View Full Version : DW7XL: Conquest mode quiz issue

03-01-12, 10:10 PM
(No one seems able or willing to help me at the support-board so I'll post here also. Delete or lock or something if that's bad.)

My sister and I have this issue with the quiz in Conquest Mode since I bought Xtreme Legends:
If the questions or explanations are too long, the last few words are missing.

It's not a huge problem, since many are short enough to fit or easy enough to guess what is missing, but it is annoying to miss out and we like the back-story.

I've been searching for a while now and have not seen anyone with a similar issue.
I am also hoping this is the right place for this type of thing.

I have a 60Gb launch-PS3 and we had no issues in DW7.

Is it possible for us to do anything about this or would a patch be required?
Any help will be greatly appreciated!