View Full Version : Forum suddenly in french?

24-10-11, 08:07 AM
Has the forum text (except for members posts) become french for everyone completely sudden? As i see everything in french now, and i can't understand anything.

Or is there some setting that i somehow have accessed which turns the forum french? I just got a new computer, and this is the first time I've logged in on it and everything was suddenly in french sadly. :( Though only the forum is in french, the rest of the site is still in english.

If this is some error, will it be fixed soon? Or if it's some setting, can someone please point me to where i can change it, so i can fix it? Since i can't find it since everything is in french.

EDIT: I found where to fix it after several days, so ignore this topic, or if some mod sees it, you can delete it.

Insp. Chin
18-11-11, 08:56 AM
Can you do me a PRINT SCREEN so I can have a look? Thanks <3