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01-02-09, 08:28 PM
I still wouldn't be able to say which SW is my favorite when I've played them all. So I enjoyed 2 very much.

Yukimura would happen to be my favorite, though his story was completely different compared to the first game. I loved his finale in Osaka in SW1.

Kanetsugu, Mitsunari and the others were great additions. I was very fond of Katsuie and was displeased to find he wasn't an actual playable other than a bodyguard. I'm more of a person who goes for a character's personality, background and especially the voice, and I really liked Shibata's. So when XL came to us, I was a little annoyed about him not keeping it.

My favorite tracks would be Osaka, Okehazama, Tadakatsu's, Tetorigawa and Komaki's. There are many others I don't mind either.

Kaka Extreme
02-02-09, 12:23 AM
For samurai Warriors 2 has to be Nene and Oichi for me!!! thir just too hyper and cooool :p

of course i love Yukimura too but... T^T i miss kunoichi!!!!!

02-02-09, 01:17 AM
SW2 is defintely one of the best warrior games KOEI has done.

I liked how the game actually added a lot of the battles when Hideyoshi ruled and the ones around Sekigahara as I was slightly annoyed that SW didn't have any bar Komaki Nagakute, Ueda castle and Osaka castle so I was pleased to see them and some of the major officers from them included,

Sakon is by far my favourite new character added to SW2 I just love his attitude, voice actor and move set though Toshiee from XL is pretty good as well. Wasn't fond of the Nene being included and didn't really think she was needed at all.

One thing that did get me were a few of the musou modes especially for the Oda like Nobunaga's and No's which were identical even though with the amount of stages with the Oda which could have easily allowed them to be different they were the same which I thought was rather pointless. Ranmaru was another as Okuni okay her I can understand not having a musou but Ranmaru could and playing a few free mode stages I found he has unique dialogue and objectives in a few like Honnoji and Odani castle so whether it was planned but dropped or something I don't know but strange he didn't have one.

Apart from that love it and defintely prefer it over the original which is still good but I just prefer this one.

Kenji Icarus
02-02-09, 06:40 AM
I enjoy the Sugoroku Mode. Very funny game =)

SW2 is really great. Not only because of the sugoroku mode, but also survival mode. Also it's good to have more characters as in SW1.

02-02-09, 12:01 PM
@Kaka Extreme: She is in WO as you know, so its not so bad. :P

@foamy666: I believe the whole Ranmaru story was scrapped, but it might not be true. Koei tends to not remove everything and leave dialogue in.

@Kenji Icarus: I didn't like that board game.

On further note I much prefer Yukimura's SW2 appearance to his SW1, so that was a good sign.

02-02-09, 03:44 PM
This game is THE best Warriors for me!
It would be so long to explain why, plus, I think foamy explained well the best qualities of this game.

02-02-09, 04:17 PM
This game is THE best Warriors for me!
I could say that too, alongside DW4/Empires. :)

The soundtrack, Stages and VA's were all some of the greatest ever made in a Warriors game. I enjoyed playing Survival Mode and Sugoroku as well, one personal thing I loved on SW2(XL) was the ability to hire any playable warrior, something like that would be good on Story Mode on SW2. ;)

08-02-09, 07:07 PM
Kotaro was a blast to play. His moveset is diverse and enjoyable to exploit. Sure I got use to his personality and I love his flaming red hair, but I just did or do not like his clothing.

Odawara is one awesome tune also.

Nagamasa was a great addition. His moveset was cool and reminded me of the typical Ma Chao. But listening to his love for Oichi was just too tiring, and that track Rescue Battle fitted the sadness behind their problem. I felt it was a sad tune.

God-Like Phoenix
08-02-09, 08:12 PM
This was my first SW game that I played, so I really didnt know what to expect. I hired it once mainly because at the time it seemed like it was similar to DW :rolleyes:

After playing the game for around 20 hours in two days...I think it was by then that I was hooked on it :p I just really liked the whole story of it all...and the characters were all quite awsome in their own unique way, and they all managed to contribute to the grand scheme of things ^.^

Mitsunari was the first I played as, and right from the start...I sorta knew that there were going to be some odd and unique characters and weapons...ha...Kotaro is pretty much the embodiment of odd and unique :p

Anyway...I dont know how the SW2XL specific characters are...since ive never played it(wanted to...but didnt come around here) -.-

29-04-09, 05:33 PM
About sw my first impressions were the characters selection.(it was gr8 that you could select that much playable characters , making the game more exciting & not getting to bored.
The soundtracks was Ok.
Stages were some new that i never though they could be like that (meaning the canyons , entry inside castles , crossing rivers) bassically something you couldnt find in other series...
Finally the extras with the small dice game was giving to the game more fun.
That`s my point of view & i thing that was the best they could do about mustering up this game.

30-04-09, 02:46 AM
I think it's the best Samurai Warriors title to date, the gameplay in particular is vastly superior then the first. While you can debate some story modes etc all day long really, but when I think of the first I just think of Hideyoshi the tool crapping on about building a castle in a day. I wanted to go and kill him - even though he was my ally, that was so damn annoying!

But SW2, awesome to play, it also was the first to toss the useless bow out the window for some new unique special attacks, which helped give all the characters even more individuality.

And of course SW2 introduced Sakon. :D

20-06-11, 11:58 PM
Well, I only have SW2 so I can't really compare it to anything else.

Also, I need a little help with it. I'm playing on the PS2.

What is the purpose of the stamina bar on horses, and if it has one how do I use it?

How do i climb ladders? I tried all the buttons on the controller but not a single one worked.

04-02-13, 09:29 PM
did anybody installed patch v1.1.0.0 for pc>?