapons go? They’ve all been replaced by giant swords and clubs. Wei Yan was given a slow and cumbersome club instead of his double-voulge, with exactly the same move-set as Huang Gai and Dong Zhou. The characters themselves have even taken a stylistic blow. They all look like some characters out of an anime series, which ruins the feel that I’ve grown accustomed to in my DW playing career. I hope they go back to the old models/weapons in the next game. The levels are all overly-complicated, and I found myself getting lost and frustrated due to the intricate terrain that the map doesn’t exactly help to clarify. You don’t need multiple levels, forts everywhere, and hidden passages to make a level fun to play on. Just make it FEEL like a battlefield, not a labyrinth, and I’ll be happy. Where are the overpowered officers that buff themselves up near death? I have FUN getting beaten up by Lu Bu on Hu Lao Gate, because it’s a CHALLENGE. I feel accomplished when I finally bring him down. That is something that DW5 did well, make things challenging. Sure, the crossbowmen were annoying as anything when you were trying to kill an officer, but that’s the beauty of it, they’re SUPPOSED to be annoying, they’re archers! Do you take that stat reduction to equip the Tiger Armor, or will you just make sure to take care of the archers before you go about killing an officer? These are the questions that I find myself NOT asking in DW6, because the lack of customization and strategy won’t let you. We’re smart kids; we can figure item configurations out on our own Koei.

The one thing I did like about DW6, now that I’m through verbally beating it to death, is the abolishment of the arrows. I am a fan of the dodge mechanism that they’ve implemented, it makes combat flow much smoother, and is nifty in getting out of a sticky situation quickly. I also enjoy the little blocking tech attacks and the deadlock victory attacks. These small things add a little flavor to 1v1 combat that are often overlooked because players are too busy just hacking away. I’m indifferent about the specials system, it’s not too shabby.

What do I want in DW7? Well let’s break it down into mechanics from each version that I liked.

DW3 Features- 2 Player versus mode, but how about give each player a decent weapon and an some item slots eh? Bring back Nu Wa!

DW4 Features- Create a warrior, but more customizable! It’d be neat, after you’ve become familiar with all of them, to mix up different charge attacks from a bunch of players into one.

DW5 Features- Let’s just go back to the old look and style of the weapons, levels, and characters shall we? Gan Ning should be the only one with spikey hair! :P Also, use the major elements of this game with the exception of the arrow shooting. Bring back items, orbs, and saddles while you’re at it! Musou rage was awesome, but they were too easy to get. Perhaps if you start the level with it and can only use it once…
DW6 Features- Keep the deadlock victory attack, keep the blocking tech attacks, and definitely the dodging. Maybe not such huge leaps, but a swift parry out of the way would suffice!

New junk?- Hmm, as far as combat goes, it’d be nice to have a “back off” command for other officers and allied soldiers. It always frustrates me when you’re trying to kill someone on your own and your allies come rushing in and botch it up. As far as the general warfare goes, it’d be nice to have some say in where your allied generals go and how they fight. During the start of the level, when you’re doing your preparation, you should be able to tell a unit to go to a certain location and fight. Example: Select Guan Yu unit and make him defend a crucial part of the map such as a bridge. I think this would add more depth to the game play and make the other units feel worth keeping alive. Morale should affect player performance, perhaps low morale effects appearance of bonuses like health and attack x 2. In fact, it’d be neat to be able to SAVE bonuses for when you need them. How often do you get a musou for 10 seconds only after you killed everyone within a mile of you? Perhaps the Special ability trigger button should be replaced with a bonus activator button, where each press will activate the last bonus you collected (there will be a limit to how many you can save of course, maybe this could be a leveling up dynamic where you can max out at 3 bonuses or something). Getting your butt kicked? Activate defense and speed and get outta there! I’m not much of a horse combat fighter myself, but it’d be neat to have equipable items for your horse (to increase tramble dmg, add elemental attacks, etc).
If anybody has any additional things to add, or critiques, I’ll be happy to add/answer to them! *collapses on keyboard*

31-05-10, 11:38 PM
A full RPG mode, vastly improved character creation, improved combat system so that it can be more tactical instead of just rushing in and chopping your opponents down.

Better weapon selections for the CAW mode, with options to modifiy the weapon as you progress in the game and find parts to add in a seperate mode.

A full on look at the entire story instead of set parts.

The Great Sun Ce
07-06-10, 05:05 PM
lets see where to start

gameplay wise i would like the weapon renbu system changed to that of
DW6E and just like 6e you could hand pick your weapons abilities such as arrow sight phantom hand etc but you would buy them with experience points from battles rather than gold

i would also like to see the return of custom body guards but maybe reduce the max number to four but you could set each one up with the detail of 6e caws

also bring back some of the battles that where left out of DW6 and be able to fight for all sides in free mode on all battles

give more characters musou modes and naturally add more/bring back characters

the return of local versus modes (had many good times where have to try and knock your friend off the wall:rolleyes::):D) ones that are more fun than compettitive

online co-op for free mode maybe even allow up to four but id happily play just 2 but unlike local co-op when you or your partner die you would enter spectate mode until the living player gets a certain amount of ko s to bring you back to life and start at the main camp but to balance things out neither player would be allowed have bodyguards in online co-op

easier way to get horses like red hare and hex mark it should either go back to the old way of doing certain things within a time limit OR you could buy them with experience from battles

and i think that about covers it but if i feel i left something out il edit the post later:cool:

Edit 1 (some stuff i forgot)

being a commander because in DW6 if you selected the commander of your force a lieutenant would be selected as new commander example i picked liu bei at the battle of chang ban liu feng would become commander so one of the battle conditions would read Defeat liu feng withdraws so id like that part to be put back to the way it was before DW6

give Xiahou Dun and Lu Bu their old weapons and have Ma chao swap weapons with Guan Ping

also in terms of fighting i would like to see some more advanced combos and the higher your weapon lv/renbu the more combos available for example one combo at max could be (by 360 handpad) x x x x x y y y x x x y y x y

08-06-10, 04:38 PM
This is just a sudden idea I had when I was looking over some of the posts and some guy said of how he thought the duelling systam in DW 3 was good and that should be introduced, that got me thinking like people from my school don't play these games they prefer games like COD and MAG etc..

So thats When I thought what if DW was online as well but it was like MAG so there where a lot of people in one game.

You could start off as a Private and move up ranks as this would give the game a bit more indivualtity because I dont think there are any other games like that also Ive being play DW for about 6 years at least now and im starting to find chaos mode a bit to easy this of course would make it a bot more challeging.

and this is most unlikely but a sudden idea you could have an online empires mode where "clans" fight for the land

10-06-10, 04:02 AM
Vastly better achivements, none of this 'recruit 250 officers' nonsense, unlock all bonuses, complete one battle as a character, but actual achivements like 'Hardly the mighty warrior after all' - Defeat Lu Bu ten times and 'Family Feud' - Take on and defeat an entire family line.

Also an idea for an opening screen - It starts off in the modern day, cars, buildings, people dressed in modern day clothing. And then you see a figure who looks very out of place, their clothing looks a lot less modern and people are walking right through them, and not seeing them at all.
It turns out to be a ghost of the past and more ghosts begin to appear and reenact a battle from times long gone, and no one sees the battle waging on around them.

Also vastly better voice acting with a lot more being said than the same few lines.

10-06-10, 04:12 PM
i like the idea of the trophys there where far to easy

10-06-10, 08:46 PM
hope that there can be more characters in musou mode in dw7

14-06-10, 09:51 AM
I would like to see the return of the old "Morale" system... I don't know why, but I just like the stars hehe. I thought the system worked best in Dynasty Warriors 4 since if you played one of the main 'Generals' it would notify if your units morale dropped and it made you feel a little more important. I wasn't really impressed with the "Spirit" system in Dynasty Warriors 6 because it didn't feel right, as in with the stars ***, the more there was, the more powerful the general and his officers, so it gave you a reason to kill all the troops, So I would like to see that return.

I would also like a battle or map editor, Should there be a PC version. (as separate pack or something) which could allow you to create custom battles, simular to Empires, but you can place everything, set objectives, triggers, traps and events as well as Checkpoints, items, crates, urns, officers, generals etc. And have the opportunity of being able to share your epic battles online.

Oh and as someone posted above, bring back versus mode. It brings something different to the game if you want a break, or a reason to kill each other. I'd like to see a simular versus mode that was seen in Samurai warriors 1 (I think) where you are practically 2 armies versus each other. Killing troops, officers and generals.

Being able to wear customiseable clothing, or the characters old armour. I'd like to see Zhen's DW3 outfit in much more HD, hehe.

23-06-10, 10:59 AM
All the modes in one game and do away with silly little expansions

Reintroduction of items, the same old ones or whole new ones

More diverse weapons system, Either tiers of weapons like past games, Or improve on DW6s system, add customisation to the weapons like Warriors Orochi and Empires.

Special Items and Weapons, With difficult requirements to add some challenge and replayability.

Musou Modes – Try to make them unique for each character, even if they share the same stages, you could have different variations down to subtle changes like where units are positioned. Such as the differences in DW3 Hu Lao and DW3XL Hu Lao.

Branching story arks depending on your actions in battle maybe, Killed Dong Zhuo? Carry on as normal. He flees? Go after him. Other various things like that, can be entirely fictional or historical, fun either way to me.

Better story telling between stages, Kessen 2 style narration and cut scenes would make a huge difference.

In battle decisions that could affect future battles and endings etc, Say you beat someone in a duel, You could end them right there or let them flee, Letting them flee could cause problems in future battles and could initiate rivalries down the line.

Map Editor, This would add unlimited re playability for me, and doesn't seem overly complicated, just adding simplified commands, For making the terrain and stuff it would be like an editor in any other game.

You could dictate where officers march to, and time it, such as “5 Minutes In, Lu Bu begins to advance”, You could highlight parts of the map and have something like “Allied Officer Marches Over this spot, Trigger ambush” etc etc.

Make Ranks and Morale mean something again, Higher rank, you have more troops and more morale, better equipped grunts, Start stages in advantageous positions.

Fun Bits and Pieces,

Unlockables -
Could unlock past music of previous games
Past character outfits
Past game stages
Return of CAW to the main series

29-06-10, 09:20 AM
I would like DW7 on PS2 :D

30-06-10, 02:57 PM
It would be cool if you could plan your strategy before going into battle like in Kessen 2.

Also I'd like a combo system like in the older games and the Warriors Orochi ones, where if you do a chain of normal attacks then a charge attack, the charge attack would be different depending on how many normal attacks you did beforehand rather than just having the same charge attack no matter how many normal attacks you did before hand.

I'd also like to see every character have a musou mode again like in DW5 and to have no cloned characters. Also more playable characters would be awesome.

More weapon customisation would be really good. I also think that rather than all horse being random, in order to get the famous horses like Red Hare and Hex Mark you should have to complete specific challenges ie. to unlock Red Hare defeat Lu Bu at Hu Lao gate on chaos difficulty.

Online would be nice as well.

27-07-10, 07:37 PM
Right then
Old stuff to bring back:
Outfits and motions from old games, for example my favourite outfit for Zhou Yu was on DW3 but my fave outfit for Ma chao was DW5 etc. it'd be nice to be able to choose from all previous outfits (obv revamped a little but essentially the same)
I'd really like to see the DW5XL ambush and Fire attack system put in, I loved it that you could set an ambush, lead enemy troops to it then SPRING! your enemy gets surrounded by a bunch of elite guards! and the fire attack thing where you can run up to a base stand by the gate and WHAM it's on fire how does it feel to be burnt back wu scum XD etc.
Anther thing I liked in previous games was the weapon system, like in DW5 empires where you get money from each battle, then you spend that on levelling certain weapons, I.E swords or pikes.
New stuff:
I'd like to see more edit character options, and make the old DW2-DW5 motions for all chars available for edit chars, this would be really fun, seeing as some of the old motions had really cool looking combos.
I'd like to see a 'create a motion' mode where you can choose different movements per attack and where they are positioned, for example:
Base weapon:2 handed sword (Xiahou Dun's Dao dw5)
Stance: weapon held to left side
Swing1: swings blade from left to the lower right
Swing2: swings blade from lower right to upper middle
Swing3: brings down blade and spins
etc. etc.
I think that would be epic I've seen something like it in a samurai game before where you have different moves that you can put into a moveset. I'd love to see edit characters with motions that other generals don't have, especially if Koei desides to bring out multiplayer freemode or Empire mode:D
Something I've been craving for ever since DW4 Empires is a troop creater, I'm really quite fed up of my troops being a random colour and model, It'd be awesome if in Empire mode or free mode you could change the appearance of your troops, the model and colour, and to add a little bit of strategy maybe a three way scroller between infantry, archers and cavalry so that you could go with a full cavalry army but have less troops than someone who took a full infantry but you'd be able to move across the battlefield a lot quicker.
My dream troops:
Infantry: DW4 peasant/private model, Black colour, spears
Cavalry: DW3 Major model, Black colour, Pikes or swords
Archers: DW5 Archer model, Black colour, bows (not xbows *yuk*)
Another thing that would be cool is some sort of 'assasination' mission in empire mode, or destiney mode (if that comes back) so that you can ACTUALLY KILL an enemy leader, but of course you'd be alone and have to evade the enemy guards in order to get to your unsuspecting target, if you get seen then the target arms themselves and orders their troops to protect them etc.
Oh and finally something I've always wanted wp VS. freemode, rather than in dw3 when it was just some lame punchup I want a full scale battle with 2 players fighting each other, like a regular battle but with a player on either side! how cool would that be? and it'd be even better if you could play over xboxlive, or the internet, or psn :D

04-08-10, 11:09 PM
If DW7 had online battles like CODMW2 i would be so HAPPY!!!! Please bring the game into the 21st century! lol :)

10-08-10, 10:23 AM
Give everyone unique weapons and movesets again, return old favourites like Jiang Wei Zhou Tai and just generally give us better AI for the battles. Graphics are not really that big an issue for me, since the games always go through some minor graphical updates anyway, but some new systems would be appreciated. Give us some levels based solely around castle sieges that involve entering the castle and fighting through the corridors.

The AI remark mainly applies to the generic grunt units. Have them actually fight each other rather than stand around waiting for you to slap them, or have an AI general slap them I am sure by now they could get some basic form of this in.

There will be more musou modes, and probably either returning characters from previous titles or even new ones, a mix of both would be good.

10-08-10, 10:25 AM
If DW7 had online battles like CODMW2 i would be so HAPPY!!!! Please bring the game into the 21st century! lol :)

Dynasty warriors modern warfare 2. Play as Soap as you wield your MP5 in the new renbu system hacking and shooting hundreds of foes at once, finally unleashing your musou AC130 gunship attack to obliterate the enemy......
Can't see it really, but the mental image is fun.

28-08-10, 09:10 AM
-Basically, take 6 and 6:E and put them together, meaning character creator, Empire modes, and story/free/challenge modes. It's really annoying to have to change between disks all the time, especially when some of my favourite characters in 6:E (which I got first) get a downgrade every time I do.

-An expansion of the storyline. There's so much more cool stuff to cover than just the same period; you could have the Wars of the Eight Princes, for example, and the founding of the Jin dynasty, the conquering of basically everything by Jin, and hell, even go to the Sixteen Kingdoms period, which means more characters, more battles, and the same thing isn't being repackaged every time. I say this because I don't want this series to go like the Dragon Ball or Naruto games have, where every game is basically the same because they're following the same story every time.

-The Creator from 6:E, but expanded.

-NO CLONED MOVESETS, bar the ones you choose to give your character.

-An option of different weapons for a character (for example, you could use Ling Tong's sanjiegun from 6:E, and if you don't like it, you could use his spear from 6 instead).

-Perhaps a 'create a weapon' style thing, where you pick moves from the different movesets to create your fighting styles?

-The fighting system from 6:E.

-Bodyguards, and a command to tell them to back off.

29-08-10, 12:36 AM
I agree with many of the ideas of posters above.

The major things they need to have in DW7 is returning the characters they removed from DW6! Then possibly 1-2 new characters for each force. Im looking at you Cheng Pu and Deng Ai!(Im really not picky as to which characters to be honest. I wouldnt even be disappointed if there were no new characters at all if the old ones were returned).

PLEASE give them back their unique movesets. None of this shoddy cloned movesets for 3 different characters. I miss Zhou Tai’s moveset :(

Also PLEASE bring back the X Y combos!!! Just pressing X constantly is super boring. Having a choice of what kind of combo you want to use(e.g. crowdclearing, officerkilling, airlaunching) was what made it fun. (Whose idea was it to change this?!! Not sure how someone thought changing it to one button could possibly improve things :P)

I have no idea why removing characters for DW6 was thought of as a good move. Id would rather have those characters than swimming animations(which were only usable in a handful of levels anyway).

Bring back old weapon systems. Whether it be from DW6 or DW5/DW4. Better than current one anyhow. Best one(in my opnion) would most likely be the weapon system from Warriors Orochi 2. That was a good weapon system.

Create a Warrior would be fun. I really enjoyed the DW5 version where you went through a story to create a warrior.

Ive been playing these since DW2 and I have bought all of them since then(legends and empires), and i can honestly say that DW6 is the worst of the series so far in my opinion. I also didnt enjoy Strikeforce as much either(mostly due to camera angles making it hard to hit flying opponents....wtf are they flying for anyway?!! sheesh).

I just hope they make a better version of DW7 than the mess that was DW6. I was very disappointed in it. DW7 will be the first time ill be renting a Warriors game before buying it as DW6 has left a soure taste in my mouth.

Dont get me wrong, DW6 wasnt horrible or worst game ever etc etc. It was still playable, just not as enjoyable for me as all the others have been. Just seems like they went completely backwards with DW6, which is just mind boggling for me.

Edit: Oh and bring back items too please!!

15-12-10, 04:36 PM
1) Taken out characters
2) Loads more new characters
3) Remove the duplicated movesets
4) New fighting system which isnt square bashing!
5) BODYGUARDS (the system in DW3 worked well, but I wouldn't mind a DW5 system)
7) More battles and more SIDES to every battle - there are some where you can only play as Wu only for example in DW6
8) The DW5 bases! Well I'm not hoping hard but I liked them :P
9) Checkpoints (DW2-5)
10) An increased use of the yellow forces - I think there were only 3 battles where there were third party forces in DW6
11) Musou modes for ALL
12) Perhaps a way of using online mode (without challenges)? I'm not expecting anything on this one but it would be nice
13) YOUR PLAYABLE CHARACTER SHOULD BE ABLE TO HAVE ITS OWN UNIT!!! It's so annoying that you can't have it in DW6
14) Morale - I liked the DW2 system of troops and morale
15) Unlockable items - they were fun to find!
16) More challenge modes and VS modes

All obviously are personal preference and there are a lot of demands... I love the series but I can't help but feel (after DW6 and the WO series) that Koei are just making these games quick and without much thought and quality... the fact that in DW6 (for me anyways) on the music section that one of the tracks is for Fan Castle even though it is for Yi Ling just shows how rushed it was. They should spend more time creating better games!