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31-01-09, 02:48 PM
I'm just going to go through a medley of tips, tricks and advice for players just starting-off with this series. The basic style of playing is very similar to the Warriors series, so it should be easy enough to understand. So here goes...

Once starting you will find yourself looking at a number of modes. Official is open to various characters and follows suit of the show. Original is a made-up combination of faces that follow a dream story. Versus is self-explanatory. Gallery is where you can listen and find the music and look up on character details, records, etc. And Options where you can change the music level, voice level and difficulty.

Completing a Official or Original unlocks you a extra suit/s to use and/or a new pilot to select. Plus giving you the chance to change suits to a pilot who would never use that suit and put both their stats together to create an advantage point.

Let's start...
Choose either Official or Original Mode. I would recommend choosing these easy characters to use - Heero Yuy (Original), Amuro Ray (Official), Domon Kashuu (Original.) Amuro can be used to unlock Char and his Hyaku Shiki. A suit you will feel very comfortable with I'm sure. Both the pilots and suits in this game have statistics to consider.

Once picking the level you will be introduced to the mission brief but won't have Skills or Parts yet obtained. Follow these niches whilst playing, as much as possible.
- Equip yourself with your Skills and Parts when gotten. You will not start with any on your 1st mission.
- Just like in Dynasty Warriors 6, tackling a number of enemies in the red fields and depleting to 0 will enable a Ace (officer) or a guard to appear. Defeating this foe will capture you the base and possibly break/open a connection up.
- Use dash. Pressing X on the PS3 will allow you to boost for a duration, a short duration, but this can be used in many ways - cancelling attacks, damaging foes on contact, continuing the combo after another, and just generally traversing the map.
- You can use all the attacks. Yep, unlike the DW/SW series most attacks here have their uses (thanks to the dash feature) and plenty at that. The SP (musou) is often found the most effective though. A level 4 SP can be unleashed when pairing with a special relationship character, only. C1 is for firing your firepower, useful in situations when the Ace is coming to you or your flipping with the R1 button. Whereas like in the DW/SW series, a suits C4 is very beneficial to the player.
A small selection of pilots are able to fly across the battlefield by jumping and transforming with the X button. Such as Heero Yuy. You should no doubt make sure you use this function.
- Make sure you pay attention to the missions and protect your allies. They need babysitting, especially on the hardest mode. So do them ASAP.
- Duels, a weapon deadlock, you do not need to button mash with. It ends in a draw with you both pushing each other back. This isn't it though, you both get a attack for 15 seconds plus. Then make sure you attack as soon as it ends before the Ace does. Its great for taking out Aces fast, they are a godsend in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam.

Thats the end of the small guide, I hope newcomers to DWG will find this helpful.

* If anyone has anything worthy to add for starters, please say and I will add it to this post. Thanks.

20-02-09, 09:14 PM
Ah, I'm renting this game soon thanks a bunch for the help.
:) :) :)

Question: are there things that have to be unlocked using the hardest difficulty?

20-02-09, 10:06 PM
On any mode, so it's easy to.

Your welcome. Make sure you do buy Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 though, it's much improved and worth the cash. :D

14-03-09, 02:58 PM
I've already preordered my copy, But what's the reason for delaying the release to april 24th?

14-03-09, 04:28 PM
I've already preordered my copy, But what's the reason for delaying the release to april 24th? You can read it here.http://www.koei.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=593 ;)

Thanks for the guide LDZ, i'll have a look again as soon as I have the game, seems to be very helpful.

17-05-09, 08:09 PM
i've got my wing zero up to a rank 3 for all parts and unlocked the "final victor" missio but god!! tis hard!!! what do u suggest i do, seeing as tht mision offers rank 4 kit and i've got pretty decent rank 3 gear already??

many thanks for help

24-06-09, 10:33 AM
LittleDragonZ Thanks you very much for the tips and tricks at the beginning i found them very useful, the game has got a Landlord Insurance (http://www.landlordinsurance.org.uk/buy-to-let-insurance.html) harder now i've been playing it for a while and i'm really stuck just in general there isn't really one aspect that i'm stuck on.

So i was wondering if you or anyone else had any more tips and tricks for people that have done the easy part and now trying to get to the end??

Many Thanks!

24-06-09, 11:03 AM
Well this guide was really for DWG1, not Gundam 2 in mind. But I can help you here.

@mp99: I remember having a tough time, but the trick when things get rough is really to just play the old Warriors trick and fly around with low health waiting for your SP bar to charge. You really want to choose the correct 3 skills as well. Precise Shooting especially for Heero since his MS relies heavily on firepower beams. Plus his last charge is very useful. Sky Eye, Ace Killer, Hate to Lose (especially since weapon deadlocks happen a lot in this game.)

Two of the best would be Serene Mind (your SP restores itself) and DG Cells (much weaker defence, but your health fills itself really quickly, just beware of an enemy SP attack, otherwise there's a high chance it'll kill you, even on level 50. It's really great though.) I think you can get Serene Mind from Domon's Burning Gundam and I know you get DG Cells from Master Asia's Master Gundam.

@Yantis: You can follow with the above.

Make sure to equip the correct attachments, make a habit of going into the Lab and upgrading your parts when not in use. Return then after a battle and you'll receive your part/s. Keep doing this after every battle.

Keep playing easy stages and put your pilot in various suits every now and then. This is the way you learn new skills by percentage.

24-06-09, 11:20 AM
Gundam Fight stages are best for experience and skills. There is probably something better for experience but I never had somebody at level 49 or lower after learning every skill (DG Cells:mad:).