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10-02-11, 01:41 AM
Anyone else hopeful for a new title in the Deception series? Kagero was my favorite, but Trapt was a close second. Ive been waiting for another for a very long time, and even though the odds for a 5th entry or low, Id like to get as many people talking about it as possible. Maybe we could improve its chances.

18-09-11, 05:09 AM
I fully support! :)

30-05-12, 12:14 PM
Trapt was awesome, clever strategy and a load of atmosphere, though I have to say I never did complete it properly, only ever getting the easy ending if I remember correctly.

An 'Xtreme Legends' type expansion/remake would be great, if an new one is not feasible.

30-05-12, 02:53 PM
I'd like to see the earlier games up on PSN so i can actually play them.

10-09-13, 06:11 AM
I want to ask some KT staff if they plan to bring this game in EU & if they plan to make it so dark & twisted like the first one with demons/sacrifices/rituals & all those satanic stuff & if they plan to give us the same freedom like the first one were we could expand a whole castle create new rooms, hallways & have so many amazing & upgradable traps to use, those things I mention is what I loved about Devil's Deception when I play it back in the PS1 days & I want to feel again this amazing feeling with modern graphics this time in HD :D