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Leady FF ^^
25-01-09, 09:40 PM
The idea behind the new koei.co.uk and mykoei system is for KOEI Europe to get a better understanding about who our customers are and what you want from our games and services.

It's still very much a work in progress and as you can see we have been frequently updating and tweaking the site to make it better to use since we started it. We will continue to do this, so please tell us the things that we can improves (and Insp. Chin will do his best ;)).

Since we kicked off the Game Surveys we have had over 2000 Surveys completed which is more than one per account. I would like to say thanks so much for that. (I'm sure that man people just pick any answer at random to get through the survey [I know I did it when I set my account!]) but overall I believe we can start to see some trends).

I can say honestly that all the survey data we get is incorporated into our European reports to KOEI's development teams in Japan, Singapore and Canada. As we are trying to become a a more global company it is very important to add Europe and PAL territories voices to the party and that is the idea behind this site ^^

Since I started working at KOEI I noticed that there are many different opinions on gaming. And each European/PAL country has it's own set of tastes and unique gaming cultures (I was so shocked when I first attended Japan Expo Paris for example - so cool!). I was really surprised by this. I know that this site is too biased towards English speaking at the moment but Insp. Chin has tried his best to find good mods speaking local languages to make a good community and we will try to add more.

It is our intention to make koei.fr, .de etc etc. in future when we get the resources but it will take some time. I hope we can do some good things in the meantime to make sure that everyones voice is fairly represented and this is not just a KOEI UK forums :)

Game Preferences give us an idea of which consoles we should develop games for and what features are popular. As you know game taste varies alot around the world ^^. (also we can see how to advertise to you better so we can save money - I cant say that's not true ^^).

So please if you can take some time on the Game Surveys and Game Preferences it is much appreciated. Your feedback is really vital to us. And in the very near future we plan to have some competitions and insentives running (both digital and physical) so that we can show our appreciation back!!

(Sorry that went on a bit!!).


Insp. Chin
25-01-09, 09:44 PM
If you're a MyKOEI member, you can check these links out.

GAME PREFERENCE: http://koei.co.uk/mykoei/gamingprefs/
GAME SURVEY: http://koei.co.uk/getgames/ (add the game you have and fill in your opinion)

MYKOEI GENERAL IDEA/HINTS/HOW IT WORKS/BUGS FIXING: http://koei.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=136