View Full Version : Dynasty Warriors Vol.2 for PSP discussion

28-01-09, 07:16 PM
Talk about everything in general about dynasty warriors vol.2 for PSP.
What's your favourite combination of sub-officers?
What are all the officer combinations?
The best horse you've raised?
What you think about the game, also.

06-07-10, 06:54 PM
DW Vol.2 is ok its really easy I think but very fun.
the best horse I've raised is Grace :D
and the best thing about it is you get characters from samurai warriors as your sub-generals:) I can't wait to try out warriors orochi for PSP :)

30-09-10, 07:34 PM
I own Dynasty Warriors volume 2 too.
My favourite combination of sub-officers are anybody that have attack++, the skill that double the strength when a sub-officer die (with the sacrifice skill, which makes the player's character comment on the fallen's death), and berserk, but my favourite is Cao Bao with attack ++ and capture. I also enjoy how there are Samurai/Sengoku, Water Margins and some guys from previous dynasties like Xiang Yu and Liu Bang as allies. The fact that the NPC got a unique face next to their stats make it easier to recognize the NPC that you normally don't pay attention.
My favourite horse is Red Hare (what else), and sometime Storm when there are mountain terrains.
I also already got all the officer combination, unfortunely I don't have a PSP anymore so I can't check it up. Some of the combinations are hard to get because it seems random (like Li Dian, Mi Zhu and Lu Su, I think, which is unexpected).
That was my favourite game and I used to play it all the time in high school because it is portable and closer to the the console version than Dynasty Warriors PSP. I got both before I bought a PS2.