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10-02-11, 01:29 PM
I really do not know where to post this relating to social gaming network like Playfire or Raptpr. Playfire is simply still in beta and would be a waste of time, Raptpr is actually good but more xbox 360 focus since Sony wouldn't allow Raptpr to use their server for PSN updates.

Anyway, this topic will be about Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Team Missions challenges.
I am already sick and tired of `fake` Master Ninjas who play Sigma 2 online and use the same weapons, tactics and character. Seriously don't these people get bored of doing the same repetitive procedures?

What this event is, is that you host a gameplay event at a certain time you will be available online and people can join your game and play on your rules.

Anyone can quote me on this but `I am the fastest at beating Budhha Statue in Ultimate Ninja 3 with the Dragon Sword+Tiger Fang`. You think you can beat it faster than me?



London GMT- 11:30 PM/23:30 PM



Mentor Ninja-Mission 1

*No repeatedly Looping/Spamming Izuna Drop- is cheating
*No looping attacks that halts the Boss and permits from attacking back- is cheating
*No constant/repeatedly spamming Ultimate Technique with Rachel- cheap, annoying and causes control lag
*Please use Wired Connection, wireless is not designed for online gaming.

*Can only use any Female Characters

No need to add people's Gamertag, just look out for the Game room, and mission when you search for a game in Sigma 2 around that time.

10-02-11, 11:35 PM
sorry I forgot to put down my gamertag for players to find the game since I got random players coming in:/

The Above has ended!

Friday 11 / FEB / 2011

-London GMT: 10:30 PM / 22:30 PM
-End time: 11:15 PM / 23:15 PM

-Look at your country's time, find location `London` and work out the maths when the event will take place.

-GAMERTAG: Blackxino
-MISSION: Master Ninja 02
-HOST: Public hosting

-Title: `DOA Teen Master Ninja`
-Only select Ayane!

*No repeatedly Looping/Spamming attacks that halts the Bosses and permits them from attacking back, this includes Izuna Drop and so called 'Secret Arts'- are cheating
*No constant/repeatedly spamming Ultimate Technique with Rachel- cheap, annoying and causes connetion control lag/delay
*Please use Wired Connection, wireless is not designed for online gaming which will cause massive lag and lots of unwanted disconnection.

-Look out for the 'gamertag+mission name+play time' when you search for a game
-Please be patience when joining a game and don't disconnect instantly because host may currently be playing with someone else or his/her mission is currently loading.
-To Verify your position to take part due to X number of people the host might play with, it is best to leave a comment stating you will attend so priority may go towards you avoiding others stealing your place.

-What is the purpose of these events? To continue having fun in the game and keep gameplay fresh instead of doing the same usual routine play through.
-What is the aim? To prove if you are a true master ninja by playing in someone else's rules/challenge, sure you may be a beast with Ryu using the Tonfa in Ultimate Ninja 02, but can you beat that mission with with the Vigoorian Flails? Ayane? or Momiji?
-Why cast this event? You've paid for the game so why let your money go to waste? keep playing the game to show the developers you still love the game they created and to brush up your skills if you are a lesser Ninja or eagerly await Ninja Gaiden (3)
-Your challenges sucks can I upload mine? Yes you can, it's a public host that provides activity in Sigma 2 online. You can even host your own challenge event same day as others, it would be unique because the more events the better you get different unique gameplays and playthroughs.