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10-10-11, 05:59 PM
Hi there,
I'm trying to grab all the achievements in Champion Jockey: G1 Jockey & Gallop Racer (Xbox 360 version), but there's a bug that's stopping me from getting one.

One achievement tells me that I need to "Conquer the Practice Challenges" and all is well up until I hit about the third challenge on the Intermediate Level. The challenge asks me to ride a drop-in horse, getting an "Excellent" or "Good" early position ranking, and finishing first or second. The problem is that I get assigned a horse with no name, who has pretty much all the negative traits possible, and who's rated about 30 points lower than most of the other horses.

The horse can't even keep up when the race has just started, let alone win or finish second. I don't mind a difficult challenge (I prefer them, in fact!) but this just has to be a bug. I've never seen a horse rated 49 before, and I've played 4 seasons of the game. It's the equivalent of putting a Mini Cooper into an F1 race!

I've restarted the game, and also tried moving my save away so that I'm playing with a brand new save, and I still hit the same problem.

Can anyone offer assistance, please?

Many thanks.

Brako Von Gloom
21-10-11, 10:51 PM
Your not the only one who is finding this problem.

Everyone who plays Champion Jockey will realise they will never be able to get the full achievement list because the game is broken.

Only myself and someone else on my friends list got past this section, because for some unknown reason the E class horse which can only run for 1000mtr in a 2000mtr race, suddenly became an all S class horse. I've since gone back to this horse and its once again an E class horse.

Even if you did get past that horse, you are then stuck with a horse which requires you to use the 'Last to First' ability and then place either 1st or 2nd. Even people who are truly excellent at the game cannot get this ability to activate with this horse.

A bit of advice Koei. Before you continue to fill the 360 market place with aweful japanese lift music and pointless DLC horses. How about you actually fix your game before trying to maximize profits. You had one chance to dominate a genre which no one else had the guts to do, yet you still ruined the oppotunity and any chance of a developer wanting to take the chance to develope a much better game.

Instead you just (in typical Japanese game development fashion) copy & paste from a game you made 5 years earlier and then manage to break it on its next gen debut.

There is also some confusion as to whether the achievement for turning down 100 rides is bugged.

I currently have 45/50 achievements and its the only game I do not have the full completion of. I'm not even mad about that though, I'm mad because we G1 fans have been waiting for 5 years for a next gen 360 horse sim, and when we get one we get a broken version. Its a disgrace that Microsoft even allow you to sell further DLC until you fix the actual game itself.

I truly hope this ruins any chance of you ever disgracing the 360 or any future consoles for that matter, with any games you had hope to develope for the future.

13-01-13, 09:11 PM
Now that i got the game,i need to dig this thread out!
I am now stuck ,like others, in the practice challenges.
Its the infamous nameless drop-in-horse with pretty all red stats,low performance number,no special abilities and totally wrong matched distance-likeness.
Dear Tecmo-Team,please take a look into that matter and release a patch.
It bugs me really because this makes the score of 1000GS IMPOSSIBLE.

I enjoyed the game pretty much and it was a welcome change to the usuall mainstream flood of games.
I know,this game is not new and the fanbase/salesnumbers might be not overhelming but put a hand on your heart and make some fans happy.


17-01-13, 04:30 PM
Is this bug i mentioned above known to TecmoKoei?
I was looking on web and found posts from many players who has exactly the same problem as i do!
Where is the best place to report this(Twitter,Facebook?) so the right TecmoKoei-Staffmember takes a notice of it?
Oviously this forum is not frequently visited by TecmoKoei-Members.

18-01-13, 05:49 PM
Is this bug i mentioned above known to TecmoKoei?
I was looking on web and found posts from many players who has exactly the same problem as i do!
Where is the best place to report this(Twitter,Facebook?) so the right TecmoKoei-Staffmember takes a notice of it?
Oviously this forum is not frequently visited by TecmoKoei-Members.

I would ask on either facebook or twitter. I generally use twitter. Try this @tecmokkoeieurope for twitter.

Hope this helps.

19-01-13, 11:14 PM
I emailed their support team about this bug over a year ago now. I believe I sent the first email in December 2011 and I got a really swift reply initially. The guy asked me for photo evidence of the bugs which I happily provided, along with evidence of a couple of other glitches whilst I was at it.

When I sent the photo-evidence email back to him he said he'd get in contact with the Japanese dev team and pass my info over. I have not heard back from him since. I sent the support department another email a few months ago and I didn't even get a reply this time.

A lot of the DLC that they sell, at least to my knowledge, is also broken. I cannot get it to work in the game or see how to do so. (Tiger, Motoskates, Roadbike and a couple of others.)

Quite frankly, I am very disappointed with the help that I have received from them and I cannot believe that they are getting away with selling broken DLC! (I may be wrong on the DLC front and I could just be having a stupid moment. If anybody has any idea on how to get the Tiger, etc DLC to work I am all ears.)

20-01-13, 07:00 AM
@silvertongue-Thanx.I made extra for this matter a twitteraccount :)
Lets hope someone replies.I twittered them about 8 hours ago...guess they need to get some sleep :)

@Remint-That does not sounds really encouraging :(
Lets hope that with more people reporting,we actually could bring TecmoKoei to do something.
I didnt downloaded any of the DLC's so I am unable to help you :(

Strange thing is that japanese players,or at least those which are on a achivementhunting site I am in too,completed the game 100%!
Is this only an europe specific bug?

Edit-I've sent now too an email to the support-team and I attached also few pics.

20-01-13, 10:57 AM
I would advise to not download any of the DLC until they get it working. If I was feeling more motivated I'd probably complain direct to Microsoft about it, but I dunno if they would do anything. :(

I'm really glad that you've twittered them. I think the problem with this game is that not many people play it with any regularity so I guess a lot of these bugs don't get flagged or the people just don't care enough to report them. If they don't respond to you I can get up my old twitter account and send them a tweet as well. :)

I believe there are also problems with abilities activating too, as there are a couple that never ever work (Last to First) and some that only do so sporadically, even when race conditions are exactly the same. The problem with this is that TecmoKoei thought it'd be a great idea not to include a list of abilities and how to get them to activate! So I don't know if these things are bugged too or if the game is just very temperamental when it comes to activating them in a race. (There are a couple of lists for this on the internet but all of them are incomplete I believe.) Me and my friend have an ongoing joke that if something doesn't work properly we just say, "Probably a bug!" because this game is so riddled with them it may as well be. :P

If it is a Europe specific bug I will be sad. D: You would've hoped that they pre-release tested the EU version to catch the bugs like this, but maybe they didn't after all.

I really hope that they will get round to fixing this game as, although it is kind of ridiculous at times, I love it and it is such a great thing to just turn on at the end of the day and spend a good few hours playing.

20-01-13, 06:04 PM
No response yet over Twitter or support but its sunday and hey...free time and family goes first :)
I hope they will reply at monday or tuesday.
It would be also great if you would twitter them aswell...can only help :)

Yeah,no list of abilities or their description is a minus.
I can only tell that the "Last to first"-Ability,in my case,works best after the final curve and being last or second to last.
Can be activated by just using the whip at right time...will not work if too close to other horses.

24-01-13, 08:10 PM
It saddens me...ne reply to my tweet(19th of January) and no reply from the support team :(
I tweeted few minutes back again...now with an attached pic.
Maybe it will catch some attention.

31-01-13, 05:07 PM
Still no response.
Its a real shame.
I contacted also the xbox-support team on twitter but they couldnt help..."we afraid you can only try to contact the developer" they said.
My last attempt was to contact THQ,who published the game...the guy on the phone said he can only pass the information on.
He suggested also to mail to the THQ support...thats what i did just few mins back.
I see low chances since THQ is no more,i just dont know how the support works now.

01-02-13, 06:25 PM
I cannot say that I am surprised. I've tried to contact the support team numerous times and there is just no response at all. Makes me wonder if TecmoKoei are like this with all their games when it comes to support. Needless to say, after the experience I have had with them it is very unlikely that I will be purchasing any more games that they develop. :(

Honestly, I don't think that much can be done about this. The developers don't seem to care at all and, if they don't care, chances are the game will never be fixed.

07-02-13, 11:09 AM
Hey guys, must keep on pushing for a patch, it is unacceptable to have a practice session in the game that is broken, and still bring out DLC. I will not be purchasing another game from them is they cannot fix this. Any ideas what else we could do/contact.

07-02-13, 04:13 PM
If you read previous posts of mine,you will see who i tried to contact.
You might have a better luck.
It seems here is no official staff of TecmoKoei to watch the feedbacks.
I havent got any reply from the TecmoKoei-support which i contacted per mail.
Ne reply over Twitter either.
No reply from the support of THQ which i contacted via phone and per mail.
The Xbox-support over Twitter replied saying that the publisher is the one i need to contact.
Heck,even Larry Hryb(Major Nelson) replied to my mail saying:"Its up to the publisher".
But the publisher keeps silent.