View Full Version : Please don't cancel Ninja Gaiden 3DS?

05-05-11, 12:29 PM
What up TKE? I'm new here.

Anyway, recently I picked up a 3DS at launch and am loving it to bits (Samurai warriors is great BTW) ;) But I am actually here to bring something up.

At E3 Nintendo showed loads of games for it. Ninja Gaiden was mentioned as part of your lineup for it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0MNxo1Hyh8 (2:17). This is my most hyped game on the system.

To have both Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden on Nintendo (games I bought the original Xbox for) is a dream come true :D But I have noticed that some games that were revealed are being denied or cancelled.

I recently heard Saints Row was cancelled and De Blob 2 was apparently a mistake. I hope you don't cancel this game Koei. I really want to see it release. It would make my day. I have a brother as well so I can give you 2 sales for the game. I beg of you not to cancel it. Its funny how Microsoft and Sony were bashing Wii years ago, saying how it sells as a toy and look at them now. Jumping on the bandwagon. While Nintendo is moving on with a 3D handheld.

Also while I'm here can I ask about putting Ninja Gaiden III on Wii 2 or Project Cafe or whatever they call it. There are people on Nintendo who really want to play these games as well. I really like Ninja Gaiden and really want to see it back on Nintendo :D

05-05-11, 06:33 PM
Thanks for the article. I was going to buy DOA dimensions anyway. I love Team Ninja's games. It isn't like Tecmo to break their promises. I remember about 5 years ago Itagaki said they were going to make a DS and PSP game and they eventually got around to both. I think Chronos and Project Progressive were just probably cancelled because they were on the side lines and were never got around to lol.

Can't wait to see NG 3 in action. It looks great. I'll still buy it but I have my fingers crossed its on Wii 2 as well. If not I'll just get it on something else.

As for THQ they are just stupid to cancel those games. Oh well their loss. I don't think they will get away with throwing shovelware on 3DS because its aimed at Nintendo's core audience. THQ the I-Phone is that-a-way >>>>

05-05-11, 10:00 PM
As for THQ they are just stupid to cancel those games. Oh well their loss.

Well you have to remember the current economic climate. They could make those games and perhaps break even and make a little profit but would it really be worth it over the time spent to develop those games? I'm sure they're focusing elsewhere on more popular titles so that they can just keep themselves going. Though in saying that they've suffered a lot of losses and their latest title which was Homefront, I believe, flopped horribly bad. It was massively hyped but it turned out to be garbage so that shouldn't help them.