View Full Version : DW6 PC Troubleshooting

12-08-10, 05:20 PM
Hi community !
I'm brand new here and i made some researches about my problem on DW6 i bought 2 days ago on the web. Apparently, i'm not alone to have this problem ..

Here is a little description with my laptop configuration :
Packard Bell LJ65 / P7450 / 4Go DDR3 / nVidia GT240m 1Go / XBOX360 Controller
The game works pretty fine even in fullscreen with the details set up to max.
My problem is that on the Mushou Mode or the Free Mode, i can't select my stuff or my horse or even see the description on the mission because the screen is automatically skipped. When i got this screen, the cursor directly goes to "Start" and launches the mission !

I've tried lot of things, unplug the 360 Controller, play with an extra keyboard, play with a Saitek Controller, i admit that i have tried downloading a ripped version of DW6 to see if the problem could be solved, but none of that worked.

I appreciate for your answers :)
Bye !