Insp. Chin
27-11-13, 01:44 PM
Tecmo Koei Europe is pleased to announce today that the upcoming title Toukiden: The Age of Demons, developed for the PlayStation Vita handheld system will be released across Europe on the 14th February 2014.

Following a ground breaking success in Japan, with sales exceeding 470,000 units (a feat all the more impressive for an original IP) Toukiden: The Age of Demons is bringing the fight for survival to the west.

Set against a backdrop inspired by various historical periods of Japan, Toukiden tells the tale of humanity’s last stand for survival. When monstrous demons (Oni) of varying strength and size invaded the world through cracks in space and time and started attacking humans, the only opposition came from the Slayers; a caste that has always secretly protected mankind from their murderous intent.

Eight years after time warped and Oni appeared, a brave young Slayer embarks on a journey to thin the numbers of the enemy and help humanity survive. Players take the role of this young warrior and can fully customise their characters, weapons and armour and form a group of hunters to take down the destructive Oni.

This visually stunning game boasts an extensive character creation mode, and six different weapon types, each of which can be forged and upgraded to the player’s preferences, while it also features 200 characters based on both fictional and historical Japanese figures, whose souls help players strengthen their team and defeat their enemies.

To aid Slayers in the beginning of their journey Tecmo Koei Europe announced a series of in game pre-order bonuses. Specifically, those who pre-order Toukiden through the Playstation Network will receive the Mitama of Momotaro, a warrior’s soul that will strengthen the player’s skill, along with a piece of armour (cat ears). Furthermore, there will be two additional pre-order DLC packs, one including the Mitama of Niijima Yae and a piece of armour (fox mask) and one including two extra mission collections. These will be available through Game, Amazon and independent retailers through Centresoft.

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28-11-13, 08:32 PM
Hello, I've registered specifically just to post this.
I've been following Toukiden for a while and initially wanted to import a Japanese copy, that is, until you announced a European release.
But see, I reside in Russia, and recently you've been completely ignoring Russian Playstation store. In fact, it was both you and NISA, but NISA recently announced that they solved their issue, which was Russian Age rating (that should have never been an issue to begin with because this rating is free and self-issued). So I'm going to ask bluntly - will Toukiden be available on Russian Playstation store?
I specifically decided not to post in Russian section of this forum, because it seems to be completely neglected.
P.S. I've bought Atelier Totori Plus on store, then you denied Meruru Plus Russian release. I felt raped.