View Full Version : Dynasty Warriors online in EU?

23-05-11, 09:54 AM
Currently Im playing Dynasty Warriors Online in the US/Canada server but..it is way to laggy and unfair of we living in EU.
Im asking if KOEI if they can release in a future Dynasty Warriors Online.
There are Dynasty Warriors Online in Japan, Taiwan,China and in US/Canada.
I would like to see Dynasty Warriors Online here in EU also since Ive met alot of people from EU in US/Canada server but they hate the lagg and US people hate players who laggs also. If releasing a Dynasty Warriors Online here in EU would lead to alot of fans from EU comming here. US/Canada people would stick to their server and we from EU would stick to our and there would be less lagg and complaining.

My point is that I am only asking if Dynasty Warriors Online got a future to be released here in EU?;)