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Qiao Beauty
08-06-10, 03:02 PM
I can't believe that there isn't a Da Qiao thread here. I know she has been removed, but surely people can't have forgotten her already??

For me, she was my favourite character all the way through from when she was introduced to when she was removed. I admired her maturity over Xiao Qiao's, but her costume wasn't as good.

I was genuinely heartbroken that they removed her from the series, and therefore refused to buy DW6, even though I have every other DW game apart from the first one.

Both the Qiao's, from what I have read- played quite a part in History, although not by those names, and not by fighting battles, so it has always naffled me why they, as well as all the other female characters are not focused on so much.

I know that they are trying to make it as realistic to what happened as possible, but this is just a game, and it would make it much more enjoyable IMO if they played a bigger part.:rolleyes:

17-06-10, 12:37 PM
Then your lucky DW6 was awful.

Can't remember the two qiao's movesets all that well, but i would have rathered they had different weapons to one another. The qiao's probably will be in 7, time constraints would be the main reason that all these character models hadn't been designed. Even if they were in 6 they wouldn' have had musou's, which just wouldn't have been as fun and most likely would have had cloned move sets.

Overall i'm hoping that DW7 is an all round more complete experience, i mean by the end of each characters musou the majority you end up growing to like with the exception of dong zhou that dude makes me sick.

If you favour one character over the other I would recommend DW5 XL as you can just stick with your favourite and do exactly what you want with them. I guess empires works well to, but honestly that game is more repetitive then people make out. As essentially you end up snowballing through the campaign without too much difficulty and the higher difficulties end up just taking too long to kill things at the beginning.