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29-01-09, 07:13 PM
The man worth 10,000 men. Well he's probably my favorite second character in Shu. He's a bit faster and stronger than Guan Yu. And I just love the way he fights in DW6. Plus, his character takes a more violent turn in DW6 grabbing poor Zhuge and hitting Zhao Yun (bad ZF). But he's still good in the end.

Tell us how you feel about ol' Zhang Fei of Yan. :)

29-01-09, 07:30 PM
He fights like a drunk in DW6. I was never fond of him much when the series started, but I just prefer Liu Bei and Guan Yu to him anyway, always have done.

I guess they fused his drink with his movements. Still, much funner in DW6 overall.

Cao Cao
30-01-09, 01:24 PM
Well,Zhang Fei...
I like his two brothers more than him,but he is funny. I prefer his DW6 moveset over his old moveset,as it has more range I think. He is almost the most powerful officer in DW6 (999 attack),only Lu Bu is stronger (1000). His death was...well...stupid. Being killed by his subordinates because he drank too much...

14-02-09, 06:57 PM
I was really frustrated with his slow running speed.
It's especially bad in a situation where you need to get somewhere far real quick 'cause your buddies are in trouble. Getting there seems to take forever...

01-03-09, 12:02 PM
Nothing is better than good old drunk Zhang Fei ;)
He is the epitome of powerful in my books, a man worth 10,000 men and he does later on in the novel prove himself as a commander so hes pretty balanced in the novel...

Now in the game, he is a beast, DW2 - DW5 he had a brutes way of fighting which was awesome... but DW6 bought a new level of Zhang Fei madness...

His personality is great too, a brutish beast on the surface normally, but has a social spot with his brothers and hes established as an extremely caring father in DW5 to his daughter, quite impressive.
His voice from DW4 - DW5 was perfect for him and his newer voice is doing good as a replacement to the late VA...

All in all, Zhang Fei is my favorite character of all time... :D

01-03-09, 12:55 PM
His personality is like half the cast, which think there leader is the god of everything and everyone. Xing Cai did add some change, but there is too little on that for me to care.

He is a person where bashing square, will most likely suffice for a victory in battle. Slow attack speed, but has the defense to take it and more. Nice musou as well, can be crowd and officer killing.

Gadner Bhan
11-03-09, 06:51 PM
He is not one of the characters I play most, but I think he has always be a consistent one. And now in DW6, he can be a massacre maker. With the right weapon type, his attack speed limitation becomes almost non-existent, he already has very good range, strength and defense, so you have a very efficient winning formula with him. Great visual design this time, the best for my liking compared to previous versions.

03-04-09, 02:16 AM
Zhang Fei has alway been an enjoyable character to use. He has some great moves which can be effective since it makes him a great crowd clearer because of his C3 and C4 attack. The same thing can be said about his in DW6. He can also be an enemy that can get on your nerves especially facing him at Chang Ban since he is always in hyper mode.

26-04-09, 03:39 AM
I've never liked using him all that much to be honest, I find his movement speed deplorable and just offensive. You just can't use the guy at all, thankfully been able to call up your horse from anywhere in DW6 helps make up for the shortfall a little.

Personality wise he is somewhat entertaining, but I've seen the drunk/irresponsible role played much better in other games.

Eh, yeah I can't speak of him too highly, he is certainly not one I look forward to using, nor enjoy using really...

ebil shrimp
26-04-09, 04:08 PM
i absolutely hate Zhang Fei, the only time i paialyliked him was in DW2 and that was only becase i was young and i thought he was funny when he attacked. (his sound at the time being RAH RAH RAAAAH)

but i hate his moveset, his speed and his weapon i think he's one of the worst chars. but thats just my opinion.

26-04-09, 04:29 PM
every time I think either of one of the 3 brothers i still recall them all. They are also good on their own but united they are incredible. I love Zhang Fei for his courage and brute force.

24-11-10, 12:48 PM
Zhang Fei is one of the more heavier/slower characters that I prefer in battle :D Sometimes it's not the speed that keeps you alive :D

Zhang Fei maybe a bit odd and brutal, but that's the charm of his characterisation :)
If he would be like Liu Bei! Holy crap! That would end in horror! >_<