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20-05-13, 02:58 AM
Heyo folks,

here are some suggestions/requests for further empire series of DW.

-strongholds where troops are able to spawn like in Dynasty warriors 4-5 etc (original). to make it more like a "war" instead of ONLY officer & base defeating/capture. or just ( troops who are not dependent on a officer. ofc not that much like in original DW )
-the troops should be more !visible! in kind of their kingdom !color!. more intesive colors (red, blue, green, purple, black, yellow etc) (like in the old dw titels till 5) "I just seeing grey/black armor with colored headbands.. most of."
-a little feature that allows you to decide which army color you get instead of random. (only for CAW)
-more events/cutscenes especially emotional events. like the loss event in DW7E. example: rivality with another officer or old friends facing in battle etc.
-Edit Mode: optional to make a CAW to an "Epic Warrior" means he gets a special battle cutscene if you starting the fight with him/her like in DW7E (Lu Bu, Zhang Liao, Meng Huo etc!) same if you capture him/her.

-(If wanted) a little increase of officer limit in battle from 8 to 12 (14 with reinforcements)
-more CAW uploads at once.
-Special Duels during battle like DW 4 (stratagem like taunt to make him come for a duel maybe)
-MUSIC Change during battle. no no not what you thought.. i mean you can choose "neutral" soundtrack a "winning" soundtrack and a "losing" soundtrack depents on bases and troops strenght.

-now something and i guess im alone with that idea but. i would rly like to see EVERY single officer dying... don't get it wrong i mean if a officers is injured and he dies i want to see a little cutscene (they are fighting and then he got the stab...) even if NPC killed another NPC and even normal troops killed a NPC officer with a little nice cutscene. (if you are sworn or married and you are in the battle with your main char then ofc the other "loss" event shows up...) its not that often a officers dies so it's okay i guess. (ik may some incompatibility with diff weapon types.. but it's possible... without be lazy haha)

-before you start a new empire mode you have the option (not to be bound on your main char) means even YOU can die in battle or execute if you lose your last territory but you are able to continue playing [Requirement] you need (sworn siblings or a wife) you can only continue with them as a free officer and go trough the land to make new friends to raise a banner or serve... what ever you want to do.. otherwise you lost.

-Now something special. If you playing as a free officer the "moving to another part of China" can be more interesting. if you want to move in another part of the land you can choose "if you want" to quick travelling OR running/riding trought the current map by yourself BUT... to pass one part of china costs you 1 round so you cant go through whole china in 1 round.
back to the real time travelling. if you want to go throught the map to go to the next part there are ofc more exits (depents on the part you are currently in and the neighbour countrys)
the mini map is empty (means events are hiden till you find it) but you can run around to see whats going on. you can find for example "camps" little villages with random officers and normal working humans in it etc (buying items & weapons random offer) [CAW clothes included random offer]

You can also interact with the officers like increase your friendship or rivality etc.
there is also a chance of enemys on the map
maybe bandits attacking a little village and you can save them or another officer is surrounded of enemys and you can help him, make him to a friend if you are lucky or he/her just gives you a little reward and the friendship increase. etc.

ofc before you go to travell around the map, you can take officers with you (only if some officers are already joined you) i guess min. 2 max. 3

there is a little chance of findings some crates and a little chance to find money or items in it.

their could be NPC with "little" side quest. quests like talking with another person to get something for him/her or killing some -> bandits <- at this you could find another officer by doing this quests etc.

(if you fast travelling you can't get any friends/events etc)
i have much more to make this a big excperience but its to much for now :p

Okay... i guess thats all ATM that get through my head :D

BTW the last idea, i know it would be a big change and i'm rly not sure if Koei will put this in the next empire (8) game.. but i'm thinking about this changes and i guess it's not that much (i hope)
And i know exactly that i have to wait 3 more years for empire 8..
and then I'm 20 years old.. xDD but i hope this elements/features will be in.. maybe some of these in empires 7 with another update! like change colors of CAW army etc such little things.
about the adventure travelling system i rly hope this or something similar will be in for free officers in empires 8!

i bring it to an end now xD

and YOU can tell us your ideas for the next empire series and feel free to correct me with my ideas.
Thanks! ;)

21-05-13, 08:05 PM
Woah...... Big walll of text ..... my eyes .... they burn >_< just kidding some of your ideas are great but you may wanna try twitter or facebook for this kinda thing.

21-05-13, 08:08 PM
Woah...... Big walll of text ..... my eyes .... they burn >_

You are one of the only members that is still active here, and you can't even bother reading it--it's actually good. Shame.

OT: IMO--the empires expansion needs to go back to DW5 Empires/SW2 Empires type of game, and add strongholds ofc as well as free mode again so you can play certain battles as any side or officer, and add 12 officers for each side and 14 for reforcements, I kinda thought DW7 Empires was lacking so I uninstalled, dumb game and I didn't even enjoy it and wasted money on DLC. I hope DW8 is good, because I will probably buy that since I like main games better than wack ass Empires like DW6/7 -- Best empires game was SW2, than DW5.

21-05-13, 08:17 PM
lol i did .... a bit but my message got cut off due to my crappy browser.

22-05-13, 11:57 AM
mhm, i only get lags when im playing with a friend.
and i played a lot empires 5 in old times, empires 6 was.. well and 7 is just "okay"
i buyed all DW original untill 7 and i guess it's enough from stories, if i wanna see whats goin on im going to watch on yt.
Empires will be the only part of "DW" i will buy from now on (i guess, maybe) if its worth it.

well i tried.

23-05-13, 12:25 AM
my bad - what browser do you use?

I actually got bored as **** from DW7 Empires that I uninstalled, I only ever had fun playing SW2 Empires, 6 sucks now and 5 was only good cause of Free Mode but I couldn't play much of that game cause I broke the game disc, like scratched pretty bad so it would be freezing everytime I moved. I wish SW2 Empires would be released as a PS2 Classic, since it was so awesome. There's so much games that PS2 Classics can get because there's literally been thousands of PS2 Games.

No offense to you Excision, but the main game is probably the most replay value because Empires 7 felt lackluster. XL was alright, since you can combine both the main game and XL to make a ultra game.

23-05-13, 02:52 AM
Many ppl told me it's not worth to pay full price for XL because of 1 new mode. (only have 5 XL and had 3XL)

the chaos mode keeps me in and makes it interesting. However i rly like the story mode of the Original but i couldn't play it twice (after some years maybe) so it would be 1 playtrough with all 4 Kingdoms and thats it, the conquer mode is not that fun. thats why i think it's better to stuck on Empires for now. But its just my opinion.
The design of DW 5 is the best what makes me think about play DW 5 "Original" atm :D
besides you can play with all characters hoho. I'm waiting for DW 8 Empires and make my last decision when i tested it. ( I only had SW 1 and WO 1,2 ) when the others came out i was already in another game focus.

And i just think they need to push Empires to a next level like my last suggestion or/and more.

(And yes DW Original is the best part of DW if you ask me) perhaps i can borrow it from my friend.

23-05-13, 03:55 PM
Oh it was a crappy phone browser
thats what i often use so it takes a while to type and to read >_<
sorry that a little off topic

23-05-13, 04:52 PM
XL 1 new mode? More like two new modes, and + a Remix so you can have the vanilla game and XL in same game. What they need to do is make Empires like SW2 Empires, nuff said. I had so much fun playing that game, unlike 7 Empires which was ******* boring. DW5 Empires was alright, but SW2 Empires is better, dont know about SW3 Empires.

8 Empires needs be like SW2/DW5 Empires or I WON'T Buy it, I will get 8 main game tho as it's fun but repetitive.

25-05-13, 01:32 PM
DW5 XL and DW7 XL were the best games in the series. They normally improve the base games. In addition to the 7 XL allowed you to play coop in campaign had improved enemy counts and had some more fun levels.

5 XL had xtreme mode and destiny mode which are to date the best DW modes i've played we really need destiny mode back.

25-05-13, 05:36 PM
xtreme mode is when you travel land as any officer and fight any mission battle, destiny mode was awesome--I want this back, even if it's not like DW5 XL but I want to play as a soldier serving officer and you can betray them and ****, but they should improve on it and make it better.

DW5XL is best XL game

but SW2 Empires and SW2 XL **** on DW7 XL but DW7 XL shits on DW7 Empires and DW6

26-05-13, 07:15 PM
i love the dw5 style. but anyways 5xl was my only XL i never rly played 3 xl until i gave it away. i wonder how long the dw saga will be alive, hm.
i growed up with DW & Empires since 5.
i love the characters and the stages and the story and the music and the cutscenes and and and...
unkown later i found dw 5 empires i was ****n confused but at the same i was just "lol" i just thought "wtf all random officers everywere?!" (i just bought the game without to know whats behinde the gameplay).
well well and XL was just a random offer.. 5€ and i was a DW fan so i bought it, even there i didnt know the "gameplays" maybe i should more inform about XL. (at these times i was young and i didn't used internet for informations about the game and it's "expansions" ^^) but yeah i played alot legendary mode in 5xl.

with my first post i guess empires gets the next lvl and i could play it for more long. maybe like dw 5 for months.. every day.. besides there a much more good ideas for the game.

Edit: Challange mode is nothing for ->ME<- so for me it would be 1 new mode xD

don't worry this isnt a offense to XL i like this game but i dont feel this "bond" between me and XL ^^
and yeah empires gets boring now but there are others games to play atm besides my RL hehe.

26-05-13, 09:19 PM
I grew up with DW4 + Empires and SW1 + XL

But I love the DW5 style too.

I just hope one day some game studio makes another game about Chinese history and makes it more RPG-feel than beat em up.

But yeah I played DW all the way back to early 2005 or so when I played DW4 Empires for first time, and then I went on to play DW5 and XL when it come out in later 2005, I didn't use internet much until 2007 or so, little bit in 2006. I been internet crazy for the past 6 years, not that much time eh? lol - so back in 2005 or so, I would draw 'maps' of the DW battles and ****, it was fun... and this was before I even knew about 'forums' and **** xD I learned about forums in summer 2007 and I was on 1-2 and then I joined a few more in 2008 and then 2009-2010 onwards, I've been signing up to many forums... and now in 2013, I am on hundreds of forums probably.

but exactly, there's a lot of games to play before DW8 comes out in English/Japanese, I don't even know why people want to buy it online just to play in language they dont understand, or if they do good. lol I can wait until July cause it's not far away cause I learned to do other stuff besides games, but there's so many other games to play, I dont even know why pppl cant wait, cause its easy to wait and ****... DW will be outi n less than 2 months, and i will get it cuz i am a sucker for it even tho I want RPG feeling more game a game studio to make in future about sometme in Chinese history, DW is a cash cow now like CoD but CoD is more fun IMHO

Empires is ******* boring as hell, I uninstalled DW7 Empires cause I was wasting space on my HDD and I hardly play it so it sucks, and wasted money on it... ******* boring, I wish that Empires were more like SW 2 Empires or DW5 -- I will get DW8 cause I love the main games

28-05-13, 05:07 PM
Haha, my Cousin will get DW 8 he wanna do the playtrough with me!
I watched the Intro just Today, and now i can't explain but im looking forward to it because i want **** up the battlefield since forever or years ... xD

Hey, if you know the game Mount and Blade / Warband,
there is a mod called "Romance of the three Kingdoms" Mount and Blade is like a RPG/Strategy/economic & Medieval Simulation.

This mod included even DW 4-5-6-7 Characters ! And even the troops style is like DW5 Scheme.. I modded the game a bit (for myself) which included now "all troops" with that kind of Armor (DW5), because in the original mod the most oft them are with another armor (style) idk... (because i like to see everyone in a DW5 armor [the troops]) to get a feeling of DW! ( i even modded the ingame music with original dw 5-6-7-8-online soundtracks ) ^^

yeah it is worth it promise. If u wanna check this out u wont regret it :D

28-05-13, 05:35 PM
But doesn't DW8 maps look more Samurai Warriors? And it's maze-like, compared to DW7's big maps.

DW has been SW-ized.

But I checked the video for that mod you are talking about



it looks nice but the engine is obviously outdated like Rome Total War 1

Yeah, but can you show me your videos ?

30-05-13, 07:49 AM
I don't know since i have only SW1, and i never played it for long because it was to hard for me and i didn't understand much. I was young xD
Idk much about dw 8 maps but i'm exciting seeing it.

Yeah, let me upload one (takes a lil while)

30-05-13, 02:35 PM
I watched videos of DW8 on youtube and the maps look like SW type maps and maze-like, very different from any other DW game.

but seriously, I've played all the SW games except for 3 and all the expansions, Katana and maybe some psp game.

30-05-13, 05:41 PM
I'm very excited of the maps then.

I played DW Online for a while (1 year ago) and i enjoyed it till... idk.

there is a expansion for DW Online and it's coming out in july in Japan for Pc and (ps3 <- makes me "lil" happy) i hope we will get it too, especially cuz of ps3

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30-05-13, 06:54 PM
Why does Tecmo Koei keep calling their stuff with a 'Z' ? lol

so you like SW type maps - yeah, im excited to play DW8 anyways but I Have patience to wait until July, it's only just lil over a month away anyways - but how do you play Dynasty Warriors online?

30-05-13, 09:21 PM
Ha, idk it's a insider i guess.

Important for me for a new DW are the maps, character design, soundtracks, gameplay, and events and some more.

Here is the Video. It shows a bit more of DW and yeah there are more features but i never could show all features under 3 hours of gameplay xD (most of is battle)


What do you mean by "how do you play DW online?"

30-05-13, 09:34 PM
Gameplay is extremely repetitive in DW games tho. I play mostly for the the thrill of playing it, and story too.

but I meant that 'how to play Dynasty Warriors Online' as the game, not just DW online.

Nice vid too.

31-05-13, 08:58 AM
I wasn't a high lvl Char more like Medium. There are some game modes for a free battle like: Capture bases, Eliminate 2.000 troops, eliminate 20 enemy officers etc within a timelimit.

srsly there are some op weapons that keeps u in the air... not that much. but there are also battles where u can capture a enemy Area like in Empires.

U have to decide which Kingdom u will serve: Yuan Shao, Wu, Wei or Shu i don't know but i think there is no Xiliang yet, maybe in the expansion.

Goal is (ofc) to unite whole China (or just the szenario areas?). and there are also Szenarios, like the plot with Diao Chan, battle of Cheng du etc etc every szenario has to be united but every szenario includes special events depented on Aeria GM's??? idk because i never was on a event...

I saw there is also a DRAGON LIKE DBZ?! idk what he is called somthing with "Xuan"

U have your own house and garden that u can equip with more furnitures etc and invite friends and you can make party or s**** xD

and if you are a higher lvl.. just Medium like Field general or so i guess, u can also join a 8vs8? match or 12v12? i don't remember i was only 1 time there and can't exactly remember.

for sure there a is more behinde it but the most of i played these 4v4 matches and yeah.
Ah and singleplayer missions for making money and getting Items. Guild events etc. xD

But DW online on the DW 7 Engine on the ps3 could be very interesting.

31-05-13, 02:08 PM
but where do you play Dynasty Warriors Online?

31-05-13, 07:12 PM
From Germany? do you mean that?
Englisch version.

01-06-13, 02:42 PM
just in general - do you have to buy or somethign?

01-06-13, 07:20 PM
f2p but not p2w i guess, about the expansion idk but i don't think so.

01-06-13, 08:40 PM
It's F2P? wow how to download

02-06-13, 11:45 AM
Just regestry here http://www.aeriagames.com/
and then under games, martial arts MMO
and Download on their site.

Ehm, what is the diff between dw empires and sw empires? and why is sw2 empires so good?

02-06-13, 12:01 PM
SW2 Empires is more like ROTK game series or Nobunaga's Ambition, and makes you use your allies more, and they are smarter and the maps are better so thats why DW8 seems good cause it is SW-ized + you can put your officers anywhere near your camp, facing any direction.

SW2 Empires > DW5 Empires > DW4 Empires > DW7 Empires > DW6 Empires.

last two are boring as hell.

02-06-13, 12:04 PM
BTW what are the requirements for DW O ?

02-06-13, 01:50 PM
Oh that are cool features i want to have in dw empires.

i wish a warriors orochi empires i want learn a bit more about SW. or at least to know the chars. ofc i know some from warriors orochi

Only this:

Minimum Specs
Recommended Specs

Windows 7/Vista/XP (Service Pack 2 or later)

Pentium IV 1.8 GHz (or equivalent)
Pentium IV 2.4 GHz (or equivalent)

512 MB of RAM
1 GB of RAM

1.8 GB of free hard disk space

Video *
GeForce 5200 or Radeon 9550
GeForce 7300 or Radeon X1300

DirectX 9.0c or greater

Even my old old s*** PC could play this xD

Dw8 is online playable right? is it only this "commander mode" or whats it called? Or can u even play the story mode online? Do u know?

02-06-13, 03:24 PM
I could play this if wasn't for my ******* ass shitty video card.

all that is required, except for video card. (mine is Extreme Graphics 2, and I'm not sure if it is like GeForce 5200 or not)

maybe I will play this when I get new gaming pc.

I'm not sure if DW8 is online or not, probably is--but I hope story mode is online as co-op, we will see in July.

02-06-13, 03:28 PM
but dude, I think Warriors Orochi is over now, the series is done.

See True Ending of 3 on YouTube.


02-06-13, 03:30 PM
I HOPE SW4 has a western release, cause I miss Samurai Warriors. Even if it's digital only, I'd buy that in a second. DW is different cause they milked it in the west for so longn ow.

02-06-13, 09:05 PM
DAMN, i have WO 1 & 2 i should probably buy 3 too
and man, i rly want a WO empires would be Great.

Did u saw this Futuristic guy "beats" (is relative) Lu Bu ?


Edit 2: and DOA special guest? yes, holy sh*** it's full price when was the release? damn so i can't get it atm :l

But what would u think about WO Empires?

Even from Bladestorm my first xbox game xD wow and a lot more i guess.

03-06-13, 03:33 PM
WO Empires won't happen if WO3 true ending is the canon ending.

I took forever to get the True Ending, because I didn't know you can save Lu Bu at the castle stage.

I got about 11 months ago, or so.

last year. I'm bored of WO3, but I want to play it again but can't because HDD space is high, so I'll just get DW8 because DW8 will probably be 5 GB or something, reasonable.

WO3 was 12 GB. -_- [Digital] so I won't play it again probably. DW8 will be next Warriors game I play.

I hope SW4 is Western Release, I just want ******* SW again, I miss it. Digital only for SW is different because KOEI been neglecting SW in the west for so long. unlike DW.

I'll get SW4 NO MATTER what if it releases in the west.

Bladestorm is weak, I didn't like it. Worse than Warriors Legends of Troy IMHO which a game I liked. that's just my opinion tho.

03-06-13, 06:38 PM
Why is that?
It's just separate.
but srsly a bit of confusion about the map. (srsly they could just put both together with 3 connections to each, at the top, middle and bottom)

Wow, how many games do u have and how much GB ? i have 360GB and have 17 ps3 games but i got enough space for alot more games :D
i like bladestorm. Atm i'm playing WO on the ps2 and after WO 2 on Xbox and thinking after finishing to buy 3 (if i can) on ps3.

i googled a bit and seems alot ppl want it. there is even a fake article from WO3E, fake wiki lol.

Edit: "New Scenario mode-Players may create a scenario using a pre-made map. They may set victory conditions and BGM as well as place officers and troops." <-- would be ****** great if this would exist.

03-06-13, 09:58 PM
'place officers' is already in Samurai Warriors 2 Empires. That's why I liked it.

I have 40 GB PS3, so not so much PS3 games.

I can only play mostly 'real' games with cases. I only have two digital games atm and that takes up 6 GB.

I hope PS4 can be up to 1 TB lol.

but seriously, only if it was what-if, because WO main games are over if True Ending is canon.

It's best to have that in a SW Empires or DW Empires instead of milking a dead crossover series.

04-06-13, 01:01 PM
Yes, i was always ps3 & pc gamer even i don't play that much. my mum just bought the xbox random some years ago.

what i heard from xbox one is totaly BS. and it costs around 900 $?!

Yes, i don't think it either. but yeah this "New Scenario mode" with that features would be great, making scenarios like in original DW ( and may have to option to share online )

Well, maybe it comes one day maybe not, but at least a feature like above.

04-06-13, 02:31 PM
except that SW2 Empires already has 'place officers' near your main camp, so that's why I liked it. You should try it as it's similar to what this fake WO3 Empires is.

maybe not, because if you actually watch the True Ending of WO3, and if that's canon. WO is dead and gone.

04-06-13, 07:10 PM
well i dun not care about i just would like have one.

sad that there isn't any chance to edit DW games and/or add mods just like Skyrim etc. PC only ofc~

04-06-13, 09:13 PM
you cant add mods to DW PC Games? that sucks. ;/

but I thought all pc games can be edited, since the user has access to the files to be edited, unless KOEI blocked access ?

05-06-13, 11:55 AM
for first, it is possible but for games like DW and he only DW on pc "single player" is DW 4 Hyper there isn't any programm to make it easy like construction set from oblivion or Construction kit from skyrim.
so it would be rly difficult and i searched for mods and the only mods i found are diff weapons on diff chars...

05-06-13, 01:54 PM
DW4 Hyper - I knew that had few mods, but I'm talking about DW7 on PC.

05-06-13, 11:32 PM
Huh, well DW7 on PC, i don't know youtube didn't help me.

but DW7 on Pc isn't a official one so i don't know how someone could mod it. besides details like attr.

the only thing i found was a vid that i couldn't figure out, i guess combo? and this


BTW: Argh, When I'm playing WO then i got the old feeling not to be GOD on the battlefield. No, instead i kill and be able to focus even one every single footman.
i like that. And when im playing DW 7 again i feel like being the god of battlefield.

Casual soldiers are like a "little nothing"
1 combo and u killed almost 50 - ?
Remember, for example dw 5 sometimes u had problem to get even more then 5 to hit in 1 combo.. xD <- but it was fine.

didn't mean i don't like it, but srsly DW gets since 5 more and more unrealistic
It's more action etc ofc, but the focus on danger lies on the enemy officer who isn't rly a problem?

map is overstocked with foot soldiers u can see 50 from 400 maybe a bit extreme..

and all since DW 6

Just feeling like a god gets boring rly fast. Well at least my opinion.

06-06-13, 12:27 AM
PC version is official, it came out last year for Japan only.

search 'DW7 PC version' on YouTube.



but seriously, I wish soldiers were more like Warriors legends of troy, i mean they were weak in that game even but at least they tried to defend themselves, when the ones in DW do nothing... and I hope in future games, they add more named soldiers instead of just LT's or named officers. :) like 'Captain' or 'Brute'.

and overstocked with weakling's that are nothing but health sponges on higher difficulty.

06-06-13, 09:58 AM
Oh, i looked for it but didn't find anything. Yes, i found that Video above but thought it was not official.

Warriors legend of troy is good, i'm afraid that they think it would be a retrogressive step.

Maybe the battle hold longer but is much more interesting and i don't get a good feeling because i killed over 1.000 ppl. ( and they did nothing )

BTW: I don't have the feeling of the three kingdoms anymore, the troops a tiny and wearing the same in the same colore except the headbands and light changed color, DW 5 armor for troops was the best with their colors and design etc. i want that back :s

they're here to fill my musou and for thinking to fight against a army even if i don't get the feeling.

06-06-13, 02:50 PM
It's just annoying because troops didn't even change at all from DW7 to DW8.

Hopefully next-gen Dynasty Warriors 9 will change that.

but seriously, warriors legends of troy; being a spin-off of DW, it was better than DW in some areas, especially troops and troops were smarter in that game than DW. I'm still stuck on the last chapter because Agamemnon's bodyguards are very tough and their A.I. is smart as hell.

Plan on watching a video on how to defeat them easily because I remember I had issue with Hektor and shield reversing, and if I could pass that than I can pass last chapter. :)

It's official, it's just japan only, so either order it online or well you know...

06-06-13, 09:59 PM
More over 4-5 years till DW 9 "If"

Hmm, maybe i take a look on that game. it's not that easy to find good games these days anymore.

Mount and Blade: Warband has not an up to date engine but at least the fights can be rly realistic. And sometimes i get goosebumbs because of the situation of the battlefield. Watching over the battlefield everyone fights everywhere, and when i'm in middle of the chaos and some archers got my horse down, and falling of and i can say ****. (**** of engine or graphics the main thing is the game makes fun.)

srsly. im not sure if they ever go back or change the fighting system to slow and realistic..and without that overstocked troops. but i hope.

If they won't fail on DW8E maybe i can close an eye on that for 8. but hopefully they change something.

Maybe they should work on a DW RPG for Pc where we are able to mod the game and get some more attention to it.

07-06-13, 12:22 AM
Expect it in 2 I bet, no later than 2015 for Japan. :P

I predict a February/March Japanese release in 2015, or a 2014 december release at earliest, but we'll see.

September 2015 at latest, no way it's gonna be 5 years.

3 years for us western people.

but maybe even earlier, we can't predict yet. Because we yet to get DW8 Lol.

but seriously cause SW4 is out in Feb 2014, and I think they will work on DW9 in post-alpha stage just after SW4's release, and then beta stage sometime in Q3 2014.

but personally, I want fighting to be more like Warriors LEGENDS Of Troy than anything.

for now, we got Dynasty Warriors Online for a 'RPG'.

07-06-13, 01:19 PM
Ah, because the spacing between DW and DWE is about 3 years, it's DW-DW something-DW-X-DWE <- (and ofc many other games to care)

but if they're working at the same time on the next titel then maybe.

DW Online i don't feel it is RPG it's more like playing empires online just with more players, except the story battles and quests. it's like CoD multiplayer just as hack'n slash

and we are not able to mod this :D

07-06-13, 03:52 PM
Hey what is minimum requirements for DW Online ?
the Aeriagames game

cause I think you said earlier was recommended requirements.

but IDC about Empires anymore if DW8 E is gonna be like DW7 E because if it is, I'm not buying it cause I want Empires to be more like DW5E or SW2E.

or maybe even Japan exclusive SW3E.

but seriously, DW Online seems cool and it's free-how many people still play?

07-06-13, 06:57 PM
Minimum Specs
Recommended Specs

Windows 7/Vista/XP (Service Pack 2 or later)

Pentium IV 1.8 GHz (or equivalent)

- Pentium IV 2.4 GHz (or equivalent)

512 MB of RAM
1 GB of RAM

1.8 GB of free hard disk space

Video *
GeForce 5200 or Radeon 9550
GeForce 7300 or Radeon X1300

DirectX 9.0c or greater

Red is Min. it does not show up like it should MIN at the left et

yeah, maybe u are right but first i wanna see the features before.
Just yesterday i watched the cutscenes of DW 7 (not all bcause it loads damn long)

Many of them could be use for events.. they need much more cutscenes to make it more feel like a "special" and "war" & "emotional" not just a capture game.

It is cool, i don't know, but many enough for a good experience.

DW7E is existing on PC ? Jp only?

And btw i tell you something i was able to play skyrim on my old PC (okay bad graphics but...) i had over 30 fps at least it was fun
my OLD pc was even more badly then the MIN specs and i could play it, just try it :)

they should add
+ 3 diff kingdoms can fight in one battle
+ as free officers you can betray your own kingdom whenever you want like 6E
+ much more cutscenes
+ the terretory system like DW5E where u can place officers in trt.
+ officers placement before battle
and ofc the main post

You are able to change costumes from the heros, so they could just put diff costumes for troops also from other DW.

07-06-13, 10:07 PM
I have all that required except for VIDEO CARD. -_-

This ******* video card is preventing me from playing games lol .

I need new pc for gaming, so I can play most games. :P

but most of the cutscenes in DW7 are events, not cinematic.

and it's DW7 and DW7XL that are on PC in JP.

NO ****? Your OLD pc could play Skyrim? What was your video card? Mine is Intel[R] Extreme Graphics 2, I wonder if I could play DW Online with that. ;/

and yes they should add most new stuff for officer placements and the ability to make your own missions so you can rescue a stranded allied officer in deep enemy territory, like in SW2 Empires or DW5 Empires, I know they didn't have that but they had a lot more than DW7 Empires, and only thing that DW6 Empires did right was the Merc missions.

and chance color of troops, not just blue and red all the time, they updated this in DW7 Empires but that's all that was good, it was **** in DW6 Empires with that.

You should make your own cutscenes, more officers in stage and ability to control troops and not just officers. Have troops and 2 LT's helping you and doing your jobs so you don't have to, and this will support the trophy that is 'Beat stage without lifting a weapon'. ******* hard in DW7 Empires if you can't even control troops.

I wish they would add a fourth kingdom in a battle for the main games, like Green since we had yellow in DW6, not sure about DW7.

My wishlist for next-gen DW9 - fourth kingdom on stage that is Green, so you can fight three kingdoms at once and they fight each other. BETTER AND BIGGER BATTLES, they improved in DW8 but do they have the third yellow kingdom and not just blue and red? Sad. ;/ I hope they do, but not getting my hopes up.

and yes you can put officers in charge of territories, and you dont need to run them all, and have your own generals do it themselves aka the computer runs it for you and you just run your own city.

and to add to officer placement, ANYWHERE on the battlefield so you can make your own custom missions to rescue a stranded ally, it would be funner as I liked this in SW2 Empires.

except that in SW2 Empires, it's only near the main camp.

And yes, I don't even know why they removed the betraying your kingdom, that sucked they did that. I liked that option, and I think the betraying should be more advanced like in DW5 XL.

08-06-13, 12:22 PM
i don't remember but it was somthing radeon x990? i'm not sure anymore.

4 kingdoms in one battle? that would be **** awesome.

and i don't like the blue good and red evil principle i think each kingdom should have their own colors on the minimap.

Yes, Mission making, put troops from the west in one group and from east in another so u can split the orders into 2 fronts etc.

yes, rescue missions, and writing your own topics.

condition to condition system.

And LT' Officers like oldschool DW max 4 at least for the ruler or marshal.

Maybe including a Map editor for creating new maps like a sneak pass.

Changing battle time and determine the course of the battle in editor. You can say at which time which troops a running which way etc.

Able to play online with one player "can" be a VS.

AND ofc u can put CAW on the battlefield.

Need some creative work.

Did you played the conq mode in DW 7? did u finished it?

DW 9 i hope they make fatal changes.

I know they're events and they could just put them in with depending char on event.

Making own cutscenes? how do you mean that?

09-06-13, 01:28 PM
radeon is same as extreme graphics 2 ?

and yes i want four kingdoms in one battle with green, blue, red for kingdoms and yellow can be used for some and black for others

splits the battle and makes it more fun, I hope enemy can do same.

write your own missions, but SW2 style. my dream.

DW6 did that thing right with the LT's with four/five offivers serving under a general, plus this can have more officers on a field at once.

except that they should follow DW5's style and you should be able to see where the officers are.

and map editor would be my dream, I wish that that third mode in WO3 was like this, but it was ****.
I was expecting something like Infamous 2 Mission editor.

conq mode was good, and I'm wondering what this commander mode is in DW8.

DW9 needs to be upgraded heavily because even troops should change, and I MEAN EVERYTHING single detail changed, unlike DW8 which only few stuff did.

own cutscenes is same as map editor, you know in earlier Empires you could create endings? Why not cutscenes. :P

09-06-13, 03:22 PM
I don't know much about old graphics but i learned one thing. if something says "u can't play this game because THIS are the recommend and min specs" it's a lie. (maybe with bad graphics or medium but at least u can play it) My new Pc has Nvidia 550 Ti. I could have a ATI Radeon HD 9870 <- but that's another story xD. they told be it holds c.a 2 years. i say it's good for over 6 years.

Try it, it won't cost you anything xD

since DW6 i was dreaming for more 3v or even more battles.

Yesterday i spoiler'd myself a bit and the maps rly look like maze-style and i liked it :D

the new engine what is not that much better but i like it.

If they won't change all things in DW9 i guess i will feel to old to count on changes anymore. Even if i'm young though xD

Yes, they rly should give us the ability to mod the game as new mode in Empires.

With a map editor and Mission making.

Oh, you mean deciding whos in the cutscene + with a trigger? it thought completly new cutscenes xD
It's sad DW7E has not this endings anymore but i'm hoping this was just because this new fame system.

Hope more for 8E

I tell you, work hard on good cutscenes like a game like empires where you decide, to get more the feeling you are in this game and the "changes" go more into you.

imagine this


OFC with some compatible changes for all warriors. They are 4 could be using for "Rebel" event or maybe if u raise a banner.

09-06-13, 03:24 PM

Here wouldn't that be epic at random show up to battle begins?

OFC there has to be change the topic to be compatible with all officers.

09-06-13, 03:25 PM

this can be used for' like i told with a "rival" if your rival fight's on your side or even if they come to reinforcement

best would be without a enemy officer to make it more compatible, but it shows up when u are near enough.

end ofc in all must be changed the topics for compatible and the cutscenes should be a bit diff same for the compat.

i could show much more but.. xD

that would be a ***** nice experience.

sorry could'nt show all in one post s:

10-06-13, 12:18 AM
I asked on a support forum and some guy said that my video card lacks shading of some sort, and lack of DX9 support.

I can always try some time in near-future.

but I'm not spoilering myself any further - I already saw 3-4 maps and 2 of them look very maze like, I want it to be 'new' when I first play it for the very first time, and I haven't even heard the music yet because I am waiting to hear it for first time lol.

but seriously we need cutscene editor for future games

10-06-13, 03:12 AM
The videos above are DW7
Today i get WO 3.

Played WO 1 Shu and SW
WO 2 only Shu it would take days besides school and stuff to play all.

i guess u have a onboard card? onboard is not recommend i say. i got my gaming PC from good connections only 600€ but can play everything on ultra.

i spoiler'd the music.. not all but some. some good remixes from old DW ^.^

We srsly need Story making - Map editor & cutscene editor. making storys in more stages than one.

28-06-13, 08:33 PM
Imma be getting DW8 soon in store 2 and a half weeks?

they should put the other two WO games on PS Store as PS2 classics tho

PS Store Europe has a **** load of Warriors game, ******* unlucky ass people on the US store end for us ;/

my video card is not for gaming i think, so I need new pc to play games... if I get gaming pc for 800 dollars... it should work

and yes I saw the music they remix'd [king of sadness]... the old one is still better tho

and yes I agree about the story making, map editor and cutscene editor.. I thought that was in WO3... but I was wrong

battlefield 'maker' was a joke, we need Infamous 2 style editor yaknowwhatimean?