View Full Version : Favourite tactical RPG!

02-02-13, 05:37 PM
As the title says
What are your fav TRPGs? (it doesnt really have to be an rpg just tactical and turn based)
I liked FF war of the lions and the DS ver
Disgaea! Yes! none can beat this *ahem*

I guess makai kingdom and phantom brave count as well so yeah...

MGS acid (tactical and turn based) ;)

02-02-13, 07:55 PM
Luminous Arc and Luminous Arc 2 for DS. Really love those games, and I'm really disappointed in Atlus for not releasing the third game in the US. :(

Sure, gameplay wise, I almost might prefer the Disgaea games over LA (since there's just so much more to do), but the LA witches and the story just makes 'em my favorite TRPG.

02-02-13, 10:14 PM
Probably for me its Phantom Brave, Disgaea 2 Dark Hero Days and WildArms XF. Luminous Arc & FFTactics come pretty close to being faves though..

18-02-13, 09:29 AM
Luminous Arc 1 & 2 for DS although I still need to finish LA2. Was very disappointed that the 3rd one in the series didn't get a Western release.
Tactics Ogre, FFTactics WotL, FFTacticsA2.

19-02-13, 06:38 AM
I guess makai kingdom and phantom brave count as well so yeah

23-02-13, 06:13 PM
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27-05-19, 02:02 PM
Probably Disgaea, but I really enjoyed Tactics Ogre on the GBA.

20-03-20, 10:19 PM
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