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13-11-11, 03:24 PM
how do you prefer your anime
DVD or Digital
DVD for me i really dont like the pc screen i prefer watching it on a bigger tv and its easier to manage

14-11-11, 01:01 PM
I like anime on dvd since I can just bring the discs with me when I visit family who don't have internet connections. Also with most anime dvds it also lets me have the english dub track with the subtitles on at the same time...

Digital is still okay though when it comes to anime that havent been released on dvd in the UK, its better than nothing

15-11-11, 05:44 PM
I prefer blu-ray the most, because it's HD quality, i get to "own" the series and support the anime business, but i really hate that there's barely anyone except for Manga UK releasing anime Blu-ray discs in europe, and they only do "big" releases like Summer Wars and Eden of the East. Otherwise DVD's are great too when they don't release the series on blu-ray. And downloaded series are okay until the series get released on DVD's/Blu-ray's.

Though as long as it's not streamed, or for mobile/psp or something like that, I'm pretty much fine with anything. I guess I'm pretty obsessed with quality or something. :p

16-11-11, 02:18 AM
I'd say blu ray but everything is so overpriced here it put s me off buying stuff. Lets not forget that FMA brotherhood hasn't even been fully released here and one piece has never been released.

17-11-11, 09:50 PM
I'd say blu ray but everything is so overpriced here it put s me off buying stuff. Lets not forget that FMA brotherhood hasn't even been fully released here and one piece has never been released.

I'm not certain if I'd call Blu-ray's overpriced, but it's true that they sadly are more expensive than DVD's. :(

About FMA not getting full release on BD, I'd actually say that it was a really stupid decision to release it on BD from the start, as it, Xam'd and Casshern Sins caused Manga UK to decide to release fewer series on BD.

Simply, from what I understand, series like FMA, Naruto, Bleach and all those "big" series have loads of fans but not many that are willing to pay for them or they are kids, and just download it instead. Myself i like bleach, but I would never pay for the anime sadly, as there's so damn many series that are much better and more fitting for BD's/DVD's.

And series like Xam'd and Casshern Sins don't really seem to have really few fans, so those series are not very suitable for BD's. Xam'd's blu-ray only sold 100 copies, so it's definitely understandable.

Maybe cheaper DVD's, but not BD's.

More "hardcore" anime series or whatever one should call them and "fanservice" series, like Eden of the East, Highschool of the Dead, Ghost in the Shell and such, might not seem to popular, but they have older fans and are supported by "The Silent Gentlemen" from what I've read.

Apparently, Silent Gentlemen are fans who buy the series and support the sales, but they don't "bark" as loud as the fans of the "big" series. So it's usually better to aim to release such series on blu-ray.

But at least Manga UK is supposedly aiming to release series that sell well in the US, so i just hope that americans buy loads of good series so that we'll see more Blu-ray's in europe. Or at least if they make the US BD's region free, it would be good. :D

I just hope that they never decide to cancel physical releases, and go digital only, as I would never buy any more anime then. :(

26-11-11, 03:21 PM
I personaly thought digital would have been more favored that phyiscal as its probably easier to manage
guess i was way off

30-11-11, 01:53 AM
Oh i meant prices of anime DVDs/ Blu rays in england. As opposed to blu ray vs dvd which i think is worth the price difference.

Common pricing here for DVDs, is 20 pounds per disc, this seems to be regardless of if it has 6-13 episodes. I've seen some seriously extortionate prices. I think i recall bleach being around 50 pounds although that might have been up to episode 26 although i have a feeling it might not have been.

Obviously i could shop around a lot more, but then i wasn't interested in bleach, I will buy FMA blu ray if the whole series comes out thougha dn assuming its dual audio.

28-05-12, 09:10 PM
I will watch digital versions I just prefer having the DVD.

29-05-12, 07:51 PM
I might be more open to this now, PSN and Steam really have made me consider that digital is actually fine to use.

24-06-12, 07:42 AM
You get more 'feel' with the DVD...Like books, I prefer to read one physically than online