View Full Version : Ninja Gaiden Σ2+ (Good game - please patch)

08-03-13, 03:26 PM
I bought Ninja Gaiden Σ2+ the other day and generally speaking I am quite satisfied with that purchase, so far.

After seeing some screens and reading some internet banter on how horrible the frame rate is and how bad the dynamic resolution is I was more than a little worried, but after playing for 5 hours I must say that I don't see many major issues with the regular campaign (I haven't tried the other game modes yet, as they are less important to me). I am having a blast with the game and it looks and plays very, very nice on the Vita.

Apart from a few minor non-game-breaking frame rate issues here and there I've only encountered one really bad area. The battle with the electrified fish/worm thingy in the subway is absolutely horrible. The frame rate dips to single digits at times. Who thought it was OK to ship the game with this battle like it currently is? Can you please patch whatever is wrong with this boss fight? Because currently it is unplayable, well almost unplayable since I killed the boss and moved on. But it was not an enjoyable battle in any way.

Other than that I've had no issues with any of the bosses so far and fighting 6-7 regular enemies at a time, with full dismemberment and gore, seems to work just fine on a technical level.

In short, I am perfectly fine with playing Ninja Gaiden at 30 fps, but please fix the frame rate issues, particularly the subway boss which is currently abysmal on a technical level. Please simplify the effects, optimize it or do whatever it takes to make it play at 30 fps.

I hope this is only instance of such atrocious frame rate I will encounter in the game.

12-03-13, 12:04 PM
These forums are fairly dead, aren't they?

If anyone is interested, it seems that the newly released Vita firmware update 2.06 is supposed to make the frame rate a little better in Ninja Gaiden Σ2+

Dunno for sure yet, as I haven't tested it myself.

I did finish the game last night though and chapter 13-17 which to me contain the most impressive graphics and the most enemies on screen are also the chapters that run best. The last third of the game ran very well indeed.