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27-05-13, 10:34 PM
Nobody here. It's offically dead.

28-05-13, 06:00 PM
Dunno if I can call it dead, but rather extremely slow. Kinda wish Koei would focus more on this forum than social sites like facebook, but I guess it's just so much easier for them to reach out to the fans there.

28-05-13, 06:31 PM
It's all facebook/twitter nowadays and koei games aren't big enough to have multiple active forums.

KOEI rather use facebook/youtube/twitter to contact with the fanbase, they neglect this forum.

28-05-13, 06:31 PM
Most people use facebook to look for stuff anyways, same goes with youtube or twitter, thats where th general public goes

28-05-13, 11:22 PM
Well im not here all the time but i do make a modest effort...
and on another note inject the t virus into the dead nembers to bring em back to life!

28-05-13, 11:42 PM
How the **** do you do that?

30-05-13, 05:08 PM
How else?
Send the virus via internet to each of the members IP adresses

30-05-13, 05:31 PM
virus forum ?

30-05-13, 05:40 PM
Yeah, those bots are also full of virus links

30-05-13, 07:55 PM
I think I have virus links in my PMs how do you deletre

01-06-13, 06:23 PM
There should be a delete function there
just dont open them

01-06-13, 06:59 PM
I deleted the PMs that were probably viruses.

03-06-13, 09:45 PM
Yeah thats good if it happens again let a admin know so that the bot bannin may commence

03-06-13, 09:54 PM
Seriously have they started doing that again, that's annoying.

03-06-13, 10:44 PM
I've been inactive for a long time, so the PMs have been from the past 3 years, lastest one was May 2012.

cant see atm cause of smoke. but I deleted them so they are gone. I will let admins know if I get anymore since I check this forum several times a day .

05-06-13, 10:38 PM
Yeah unfortunately this place doest have up to date defence, but none the less this place is awesome.

05-06-13, 11:27 PM
what do you mean up to date defense?

08-06-13, 06:21 PM
Umm a more newer Anti bot spammer because bots evolve every day
So yeah

09-06-13, 03:39 PM
yeah would be Good

11-06-13, 02:49 PM
Change the threads name to the alive fourm ;)

11-06-13, 10:14 PM
It's WorldHistoria active but not CHF active.

13-06-13, 05:21 PM
I uh see...
btw you joined the US koei forum while is was still on right? how active was it when compared to this site.

14-06-13, 05:15 PM
10x more but it also had other people on it besides people in the Americas. This is mostly Europeons, even Asian places went to the other forum when it was active. But seriously, longer a website neglects the forum, there's a chance it will disappear and can only use a archived version then. It's only a matter of time before this forums get closed.

15-06-13, 06:28 PM
What? really? i went on it several times i thought it was less active oh well thanks.
But yeah i get what you mean koei just want to appeal to the wider group of people on twitter and facebook rather than the minimal on the forums i guess.
but however i dont think koei will close this forum well not yet so long as there's viewing's (guest visits and member visits) i assume when those dwindle beyond a certain point.

16-06-13, 04:42 PM
It's been dead for like 2 years now, or more. Only a archived version still exists, only to view and get stuff from that forum that was lost, bout the forum is dead and gone pretty much.

but we had guests/members viewing at the other forum, but they still closed it lol.

19-06-13, 03:13 PM
Yeah but i think this place has... or had more viewing only when more news is put up...

20-06-13, 05:33 PM
Temporary but it dies away, soon... news buzz only lasts for a bit and then it goes away eventually..

21-06-13, 04:04 PM
unless its updated frequently

21-06-13, 05:35 PM
how so

is only updated sometimes

22-06-13, 03:33 PM
oh i meant the facebook and twitter one sorry for being a bit vague
but at least some news got put up yesterday right?

22-06-13, 08:22 PM
Europe DW8 date to Friday, NA date to Tuesday like always

July 16th for NA, July 19th for Europe.

but the facebook is active, right? where

24-06-13, 03:12 PM
i think so yeah they post up their news there so ...

24-06-13, 05:34 PM
I'll like the pages soon on facebook

24-06-13, 05:41 PM
If you want
Make sure you dont end up liking the koei warriors page ;)

25-06-13, 02:17 AM
I won't. As I'm banned from Koei Warriors for 'trolling' and 'bashing DW8' - when all I WANTED was a English dub and a overseas release in Retail, is which I got.


I'll probably like Tecmo Koei europe page.

27-05-19, 02:52 PM
Unfortunately it's slightly more dead now. Maybe it will revive yet if a few more people come along and maybe even some of the old members coming back.