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Qiao Beauty
08-06-10, 04:09 PM
Just a topic to see what people's favourite stages/maps were from DW3. It could be because of the challenge/various traps or just because of the armies that are fighting?

If there is a duplicate of this topic, apologies and feel free to lock =)

DW3 for me, is the most exciting game and I thoroughly enjoyed playing many of the stages. Even now, I still occasionally pop the disc in and do a few rounds of the best ones. My favourite ones are:

- He Fei Castle (Lu Bu/Diao Chan one on DW3 XL)
- Wu Territory
- Mt. Ding Jun
- Jie Ting
- Hu Lao Gate (Allied Forces)
- Chang Ban
- Yi Ling (Playing as Nanman on DW3 XL)

13-06-10, 04:06 PM
There's already a similar topic within the pages:

To answer your question. I would pick the likes of battles of He Fei, both variations. Also Hu Lao Gate, Wu Zhang Plains and more. As my choices generally rely on the music and difficulty.