Insp. Chin
24-12-10, 08:20 AM
The famed historical simulation ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS 2 comes back in full force on the iPhone and iPod touch!

TECMO KOEI GAMES CO., LTD. is proud to announce the release of ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS 2 on the iPhone and the iPod touch.

As the follow-up installment to the famed RTK series, this installment sees the revamp of the timeless classic that has now gone portable for the iPhone and iPod touch. Taking control of famous officers such as Cao Cao, Liu Bei, and Sun Quan among others, players will have the chance to become one of the key figures that determined the fate of ancient China and attempt to unify the land. With nearly 100 unique officers joining the battle and improvements added to features such as coalition, betrayal, and duels, players will now be able to enjoy an enhanced experience in the areas of strategy, diplomacy, and battle. Players will be able to enjoy the immersive gameplay experience and appreciate the entwining human drama as the officers battle their way into history. In order to let beginner players get used to the system much quicker and easier the game is equipped with many different support features which will give them a much more enjoyable experience in the game.

Game Features

1. Packed with features that bring the Three Kingdoms to life!
This sequel to RTK Touch features a wealth of gameplay elements - tactics and diplomacy, military alliances and betrayals, and exciting battlefield duels have all been improved to provide an even more intense and immersive gaming experience. Over 350 officers are present - around 100 more than in RTK Touch. You must see this new RTK world to believe it!

2. New iPhone/iPod touch elements!
New features have been added specifically for the iPhone/iPod touch, such as auto-save, to make gaming on the move even easier, and iPod Music, to enable players to listen to music from their own playlists in-game. Presentation has also been improved and the graphics completely overhauled. Experience this all-new take on the classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms II!

3. A wealth of features to assist new players!
A solid tutorial allows new players to learn about the game while playing, and the RTK Glossary provides details on the world of the Three Kingdoms. The game also features smooth and intuitive touch controls. New players can begin playing with ease!


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27-12-10, 10:42 AM
Downloaded this yesterday and I've been really addicted to it. Awesome game, reminds me of the old school three kingdoms games except a bit more simple but still deep. All we need now is a new ROTK for consoles!