View Full Version : PC Gamers Want games like Dynasty Warriors, On Steam

06-11-13, 12:06 PM
Koei has released several games for PC that were just really horribly ported, I mean broken and unplayable at launch broken.

Looking at sales data, they have assumed we don't want games like Dynasty Warriors, but that's an erroneous assumption based on the fact that the games we have had on PC were made for lesser consoles with vastly inferior graphics and capabilities to what our PC's are capable of, and they were ported in a broken and often times literally unplayable state then never properly fixed. That's no indication that people don't want to play Dynasty Warriors, that's an indication that whoever Koei trusted to port the game did a terrible job.

Dynasty Warriors is a fun series, it's an Arcade Beat'Em'Up with tons of challenges and unlockables and collectables. It would go great on Steam, people would buy it, people would play it to unlock achievements and challenge their friends. If you had online multiplayer with this game on Steam all you'd need was a decent port and the latest Dynasty Warriors would sell like hot cakes.

29-06-14, 06:27 AM
Well, Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition was released and I think it was a success, because it was in top sellers on the launch day and then again for two days on summer sale. I would love to see more Warriors games on PC for sure! One I really hope so for now is Empires expansion for DW8, because I heard so many awesome things about it and I'm just dying to finally try it out!

Edit: Now there will be Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires on PC, and I can't thank you enough KT for bringing it to PC. I'm just sooo excited to finally play it, I've spent so much time playing DW8:XLCE, so I can just imagine how much more I'll be playing the amazing Empires!