View Full Version : Tales of Symphonia Chronicles revealed for PS3

01-06-13, 05:24 PM
So today Namco Bandai revealed Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, a HD remaster of Tales of Symphonia & Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.
It'll be released in japan at the end of the year, while the US and we in Europe will get it sometime next year.

Reveal trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wv3kNPuka4k
(fun tidbit: at the end, Zelos Japanese voice actor is on the stage cosplaying as Zelos :P)

I'm so ridiculously exited for this that it feels like I'm gonna explode. Tales of Symphonia is my all time favorite game, and we're getting it in HD now, which obviously means, I'm going crazy about it. And also getting to know that it'll be coming to Europe the same day it was revealed? Yeah, I'm about to burst with excitement. xD

Though I'm very interested in hearing about how they'll do with the translation and voices as the original translation probably is owned by Nintendo or something like that. And NB wasn't able to get the english voice actors back for ToS2, so will they be able to do it this time, or will it have a completely new voice recording? Also as Baba has mentioned, he wants the Tales games to get the original voices in the future (in Europe/USA), so I'm really hoping for this to be the first tales game with the Japanese voices, even if it's quite unlikely.

So, anyone else interested in it?

03-06-13, 02:13 AM
This is great news, I'll really look forward to having the chance to replay both games

03-06-13, 09:55 PM
IS this two games or is this like Persona 3 FES?

04-06-13, 12:02 PM
IS this two games or is this like Persona 3 FES?

I presume it'll be two games on the one disc.

Really excited for this, I've somewhat got a little bit obsessed with the Tales series lately.
Missed Symphonia the first time round and never got chance to buy it (well I did but it turned out to be french so I had to send it back, lol). Symphonia 2 I have but not played it so I'm just going to wait until the ToSC gets released. Very excited indeed.

08-06-13, 06:25 PM
Never played this game,
Sure i liked Graces, Innocence and Xilla
But what about this?