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02-02-09, 07:38 PM
One of my favorite additions to SW2. His talk of justice is quite amusing, especially pointing out his speech with Ieyasu in Empires with his letter. He has the infamous quote at Odawara with how the castle has supposedly a lack of justice itself (great dialogue choice in the translation), his C1 is extremely powerful, and well yeah - he's the equivalent to what you would hear from the likes of Ma Chao from Dynasty Warriors. Except without the whole ferocius revenge thing.

I also really like how Koei has made him the storyteller of the series.

09-02-09, 11:56 AM
Wooow, no one posted anything on him yet???
Well, at first I found him rather weak, because of his musou (really weak with no range, if you don't have Awakening 2 or 3), and also his special, which are hard to use!
But, now, I can tell he's just as good as the others!
I'm not a fan of the "Justice" talking, but it's a part of his personality...
His story is interesting and his friendship with some other characters make him more interesting.
His design is good, but I would like to see him one day without his helmet ^^

Just give him time to have at least all his moveset (his little light beams are really effective in a crowd), before saying he's lame :P

God-Like Phoenix
09-02-09, 08:18 PM
He is another one of my favourite characters... I just really like him overall :)

I find his personality fun...but after a while it does get a tad annoying, his moveset is just awsome, for all charges, and his story is another one that I quite like :)

His design is really good...I really love the colour of his alternate in SW2:E its just that really nice Blue :)

09-02-09, 09:01 PM
Justice x 100 billion. I will give credit however for him actually for his loyalty (till death in a certain scene).

Moveset is rather weak for me. It certainly is not bland, but I guess I never figured out his strengths.

23-03-09, 09:59 AM
Kanetsugu Naoe. Love the character design, nice moveset (it was like he won't let anyone get too close to him xD). The special, i rarely use it. His musou in my opinion, definitely needs to be longer...
First time see him in WO. When I get SW2 and unlock him, i like his story, but after 2 maps, i was like screaming 'Yes, I know your honor thingie, so pleaseeee...stfu!!'... In other word, he needs to tune down his speech of honor.. (most memorable is 'Lack of Justice' xD). But that's what i think makes his personality special.
I too, hope could see him without his helmet xD

03-04-09, 12:47 PM
I never really cared for him, all his justice and honor talk get annoying like Ma Chao saying it. His moveset was decent though including his C3 and C4.

13-09-09, 09:40 PM
i think Kanetsugu is awesome. His moveset is like a SW zuo ci except also with a sword. He is one of my favorite SW characters.


17-02-10, 01:11 PM
well my 1st experiance wit SW characs was WO2 so yeh it wasnt tht much of justice,..but now and then it would always be..
"love and honour"
he is 1 of my fav SW characs

and i gotta point out 1 of my fav scenes on SW2 when he was about to suicide, and then Keiji comes and punches his head (i saw the vid on utube)
i couldnt stop lauging, i played it ova and ova